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Punjab Youth Congress is party of goons

Recent murder of Congress worker Hardeeep Singh by Congress members is an eye opener for Punjabis’

Hardeep Singh

Punjab Congress has been exposed in front of the people of Punjab. The Congress leaders boast of their clean image in politics but the recent incident in Jagraon where the Youth Congress workers shot dead another YC worker is an eye opener.

Hardeep Singh Sekhon alias Patwari, a resident of Kaunke Kalan village near Jagraon was killed in a gangwar on Wednesday late night in the local grain market. Sekhon was the active member of Youth Congress and he was the close aide of Youth Congress president of Jagraon, Harman Galib.

Gangwar within Youth Ccongress members

Hardeep and Harman were returning to Jagraon after attending a party’s road show from Bagha Purana. Another YC member who had old rivalry with Harman challenged them over the phone for an open fight at grain market of Jagraon.

The both groups reached on the spot and started shouting at each other. Suddenly, the both groups had opened fire against each other. As per the information, 12 gun shots were fired by both sides. During the gang war, a gunshot hit Hardeep and he fell down. He was rushed to hospital where he was declared brought dead.

The accused were members of Youth Congress

Though the AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi had initiated a proper democratic procedure to induct members in the Youth Congress but the procedure is an eye wash as the party has criminal faces in its youth wing. The rival group who killed Hardeep in gang was had old rivalry with Harman Galib. The accused in the case Gurwinder Singh, Inderjit Singh, Simranjit Singh and Balwinder Singh Lakha were the members of Youth Congress. They were from the rival fraction of Harman.

Congressmen killing Congressmen, earlier Ravi Khawajke was killed by his party members

Ravi Khawajke

It’s a second case in Punjab when the Congressmen killed a Congress worker. In February, a Congress village head from the nearby village in Ludhiana was also shot dead by his rival fraction Congress workers. Ravi Khawajke was shot dead in the month of February this year and the police had told that the old rivalry with Congress local leaders were the reason behind Khawake murder.