Month: February 2016

Amarinder, Congress soaked in royalty

Congress party is a party of “raajwadas” and not of common people. Can we imagine Punjab Congress President, Capt Amarinder Singh or Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi working for a livelihood?

Will ever any member of the family of Capt Amarinder Singh, the Maharaja ever step out to earn a living? He only has his past to speak about and so has his boss Rahul Gandhi. Besides their roots doused in royalty, both Capt Amarinder Singh and his leader, Congress, Vice-President Rahul Gandhi have in the past sided with anti-national elements.

royal partt congress
Congress Royal Party


Gandhiwadi or Maowadi?

Today, Congress cadres don’t even know if the party is Gandhiwadi or Maowadi. When the UPA government was at the centre, it was criticised with Maoist and Naxal outfits. The question is why Rahul Gandhi sided with those who called Afzal Guru, Maqbool Bhat and Maoists martyrs? Everyone is questioning Congress’s stand today – are they with Afzal Guru, with those chanting Bharat ki barbaadi, or with the country?  Nobody wants the image of a prestigious institution like JNU to be tarnished due to the anti-national actions of a few students and politicians looking for petty gains. The youth of this country – and even the youth wing of Congress–are disturbed to see this leader stand with these forces! Why did Rahul Gandhi go to that platform? Papu is a prominent politician for Congress party. He couldn’t have gone to such an event without checking the background of the organizers.

Rahul Gandhi with anti-national voices



Anti-India stance

The youth of this country is asking why he is blocking GST. They want to know that when investors are willing to pump in funds in India, why is Rahul Gandhi being an impediment to the country’s growth. His anti-India stance has done irreparable damage to the image of the country. Similarly Capt Amarinder Singh’s tirade against Punjab has done the state huge harm. When will these politicians learn to stop belittling the states and the country for their petty political gains? Will Capt Amarinder Singh kindly answer?

Congress anti-farmers & anti-people

It is on the record that when Captain Amarinder Singh’s government came into power in 2002, he withdrew the concession of free electricity to farmers. Ironically, this was the first and the foremost action and a decision that Amarinder Singh government took which speaks volumes of insensitivity and apathy towards the farming community.

The people should learn a lesson from what Amarinder did during his regime as he took back all the concessions given to various sections of society. Can such a person be trusted? Is he a friend of farmers of their deadliest enemy?

Interference in religious affairs of Sikhs

Pic during Operation Blue Star – Sri Harmandir Sahib was attacked by Army on Indira Gandhi‘s order

The Congress had perpetrated 1984 riots against Sikhs and attacking Sri Harmandir Sahib besides frequently interfering in the religious matters of the Sikhs. Punjabis could never forget the discrimination meted out to Punjab during Congress regime at centre be it religious, economic and political issues. Everybody knows how the congress deprived Punjab of its legitimate rights like transfer of Chandigarh and Punjabi speaking areas to the state and sharing of river waters on Riparian principles.

Congress only showing mirage

It was time tested that Congress could never be sincere and honest with Punjab and its people because it believed in the policy of divide and rule. There is need for people to beware of nefarious designs of Congress party. Congress should realise that they can show a mirage to them but the fact is that one can be fool the people once but not for all times to come. Congress leadership also has serious leadership crisis in Punjab as though Captain Amarinder Singh is President of Punjab Congress, Pratap Singh Bajwa and Rajinder Kaur Bhattal were still at daggers drawn to eliminate each other from the political scene for
their own survival.

Playing to the gallery

The Congress leaders only played to the gallery on various issues ignoring the indomitable spirit of Punjabis of gallantry, courage and valour which they had inherited from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, who had waged a relentless battle against injustice, tyranny and oppression to safeguard the human rights of the innocent and helpless people. Despite of their small population in the country the Punjabis have played a vanguard role in defending the borders of country besides making country self sufficient in food production.  However, Congress and its leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh had only one thing to do in Punjab that is defamed the youth as drug addicts.

