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Captain’s hunger for supremacy amounts to downfall of Congress

The factionalism and internal rifts of Congress party are not hidden from anyone and this is known to be one of the major reasons of Congress’ downfall on the political ground. This is not a new “trend” in Congress when one member would blame other for all the wrong doings. In this battle of blames and lies, Captain Amarinder Singh seems to be taking all the “benefits”. He does not look worried due to these rifts at all, but is constantly trying to turn these internal rifts beneficial for him.


We can do better analysis on the situation by taking the example of Gulchain Singh and Shakeel Ahmed. They were not the strongest contenders but were still given powerful positions. The reason was their “close links” with the royal Singh. Harish Chaudhary, another member when tried to make his point was treated badly in the party, as Captain Amarinder Singh never wants to transfer his powers to anyone else.

Also, as per sources, when Pratap Singh Bajwa was the president of Congress, Amarinder left no chance to take his position and wrote a letter to Mrs. Gandhi saying that bajwa is a “drug lord”. Not just that, when there was doubt of making Mr. Singh, the president of party, he threatened the high authorities to form a new party of his own, after which he was granted the “president” position. 


If we look at the recent incident of welcoming Asha Kumari in Punjab, sources claim that this happened because of the Captain himself. He wanted to take charge of the party hence appointed Asha Kumari here. 

From all above-mentioned incidents, it is clearly exposed that what Captain craves the most is power and charge. He would never allow someone else to take his position.  But here we would want to remind Captain Amarinder Singh that “TEAM WORK” is a practice that is important to accomplish any project, so you better learn it.

Battle of Waters: SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal

Punjab, land of five rivers (before partition), is well known as land of farmers as the main occupation here is agriculture. For purposes like irrigation and farming, Punjab needs more water than the other states.  Punjab was asked to share its river waters with the neighboring state, which created a battle of “YES” and “NO”, known as  SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal) . Just like other issues, even this time Congress was not able to clear its stand. The “not so good bond” of congress party members was revealed. Their internal rift caused harm to the party again as everyone gave different opinions and statements on this issue.

Manpreet Badal

As per Manpreet Badal’s statement, Punjab should not share its river waters. He said that government should not allow neighboring state to take any waters from Punjab. His exact statement was “Punjab’s case is very strong; the only issue is to follow it up. If there is no water to spare, how can we give it to others?”

But here comes the twist, Captain Amarinder Singh and Charanjit Singh Channi did not give a “green signal” to Manpreet’s statement. The thought of Manpreet did not go well with the other two and they clearly showed their “no support” sign to him. But People were not so shocked as this was not the first time when Congress Party’s internal rift made headlines. It’s the fight of “EGO” of “ROYAL PEOPLE”.

Captain Amarinder Singh

On the other hand, S. Prakash Singh Badal (CM Punjab SAD), was so sure about his decision. He cleared the air with his words that Punjab will not share its waters at any cost, (AT ANY COST). He never changed his stand in this regards.

Giani Jail Singh (Chief Minister, Punjab Congress), took the initiative in the year 1976, and the SYL canal digging ceremony happened in 1982, where Indira Gandhi was also present. During the rule of Congress, a tripartite was signed between Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.


SAD-BJP government in Punjab cleared its stand that Punjab will follow the Riparian principle and won’t share its waters at any cost, no matter how hard sacrifice they have to make to fight this battle.

True face of Congress has been revealed and People of Punjab know pretty well about the “selfish motives” of this party. This party has got enough reasons to ensure their “defeat” in the upcoming 2017 Punjab elections.


Captain Amarinder off to USA & Canada as the weather heats up in India!

As the several parts in India soar high in heat, our carefree captain Amarinder Singh escapes to USA & Canada. Named as political tour, it aims to woo the NRIs for the forthcoming Assembly elections to be held in 2017 and for obvious reasons to beat the heat back in India.


The Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh aims at encountering the AAP’s (AamAadmi Party’s) influence on NRIs and garnering the Punjabi’s support for the Congress. Embarked on his 18-day tour he is accompanied with a host of party leaders including Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans and Vikramjit Chaudhary (Punjab Youth Congress Chief).

