Poor Condition of Punjab Farmers, thanks to Congress!

As per the famous Polish adage, if its farmer is poor the entire nation is poor. The condition of our hardworking farmers remains miserable despite constituting the backbone of the nation. Their battle with weather is one major setback but now the battle of survival becomes the matter of concern too. In Punjab, the scenario turns worse. More than 300 farmers had to go through the tiring times post the deal with the company that promised to buy the land during the Congress reign.

The farmers blamed that the Congress leader haven’t done anything for their benefit and acquired their land at a very less price. Even the policies were abolished which were imposed for the best of farmers.

Protest Against Congress Cap. Amarinder Govt

The farmers now have to suffer it alone. The adversity of farmers or landowners started when Congress acquired around more than 300 acre lands in different parts of the state. The purchasing was made at the price lower than what is acceptable to the farmers. The farmers kept protesting but Congress paid no heed to the matter and the poor farmers left in the midst of nowhere. The intervention of the Govt. made to pay the alleged company 70% increment on the price of the land as promised to the intended farmers.

Though Congress Vice President paid visit to Punjab and met the farmers who suffered cringe losses, yet it was of no use as his own party is responsible for such dismay! Most of the policies framed under Congress rule were quite aggressive which hit the farmers badly. One of such was the crop-less compensation which was 50% has been reduced to 33%.

Moreover, Rahul Gandhi and his team players always try to mislead and misguide the innocent farmers. They must give a halt to the acts of creating such disturbances. The major point here comes out the MUTENESS of Capt. Amarinder Singh who never resists blabbering aloud for the sake of farmer’s benefits. He always chose power and party over the farmers or other allied matters.

The current bristle in the Congress party to conduct the meetings, event or rallies for farming, visiting them personally, are just another political stunt in pretext to garner the vote bank. But they forgot people are much more aware and have eventually learnt from their past mistakes. This time they’re going to vote wisely and sagely!

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