Tarnishing image of Punjabis

The Congress had attacked the Golden Temple and instigated countrywide Sikh genocide after assassination of Indira Gandhi.  Congress is in the habit of exploiting the sentiments of innocent people of Punjab and this party has no future in the state and was on the verge of extinction.  Anti-Punjab forces like Congress Party were hell bent upon to tarnish the sanguine image of Punjabis and were deliberately branding them as addicts.

Truth about Punjab youth & tight slap on Rahul Gandhi’s face who said 70% youth is drug addict

The valour of Punjabis has been vindicated with the mega Army recruitment drives in Bathinda and Patiala where first time dope tests were conducted and not even a single case was detected.

Capt Amarinder Singh, a self centred politician

It is said that in politics, there are no permanent friends or foes, but only permanent interests and it applies amply to President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Capt Amarinder Singh. By his recent actions, he has proved that he is most selfish and self centred politicians who can go to any length for his political motives.

The PCC President began speaking in favour of anti-Sikh riots accused Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath sometime back just to grab the post of Punjab Congress President.  No doubt he was successful in his mission, but in the process he (Capt Amarinder Singh) has degraded himself in the eyes of people and in his own eyes.  Also in the process, Capt Amarinder Singh has insulted the victims of anti-Sikh riots.

Not the work of a devout Sikh

Amarinder, Rajinder Bhattal with culprit Jagdish Tytler

As a devout Sikh (which Amarinder is not), the PCC President, should have joined masses who had demanded that former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi be stripped off  Bharat Ratna as he was the mastermind behind genocide of Sikhs and of provoking mobs to attacks properties of Sikhs. The matter did not stop here and Amarinder Singh had gone to the extent of saying that Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath were wrongly implicated in anti-Sikh riot case dating back to year 1984.

Why clean chit to Tytler, Kamal Nath?

Amarinder Singh gives clean chit to J.Tytler

Amarinder Singh did that just to grab the post of PPCC President. The question is that a leader like Amarinder Singh does not have time to meet victims of anti-Sikh riots, but has temerity to support Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath.   Not only that Amarinder went on to say that a video of former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi’s speech delivered on November 19, 1984 at Delhi’s Boat Club on Indira Gandhi’s birth anniversary was not authentic.

Amarinder shielding guilty

In the video grab Rajiv Gandhi was purportedly seen saying that when the big tree falls, the earth shakes which was a clear reference to the anti-Sikh riots. What else people want to know about the man called Capt Amarinder Singh? He should be questioned as to why hewas trying to shield anyone involved in the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 in the aftermath of the assassination of Indira Gandhi?

Capt Amarinder knows the names of those who led the mobs who organaised the genocide of Sikhs, but was trying to shield them. Amarinder Singh had several times issued statements claiming that his party colleague Tytler was never involved in anti-Sikh riots.Captain has been repeatedly giving clean chit to Tytler. In view of all this, Captain should apologise. If he fails to tender an apology, Capt Amarinder Singh should be flooded with questions by people as he is answerable on this vital issue. Thousands of Sikhs are massacred and Capt Amarinder Singh comes in support of perpetrators of crime and not of victims of riots and their families? What an irony? A former Chief Minister can go down to such a low level just to grab a position of power!

Poor Condition of Punjab Farmers, thanks to Congress!

As per the famous Polish adage, if its farmer is poor the entire nation is poor. The condition of our hardworking farmers remains miserable despite constituting the backbone of the nation. Their battle with weather is one major setback but now the battle of survival becomes the matter of concern too. In Punjab, the scenario turns worse. More than 300 farmers had to go through the tiring times post the deal with the company that promised to buy the land during the Congress reign.

The farmers blamed that the Congress leader haven’t done anything for their benefit and acquired their land at a very less price. Even the policies were abolished which were imposed for the best of farmers.