Amarinder’s wife and Congress MLA Preneet Kaur soon would return from her New Zealand- Australia tour and then would undertake a tour to Germany, UK and Italy.

So the entire Maharaja Amarinder Singh’s family is on an international tour. They chose the best time to fly away from India when common man back in the state is suffering high due to soaring mercury. It shows how much people-oriented the Congress team is!!

Also, some are of viewed that during the recent visit by Rahul Gandhi to Punjab, he didn’t name Captain Amarinder Singh as the purported Chief Minister of Punjab and out of this outrage, he flown away to USA.

Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

The point is no matter how disastrous the Congress performs, the top slot doesn’t change. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are on the top. Thus no real change ever occurs.  When Punjab got rid of Amarinder, tainted with scams, he bad mouthed Rahul Gandhi. But to everyone’s surprise he is back in power.Though his name is still pending to be announced officially for Congress in Punjab!

The rising infighting and indiscipline in the Congress has already shaken up the foundation of the party. It clears the fact that this party is running around as headless chook.

Such thug politicians forgot that NRIs left their motherland to save themselves the political hooligans. They can’t achieve their cheesy aims while sowing the seeds of division among the foreign diaspora and damaging their peace.

Captain Amarinder is been trolled the most on social media platforms because of his own awful antics, thoughts and actions. People of Punjab have gradually lost trust on him and his ambitions to uplift the state. His efforts to garner vote in Punjab would bring him success or not, is the fact still in doubts!

Captain Amarinder Singh, all set to face another defeat!

An old lion with a confrontational mindset, Captain Amarinder Singh leaving no stone unturned to win the next Punjab Assembly elections 2017. But the strong opposition is all geared up to trounce him back again for the third time.

The biggest lion of the Congress had to face the defeat twice in 2007 and 2012 Assembly elections. Congress is dreaming to win the elections but they forgot that the opposition is quite a strong one which has pledged to serve the state for 25 years!

On gaining the presidency of Punjab Congress, Captain was both congratulated and cautioned against the policy of confrontation which led to his electoral crush in last two times.

Confrontational policy is not liked by anyone. And politicians should not follow it. Confronting and criticizing the people around have not benefitted anyone. Amarinder is the man who follows confrontational policy to the hilt in Punjab.

His wife Preneet Kaur and son Raninder Singh are also accused in case of black money. They are alleged to own black money bank accounts in Swiss Banks.

Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

He is always the causality of the policy. He even criticized Vice President Rahul Gandhi and state party president Partap Singh Bajwa. He is habitual of getting involved in confrontation. Till the time he remained in power, he vigorously opt the policy. He was very much involved in crafting false cases against the opposition. The development of Punjab was not under his preview rather he focused in mounting his own wealth.

People of Punjab are against Congress as they are constant in making efforts to push the state back to turbulent times. It is the Congress responsible for disturbing the peace and harmony in the state. Therefore, it will face the same fate what he faced in last elections.

Congress believes in divide and rule, not only in Punjab but across the nation. It tries to divide two brothers – Hindus and Sikhs. But now the awakened Punjabis know that whosoever disturb the peace of Punjab and indulges in confrontation will be their enemy. They will never allow peace being disturbed at any cost.


congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa

If Congress is clean in the case of Sarbat Khalsa then why don’t they throw out their leaders who attended that congregation where members demanded Khalistan.

Such instances depict the no-scope of the Congress party in upcoming assembly elections – 2017.

Is Congress really for the poor?

Congress has always been promoting itself as a party that works for the poor but the harsh reality is that 60 years of Congress regime has never allowed the country to lose the title of third world nation. The basic amenities of living are still missing from the life of most of the Indians.

Percentage Of Poverty according to a survey in Yr-2009

Congress has always been playing the game of politics based on not letting the poor grow and progress. The Congress era compelled the people to live from hand to mouth making them forget to think about the society and the nation which resulted in incalculable corruption acts and violence across the nation. The politics in Congress is driven for making the Gandhi family grows; the party even curtailed and cribbed the growth of its own people.

