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Congress lawmaker turned into lawbreaker

Chinnam Gandhi

The shoe-throwing incident in Punjab Vidhan Sabha during the monsoon session by a Congress MLA has proved that the legislators in opposition have no other task except disturbing the session.

Congress lawmaker Tarlochan Singh Soondh threw his shoe at rival politician during the protests by his party in the house. It seems the Congress party legislators have lost their vision and mission as politicians.

Twenty legislators of the opposition were staying in the premises of Vidhan Sabha and spent two nights as a protest. However, such acts have shown their immaturity.

The act of immaturity by Soondh has shocked the people and politicians. The rival parties have also criticised the legislator for expressing his anger in a stupid way.

Soondh and other Congress members had crowded around the Speaker’s chair demanding a debate on their no-confidence motion against the ruling Punjab government led by SAD-BJP alliance.

Infuriated, Soondh took off his shoe and flung it at SAD legislator. When the legislators knew that their numbers are not enough for bringing the no-confidence motion then why they put their demand. It was just an act to create disturbance in the last assembly session. Moreover, few months left for the assembly polls.

People chose their representative so that the legislator should represent their constituency in the assembly. However, the Congress legislators have only disturbed the last session just to grab the media attention. They could have chosen debate or discussion instead of sleeping in the assembly hall. Soondh should have acted coolly in the assembly but he impatiently hurled shoe at a rival politician.

Punjab Congress has been witnessing tough time as the infighting within the party cadre is still going on and the party is not united as only a few months have left for the assembly polls. The top leaders are fighting with each other over petty issues and leaders like Jagmeet Brar along with Bir Devinder Singh are not in the party yet. And the immature behaviour of legislators during last monsoon session has left a bad impression.