Protest Against Congress Cap. Amarinder Govt

The farmers now have to suffer it alone. The adversity of farmers or landowners started when Congress acquired around more than 300 acre lands in different parts of the state. The purchasing was made at the price lower than what is acceptable to the farmers. The farmers kept protesting but Congress paid no heed to the matter and the poor farmers left in the midst of nowhere. The intervention of the Govt. made to pay the alleged company 70% increment on the price of the land as promised to the intended farmers.

Though Congress Vice President paid visit to Punjab and met the farmers who suffered cringe losses, yet it was of no use as his own party is responsible for such dismay! Most of the policies framed under Congress rule were quite aggressive which hit the farmers badly. One of such was the crop-less compensation which was 50% has been reduced to 33%.

Moreover, Rahul Gandhi and his team players always try to mislead and misguide the innocent farmers. They must give a halt to the acts of creating such disturbances. The major point here comes out the MUTENESS of Capt. Amarinder Singh who never resists blabbering aloud for the sake of farmer’s benefits. He always chose power and party over the farmers or other allied matters.

The current bristle in the Congress party to conduct the meetings, event or rallies for farming, visiting them personally, are just another political stunt in pretext to garner the vote bank. But they forgot people are much more aware and have eventually learnt from their past mistakes. This time they’re going to vote wisely and sagely!

Congress always adopted pro-Khalistan approach

Punjab Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh is making a vain bid in Punjab though twice it has tasted bitter successive defeats. However, its past is a testimony that Congress has always been supporting the pro-Khalistan radicals in Punjab and encouraging secessionist forces.


Congress ideology was exposed after it participated and supported the Sikh congregation held on November 10 last year at Chhaba village in Amritsar, which was organised by pro-Khalistan groups. It was an attempt to destabilise peace in Punjab. The Congress was aware of the fact that the Sikh congregation was organised by supporters of the pro-Khalistan radical groups, but yet the Congress leaders participated and supported that event. The demand for Khalistan was openly made from the stage amid presence of ‘Khalistan’ flags and messages of terrorists were also read out at that congregation. And unfortunately, the Punjab Congress members were sharing the stage.

Congress pushing Punjab to darkness

Naturally the question uppermost in the minds of people is “What is the Congress trying to do? Does it want to push Punjab back into an era of darkness- when Punjab witnessed militancy? What other reason can there be for a national party to resort to tactis which amount to destabilising the unity and integrity of the country?

Logically one can say that Congress was supporting the anti-national agenda and these activities were being undertaken at the behest of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi whose visit to Punjab had led to the chain of events which witnessed the Congress playing dangerous games in the sensitive border State.  Then whose responsibility is it to maintain the unity and integrity of the country if a national party like Congress behaves like this. Punjabis would never want anyone to disturb its hard won peace and communal harmony.

Why not declare Congress anti-national

This makes it a fit case for the Election Commission of India to declare country’s grand old party, Congress as an anti-national party. Is there any doubt in the minds of people that Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh means bringing back the 1984 tension and dark days. Everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 1980s. Those fifteen years of militancy, disturbance, where thousands of Punjabis were killed, there was communal as well as full disturbance of peace in the state of Punjab.

The Congress party is an alliance with the terrorists and further stated that its leaders were also seen at a pro-Khalistan rally. In this age of digital revolution, people have audio clips to support. Everyone knows how it started and in order to fight Akali Dal, the Congress encouraged certain elements which then went out of control and that led to full 15 years of disturbance in Punjab which even threatened the nation’s integrity. Today, the Punjab Congress under the leadership of Capt Amarinder Singh is trying to create the same environment in the state of Punjab. It is high time EC declares Congress an anti-national party because it was coordinating with the radical elements. Failure to take an action would only prove complicity of Election Commission with Congress.

Was Congress an axis behind trouble in Punjab?

Was Congress party an axis behind all the troubled events that Punjab witnessed in recent months? The evidence points to a needle of suspicion towards this grand old party. Congress has created ‘mahagathbandhan’ (alliance) with separatists. They want to disturb peace in the state of Punjab and in the country.