Result of Congress govt. in Center

Congress deliberately delayed projects, avoided passing of bills that could have helped in the growth of the nation but would have ended the party’s money making machinery and this remains a common practice when it was in power and now also when it is sitting in opposition.

The work of party in opposition is to advice on what can be done to improve a bill or to oppose if something is going wrong but unfortunately the Congress party is hampering the smooth functioning of the parliament. The current revolt of the congress party and others against the land bill and the GST bill is a clear indicator of the mindset of Congress people. The bill could have revolutionized the Indian economy and would have paved the way for integrated economy across the nation but the bill faced vehement opposition from the Congress party. They created mayhem in the parliament and disrupted the smooth functioning of the Lok Sabha. The reprehensible behavior of leader of such senior stature shows that the party has not been able to digest their defeat and are thus are trying to disturb the smooth functioning of the government.

Congress knows it well that the poor can be easily purchased for little money and why not, a person who doesn’t have food to eat and cloth to wear can be easily enticed using money and that’s what Congress did and is continuing doing it. Congress is majorly concerned to maintain the dynasty rule even if it comes at the stake of the people of the nation but the recent downfall has come as a massive hot to the Congress dynasty leaving its members moving around aimlessly.

Inflation % Under UPA Govt

The party is again trying to mold the person on the grounds of sentiments and money which has shown the anti-development nature of the Congress party. Congress regime made it difficult for people to make both ends meet ; the government godowns then were filled with grains while the poor continued to struggle hard for meal. The inflation rate crossed the peak and reached to 11% under Congress’s government and the party talks about Garibi hathao, it’s not garibi hathao rather it is grabion ko hathao.

For Congress, poverty is only a state of mind

For Congress party and for its leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi, the youth of Punjab are drug addicts and poverty only a state of mind.

If poverty is just a state of mind then why government had to bring in an ordinance on Food Security?  Why country had to waste crores on food subsidy? The persons on whom the Congress is banking for its resurgence is known for making stupid statements. To say that poverty is a state of mind is making a mockery of the poor in the country.

Focus of both these leasers has been only on event to event and photo opportunity politics. The congress party has also been misleading the farmers. These leaders should know that the voice of India’s farming community can never be silenced or suppressed and any attempt to do so would be countered with all the power by the common people. These leaders should realise that the voice of farmers is neither suppressed, nor can it be suppressed. This energy today is what we need to fight against the injustice to farmers.

People should tell Congress that ‘Enough is enough’ (Ab Bahut ho Chuka) and there will be no Congress rule in any of the states in the country. It played with the emotions of farmers and their misery when they were affected by crop failure and unseasonal weather.


Farmers protesting against Captain Govt in Punjab

Unseasonal rain had destroyed the lives of the farmers and Congress governments had done nothing to mitigate their sufferings. The relief that they announced for farmers was next to nothing, it was like rubbing salt in the wounds of farmers. The congress party had always conspired against the farmers. They (Congress) introduced amendments to a law only to benefit corporate houses and industrialists.

The Congress government had always proclaimed the slogans like ‘Indira is India’ ‘Congress ka haath garib ke saath’, ‘Congress ka haath kisan ke saath and ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas’ (Progress with and for everyone), but the party had abandoned the farmers. The Congress party had been saying one thing and doing another.

Now the PPCC Chief Capt. Amarinder Singh for vote bank politics, is asking for a debt waiver for farmers. It is nothing more than shedding crocodile tears to mislead the AmarinderSinghmiserable farmers of the state.Capt Amarinder Singh has no moral authority to issue such statements. The question is why he remained silent at a time when the previous Congress led UPA government highly discriminated with the poor farmers of the Punjab when a debt waiver package of Rs 70,000 crores was announced in the country. Hardly one percent of the farmers of Punjab were covered in that package ignoring the gross reality that Punjab contributes to more than 50 percent of food requirements of the Nation. Preneet Kaur who was a Union Minister kept quite on this vital issue and so did Amarinder Singh. Did he keep quite because his family was rewarded with a ministerial birth?