No place for separatist elements

All these organisations are with Pakistan or its secret agency ISI. This actually is not a ‘mahagathabandhan’ but a ‘mahathagbandhan’. This can’t be a coincidence because it is a marriage of convenience. The ISI needs to foment trouble in Punjab and Congress Party knows that by creating trouble, it can create an impression that all is not well in Punjab. However, the party must know that people of Punjab are much wiser and there is no place for separatist elements in this state which has already suffered a lot due to all this in the past.

Capt Amarinder Singh’s Khalistan involvement

Need to thwart Congress designs

Another fact that confirms Congress agenda behind all the incidents of sacrilege in Punjab is that the conspiracies hatched by the foreign elements were behind the recent unfortunate incidents of desecration in the state. And these foreign elements had the tacit backing and logistic support by the Congress party which is led by Capt Amarinder Singh as President of Punjab Pradesh Congress. This party was emerging as the axis around which the whole conspiracy revolved in Punjab. People of Punjab have in the past rejected the divisive and communal politics of the Congress and other radical parties and thwart their nefarious design. This party has fanned unrest in the state by encouraging anti-national elements and secessionist forces. It is an established fact that the Congress has created an alliance with separatists. Everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 1980s.  The same party tried to repeat 1980s again and Congress under Rahul Gandhi tried to create the same environment in Punjab.

Congress creating unrest

congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa

Congress has created mahagathbandhan (alliance) with separatists. They want to disturb peace of state and country. All these organizations are with Pakistan or ISI. It is clear that Rahul Gandhi came to Punjab to create unrest. Earlier too, the Congress party had sided with pro-Khalistani forces in 1980s and are repeating what they did then.


Congress in tandem with separatists

Sikh congregation was held on November 10 in Amritsar where a pro-Khalistan resolution was passed and was attended by leaders of the Congress party. The recent revelations had also proved that the Congress party was in close coordination and in tandem with radical elements that had organized the November 10 congregation and also had a hand in drafting of the resolutions having secessionist agenda.It is time that people reject the divisive and communal politics of the Congress and other radical parties and thwart their nefarious designs. Let people show door to parties like Congress that don’t have any positive agenda for the people of Punjab but only evil designs.


Punjab Farmers Continued the Battle – Thanks to Regressive Congress Policies

“If a farmer is poor, then so is the whole country” , is a famous Polish saying. Despite farmers being the backbone of our nation, their condition remains miserable. Apart from their battle with the weather, they are fighting the battle of survival. Their condition is going from bad to worse and so happened in Punjab. The famous case of Barnala and one of the emerging industry in Punjab is known to everyone. Almost 325 farmers had to go through the thick and thin post the deal with the company that promised to buy the land and its porcelain the Congress regime. Farmers blame that the then Congress party leader didn’t do anything for their benefit; moreover, they purchased the land at a very less price. Furthermore, the policies created by the previous government were also abolished.

Farmers protest against Capt Amarinder Govt.

The farmers now stand alone fighting out their battle. The misfortune of 328 farmers/landowner started when Congress had acquired 376-acre plot in Dhaula, Sangherra and Fatehgarh Chhanna near Barnala. The land was purchased at a price that was not acceptable to the farmers. Thus, the problem erupted. Despite the farmers’ continuous protest, Congress paid no heed to the matter and thus the farmers were in the midst of nowhere. However, with the intervention of the new government, the alleged company was asked to pay 70% enhancement on the price of land as promised to the farmers.

Families of Farmers Against Punjab Congress Govt.

Although Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi had made several visits to Punjab and he personally visited the farmers who had suffered huge losses, yet this is of no use,especially when the sympathy comes from a man whose party has been responsible for the dismay of farmers. Most of the policies that were formed under the congress regime in Punjab were regressive in nature that hit the farmers badly. One such was, the crop less compensation which was 50% previously, but now has been reduced to 33% ,which entitles farmers who have lost 33% of the crop for compensation. Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi and his team who are trying to mislead the farmers should give a halt to the acts of creation of disturbance. A major question that comes up here is the silence of Capt. Amarinder Singh on the discrimination done to the farmers when 70 thousand crore waiver was announced in the country. Only one percent of Punjab farmers reaped the benefit of this package, although they contribute to 50% of the food requirement in India. Moreover, when Captain had to choose between leading the Party or leading the farmers, he chose power ,then what right he has to shed even the crocodile tears.

The current burst in the congress to conduct rallies for farmers, meeting them personally, opposing the government are just a political stunt which they are doing to whitewash their deeds of the past, but now people are more aware of their rights and very well understand who is actually working in their favor and who is using them to create a political platform for themselves. With the election waiting ahead, Congress is trying to make every possible move to gain public sympathy ,especially of farmers who contribute a major chunk of vote bank but people are no more a fool, they will vote for the one whose actions have spoken louder than words.

Amarinder, a habitual liar

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh is a habitual liar, an absentee leader and inaccessible to common people.

Captain amarinder manpreet
Capt Amarinder on shoulder of Manpreet Badal

Capt Singh has been suffering from amnesia or he was deliberately lying on several issues when it comes to Punjab. The question arises, if Capt Amarinder Singh is in good mental and physical health? Ironically, Capt Amarinder Singh has been making false promises, lies which he is in the habit of forgetting soon thereafter. Do we need such a leader among us? He is a leader who can arouse false hopes only to eat his own words later. Punjab has no place for such a liar who can go to any extend for his selfish ends.

Capt a blunder of lies

He is on record to confirm that he would not be able to spend required period of time there in Punjab, when he moved to Delhi to work as Deputy Leader of lower House of Parliament. When it suits him, he says he is prepared to spend whole life for the people of Punjab.  Capt Amarinder Singh’s insistence on lying on various issues has exposed him in front of the people. The people of Punjab would take Capt Singh’s bragging and fake aggression for what it was – a bundle of bluster of lies aimed at befooling the people.

Punjab people want to know of even one big ticket project he (the former Chief Minister) has got for Punjab during his period as Chief Minister of the state. Let Capt Amarinder Singh tell the people of Punjab as to what developments he had initiated in the State? Everyone knows that Capt Amarinder Singh would never respond to such questions, which force him to speak the truth. People of the State have seen enough of Capt Singh and would teach him a lesson that he would never again attempt to participate in electoral politics.

Making molehill out of nothing

People know Amarinder well and they understand that he is the `biggest liar’ who twists history to suit his convenience.  Captain is a worst student of history as he failed to bring back Chandigarh to Punjab though for decades there was Congress government in the State and at the Centre. He is only an expert in making a molehill out of nothing. He has conveniently forgotten of the supreme sacrifices of the common people to save Punjab.

Misleading people

Another habit of Amarinder has been to always mislead people by issuing baseless and out of context statements.  The reality was that facts were in striking contrast with the statements issued by the former chief minister.


Like him other members of the Patiala royal family including Preneet Kaur were liars and non-performers.  It on record that Preneet Kaur had failed to get any grants for the city under the scheme for National Capital Region when she was the Minister of State for External Affairs in the UPA government. She could have  easily have got over Rs 300 crore for the city’s development, under the scheme, had she tried.

Punjab Congress President Capt. Amrinder’s lady love Aroosa Alam

Why did Amrinder love Aroosa Alam, the mother of Pak Singer? Why such exchange of love and leadership even if he knows she was an ISI agent?

Well, these are few of the never answered questions!

Capt. Amarinder Singh with Aroosa Alam

We are aware about the love tales happened in Congress circuit. Pt. Nehru with Lady Mountbatten, Rahul Gandhi followed the steps and made Columbian girl friends, Rajiv Gandhi brought his Italian wife Sonia Gandhi. We love their love for foreign.


Then there came the news about the love affairs of Punjab Congress President Capt Amrinder Singh with Pakistani Journalist Aroosa Alam who has alleged links with the ISI. She is the mother of popular Pakistani actor turned singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of infamous General Rani who was Yahya Khan’s mistress.