Punjabis to Repel Congress!

Punjab Congress, which is always up to blame Punjab as bankrupt and youth as drug freaks needs a strong repel from the Punjabis.

Punjabis should counter attack the forces involving in defaming or tarnishing the image of the state while stating as bankrupt and drug addicts to uphold their rule by all the wrong ways. Since its inception, Congress undervalued the achievements of Punjabis and Sikhs in particular for their own cheap political aims. Congress tries to degrade Punjab’s image just because they are not in power.

While Sikhs are being appreciated worldwide for their innovation and hard work, back home their image is being tampered politically. For all the obvious reasons it is being done with an inferior purpose. There is minacious design and a smudging campaign by the Congress on the social media platform. Such elements were acting on request of forces radical to Punjab, which is harbingering into a new era of comprehensive development in all the sectors.

Punjab has always been projected as an ardent drug-addict state. It even affects the flow of investment to the state. It is high time when all the Punjabis residing across the globe to join hands and fight for our respect and dignity.

Army recruitments in Punjab says it all

They should not let anyone defaming Punjab or Punjabis. See the real Punjab, riding high with a pace of growth and development. Punjab’s culture is touching sky in glory, youth is achieving milestones in sports, civil services, academics and in the Armed forces.

On almost all the developmental parameters, Punjab has done really well. From infrastructure, investment, education, growth, revenue generation to people friendly schemes, Punjab has proved its excellence. Today Punjab is a power surplus state. It is the first state ever having 4/6 lane highways connecting all the major towns.

World Bank awarded Punjab

The World Bank had declared Punjab as the best state in the nation for investment as it offers single window system. Punjab has been ranked No.1 in respect of Governance Index. In the overall development index, Punjab is on the rank two after Goa. Also, the state is likely to get 4G connectivity soon this year, making it the first State in the country to accomplish this feat!

Congress, in deliberation, ignores all the development and achievements of Punjabis and focuses on damaging the image of Punjab to show the world that nothing is well in Punjab which has a dignified glorious past. It calls for all Punjabis of the world to give a strong repel to anti-Punjab force like Congress.

Days of Amarinder over in Punjab!

The days of Congress Party and leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh were over not only in Punjab but in the country too as it had neither done any development in any state neither where it ruled nor had it treated other states at par when it came to devolution of taxes and the legitimate share of states.

As far as Punjab was concerned, the Congress intentionally held to the policy of discrimination with Punjab for decades during its long rule after independence. It had always shown a partisan attitude towards the issues of Punjab and Punjabis and Punjab Congress kept the State intentionally in the loop of discrimination.

Not serious about Punjab issues

Neither has Congress been serious to the issues of Punjab and Punjabis nor has its leadership been serious about solving the Punjab issues. This party with the history of a long rule in the country has fallen flat having a bleak political future because of its policies and myopic vision.  The slogan of ‘mahagathbandhan’ given by Congress in Punjab was a fluke. The fact is that the Congress never allowed regional parties to flourish under its wing. Those who decide to go with the Congress are sure to be wiped out from Indian politics.  In addition, we all know that despite a long spell of Congress rule, India was still counted among the poor nations.

The fact is that the Congress has lowered India’s dignity before the world. India’s pride and sovereignty are in jeopardy with Chinese incursions and Pakistan making mockery of our country. There is a need to free the country from the Congress’ bad governance.  After its humiliating defeat in Lok Sabha elections in the country and consecutive defeat in Assembly elections in Punjab, the Congress was trying to hoodwink the people by false promises but it would be completely wiped out in the State.

Congress only for one family

Nehru Gandhi Family  members with their achievements

The party which ruled the country for maximum period after independence remained focused only to promote one family rule-be it Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi.  Just to remain in power this party, Congress gave slogans of ending poverty and unemployment and misled the weaker sections of society. Such a party and leaders of such a party deserve to be shown the door from Punjab.