Former Chief Minister of Capt. Amrinder Singh is married to Praneet Kaur, who is a Member of Parliament from Patiala. His alleged affair got a tiff between them. Though Captain denied the reports of such relationship, but rejected to take any legal action against the print media. This lifted the many eyebrows.

Alam, who is serving as a President at South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA), tagged Amarinder Singh as a very ‘good friend’ and she respects him for his utmost vision, honesty and wisdom. She told that he is very famous in Pakistan for his good and selfless work. She quoted as saying, “We are friends and will remain so”.

Capt Amarinder & Aroosa Alam in Himachal News

She disclosed at some media event that she plays a forerunner in building peace between the two warring nation and she has been dragged into such baseless controversy. She was amazed to such a hue and cry happened after her linkup with Captain Amarinder Singh.

The point was there relationship was legal and above all moral? Captain never accepted the fact she is an ISI agent. This relationship extended the support of many other politicians who began to follow the same line.

Aroosa’s wealth came into light during the friendship course with Mr. Amrinder Singh. She got a palatial bungalow in Islamabad, a villa in Dubai and a flat in the Arab state. She acquired a latest model of Mercedes Benz as well. How did she buy such whopping wealth? Obviously Mr. Amrinder foots the bills. Captain has also faced some serious corruption charges during this time in the courts of Ludhiana and Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar.

No one inquired where his wealth came from and spent too. All we know is Four things greater than all things are Women, Horses, Power and War.

No holds-bar charges against Amarinder

The no holds-barred charges against Capt Amarinder Singh include girl friends, thug and religious pariah that tore into his reputation as a contender seeking mandate to rule Punjab after two successive defeats.

People in the countryside say that “Amarinder taan sirf jananian de naal ghumda hai — oh jananian jehrian border de us paar toh hun (Amarinder only roams around with women, and that too with women who live across the border). It is not only confined to this charge but extends to his extra-marital relations with women in the country. “Te desh de andar endian kinian jananian ne, eh kisse nu nahin patta . Saada kehre Sikh guru hai jinane ik ton vadh vyaah karaya hove? (Within India, nobody knows how many wives he (Amarinder) has? When common people in rural hinterland can raise these questions, it up to others to understand and comprehend that the ensuing election would see a war of word with other parties gunning for the head of Amarinder for his shady relations, his personal conduct and credentials.

Answerless Amarinder


Which of our gurus married more than once? People in the country side in Punjab question the former Chief Minister. And our Amarinder has no reply to such tricky questions. His failure to respond only confirms the accusations. If Amarinder Singh has something for his defence, he should come out in the open and defend himself. He is an ex-army man and should know that army men valiantly face the enemy and not run away or show their backs. However, Capt Amarinder Singh has been unable to blunt this attack on his personal character and behaviour.



Shady personal life

After his becoming President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Amarinder Singh is open to public scrutiny. Attacks on Amarinder’s personal life have grown shriller. These relate to his involvement in various corruption cases when he was in power, various scams during his tenure and his failure to come up to the expectations of people. Comparison of performance and development often leave Amarinder Singh red faced and now the personal attacks have left him speechless.  How will he able to campaign and disseminate his party’s agenda in Punjab on the eve of Assembly election would be an uphill task for him.

Throws brother out of Congress


“What can you say of a person who, for the sake of becoming chief minister threw his brother out of the Congress party? He is the same brother, who brought up Amarinder’s son and fondly named him ‘Tikku’. His brother immediately joined another party and refused to have any relation with Amarinder Singh in future. The news of his wife Praneet Kaur, former External Affairs Minister, Government of India,  having Swiss accounts is only further maligning his reputation and the reputation of his family members.


The Swiss authorities have already confirmed that her (Praneet Kaur’s) name appears prominently in the list of those having Swiss Bank Accounts. In coming days, Amarinder Singh would be put to an acid test to confirm or deny such reports that are circulating everywhere.