Neither Amarinder nor Congress can ever claim respect of Sikhs

A leader linked to a party that carried out the dreaded Operation Blue Star in Punjab, can never claim respect of Sikh community.

Indira Gandhi gave orders of Operation Blue Star

In this case, Capt Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab and President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee can never be trusted by Sikhs for his association with such a party that is anti-Sikhs and anti-Panth. People of Punjab question what have Rahul Gandhi and Amarinder Singh done for Punjab?  Are Congress hands clean? Was it not Congress that was behind the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib and genocide of  Sikhs during 1984 riots?

Congress kept Punjab on the boil

What was the role of Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi in the desecration incidents in Punjab and after that? Did not the two leaders try to make political capital out of the unfortunate incidents? Punjab is one of the peaceful states in the country and it was just a coincidence that the desecration incidents and the protests had immediately followed the farmers’ agitation, keeping the state constantly on the boil. And both Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh used this as an opportunity to burn passions in Punjab.


Congress involvement in “Sarbat Khalsa”

The incidents of desecration against the Guru Granth Sahib were a deep rooted conspiracy to destabilize the state. But unfortunately opportunist political parties used the series of incidents in to play dirty politics in Punjab on this highly sensitive issue. That showed their real intent.Punjab was doing more for farmers than any other state in the country.  The State gave Rs 50 per quintal to the farmers for the sugarcane crop loss.  Even for the destroyed cotton crop, Punjab Government paid Rs 640 crore as compensation. Not only that Punjab gives free power worth Rs 6,000 crores a year for tube wells to Punjab farmers.  The measures taken by the State Government for the welfare of Punjab farmers are unmatched as these include health insurance scheme for farmers, reforms in Revenue department to make the working more efficient and transparent by opening of 164 Fard Kendras and so on.

It is high time that political parties desist from their anti-Punjab agenda and concentrate on something positive, something concrete and something palpalable!

Captain Amarinder Singh, a FAILED Jarnail!

As per the rule of the army, a failed ‘jarnail’ (general) is never deployed on a lost front. But it came as a shock to everyone that Captain Amarinder Singh has been devised with a charge of a front, i.e Punjab Congress again where he failed miserably earlier.

The Congress misused their powers in the past. There were lots many crimes and allegations registered against their party or leaders. Captain was accused of sending innocents in jail and committing atrocities against them.

Captain tries to show guts, but is full of fears inside. He must look into the track record of the Congress, which remained hostile to Punjab and its people. He is habitual in making tall claims to safeguard the interests of the state and its people. The people of the state, particularly Sikhs that the Congress is and will always remain their first enemy.

congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa in News

People of Punjab want peace and communal harmony. The Gandhis and Congress betrayed the sentiments of Sikhs to garner the political magnitude. This time also, they came up with a congregation viz. Sarbat Khalsa in Amritsar district to prove their anti-Punjab agenda as always. They support anti-national and radicals.

Another side of Congress is full of corruption. The number of scams, scandals and controversies surfaced during their reign is uncountable. It is essential to get rid of such party full of corrupt leaders and give our nation a new hope of subsistence living.

Congress Scams Total

Their approach and planning lead them nowhere but destruction! The alliance with separatists, bonding with 1984-riots suspect, joining Sarbat Khalsa, delivering anti-Punjab speeches, and enacting against farmers, show the true colors of the evil Congress party. Punjabis sincerely boycott the communal policies of Congress and other extremist forces. These groups created stir and instigated unrest all around the Punjab. But they forgot that they won’t be able to win the hearts of Punjabis likewise.

The fake political campaigns or rallies on farmers’ benefits are another political stunt made by the two-edged Congressmen. They play dirty games to garner the vote bank. Every one of them is wearing a mask of betrayal. Talking about Captain, he is a self-centered person. He is extremely selfish when it comes to his own benefit. He has no heart for anyone but for himself. He is engaged in building up his own money and wealth.

In a nutshell, ‘Quit’ Congress to save the nation from corruption!