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Expelled Members: A New Trouble for Captain Amarinder Singh & Party

Everyone in Punjab knows about the growing “internal rifts” of the Congress party. Former deputy speaker Bir Devinder Singh and former MP, Jagmeet Singh Brar has been expelled out of the party for not following the party rules, doing anti-party activities, and indiscipline.

Jagmeet Singh Brar & his frustration for Amarinder

Even after getting expelled from the party, Jagmeet Singh Brar continued to speak against former CM, Captain Amarinder Singh and his family. He expressed his frustration towards Amarinder Singh through media and tweets. He was asked to stop these anti-party activities several times and both Prahsant Kishore and AICC general secretary in-charge of Punjab, Shakeel Ahmad, discussed the issue with him. However, getting no positive response from Brar, Congress party decided to expel him from the party “with an immediate effect.”

jagmeet singh brar in an interview

In a recent interview, Brar claimed to have all the data regarding Amarinder and his family’s Swiss bank accounts. He stated that Amarinder and family have about 860 Crore saved in Swiss bank accounts on the name of Jacaranda trust. He was sure about his claims, and the revelations of ED. He told the media that he would reveal all these details in brief on August 15, 2016. He said that the party has forgiven Amarinder Singh numerous times for his “sins” but this is high time that he has to stand up for his party. He also expressed his discontent on the matter of Khadoor Sahib bypoll, and Talwandi Sabo bypoll.

Bir Devinder Singh: Not happy with Aroosa & Amarinder’s affair

On the other hand, Bir Devinder lashed out at Amarinder Singh for his alleged affair with Aroosa Alam. He warned Amarinder Singh that if he does not leave Aroosa now, he would have to face the same kind of defeat again in the year 2017.


Hide and Seek of Clashes

Apart from this, main members of the party i.e. Charanjit Singh Channi, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Prashant Kishore and Captain Amarinder Singh, they all share “not so good” bond with each other. No matter how much they try to hide their “internal conflicts”, Punjabis very well know about the absence of unity and teamwork of Congress party.


Battle of Waters: SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal

Punjab, land of five rivers (before partition), is well known as land of farmers as the main occupation here is agriculture. For purposes like irrigation and farming, Punjab needs more water than the other states.  Punjab was asked to share its river waters with the neighboring state, which created a battle of “YES” and “NO”, known as  SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal) . Just like other issues, even this time Congress was not able to clear its stand. The “not so good bond” of congress party members was revealed. Their internal rift caused harm to the party again as everyone gave different opinions and statements on this issue.

Manpreet Badal

As per Manpreet Badal’s statement, Punjab should not share its river waters. He said that government should not allow neighboring state to take any waters from Punjab. His exact statement was “Punjab’s case is very strong; the only issue is to follow it up. If there is no water to spare, how can we give it to others?”

But here comes the twist, Captain Amarinder Singh and Charanjit Singh Channi did not give a “green signal” to Manpreet’s statement. The thought of Manpreet did not go well with the other two and they clearly showed their “no support” sign to him. But People were not so shocked as this was not the first time when Congress Party’s internal rift made headlines. It’s the fight of “EGO” of “ROYAL PEOPLE”.

Captain Amarinder Singh

On the other hand, S. Prakash Singh Badal (CM Punjab SAD), was so sure about his decision. He cleared the air with his words that Punjab will not share its waters at any cost, (AT ANY COST). He never changed his stand in this regards.

Giani Jail Singh (Chief Minister, Punjab Congress), took the initiative in the year 1976, and the SYL canal digging ceremony happened in 1982, where Indira Gandhi was also present. During the rule of Congress, a tripartite was signed between Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.


SAD-BJP government in Punjab cleared its stand that Punjab will follow the Riparian principle and won’t share its waters at any cost, no matter how hard sacrifice they have to make to fight this battle.

True face of Congress has been revealed and People of Punjab know pretty well about the “selfish motives” of this party. This party has got enough reasons to ensure their “defeat” in the upcoming 2017 Punjab elections.


Senior panel gave a miss to PPCC Meet!

Punjab Congress Committee never misses a chance to make a headline. This is all revealed that nothing is going smooth in the Captain’s team. And it is once again witnessed at a recently held meeting at Chandigarh where all the top slot players of the Punjab Congress committee decide to give it a miss.

The first-ever meeting of the newly constituted PPCC meant for interaction between the top leadership and members of the apex body saw various big wigs of the team giving it a miss.

Amarinder loyalists got upset

Those who doesn’t made it to the meeting were Pratap Bajwa, Shamsher Singh Dullo, Mohinder Kaypee, Sunil Jakhar, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Parminder Singh Pinki, Charanjit Singh Channi, Sukhjinder Raj Lali Majithia, Navtej Cheema and many more.  The reason for absentees was cited personal issues or commitments. But sources told a different tale that they preferred to stay away as they were peeved off at the way they had been placed in the new set up.

Turning down the issue, the Chief of PPCC Captain Amarinder Singh opted to choose the occasion to uplift the morale of those present. He talked about the recent and poor performance of Aam Aadmi party at Delhi municipal by-elections. He quoted, “Now the army of Congress is in place and our victory is sure.” The AAP has already lost in Punjab with a vertical division between the four MPs.

Meanwhile, Ambika Soni, Chairperson of the PPCC and State In-Charge Shakeel Ahmad asked the newly appointed office bearers to take up the charge and get along everyone to mark a victory in Punjab.

Also, putting all speculations to rest, Captain Amarinder Singh and party strategist Prashant Kishore found sharing camaraderie. Though Prashant was seated behind Captain, indicating the role being defined by the top panel only!

Infighting within Punjab Congress still on

“After Bir Devinder, it’s time for the former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Partap Singh Bajwa to target Captain Amarinder Singh and his “autocratic” behavior”

captain bajwa rift

Earlier, former Deputy Speaker, Bir Devinder Singh got suspended by PPCC President Captain Amarinder Singh because of a write up spat between the duos. On his suspension, Bir said, “I do not know I have been suspended. If I have been suspended then I can say that Amarinder would have put his sagacity and wisdom at stake while deciding action against me. As my vocal chords had dried up when I canvassed for him in Amritsar, I am sure he would have been pained by this decision. Captain has taken a destructive path and has been destroying himself as well as the party in Punjab.”

Bajwa accused Captain
In a row, after Bir Devinder, now Bajwa is accusing Captain for his oppressive behavior, while he visited Jallandhar with his group leaders and workers for the rally which was being organized by Captain. They were simply ignored by Captain and his team and were not allowed to speak in the rally. Not even a single microphone was given to Bajwa group of leaders in such huge rally.

Not only this, but Captain made fun of Bajwa, saying, “Bajwa is now out of Punjab politics and I am the wholly solely Incharge in Punjab.”

bajwa Captain

Arrogant Captain
This arrogant attitude of Captain had showed publicly that there is lack of respect and unity between Congress leaders. It would not be wrong to say that the party is divided in the state.

Agitated Bajwa and his group of leaders have decided to brainstorm against Captain for his egoistic and high headed attitude. On the 24th of April, there would be a function by Bajwa group to celebrate the Bajwa’s entry in Rajya Sabha, where they would teach Captain a lesson on clean Politics.

Noticeably, Bajwa group did not welcome Captain’s decision of nominating a new comer Hans Raj Hans for Rajya Sabha seat.

With this kind of leadership, the day is not far when Congress would lose its existence in Punjab.










Channi stumped in assembly – cites Bhakra as Captain’s achievement

“There is no end to trouble & embarrassment to Congress party caused by newly appointed leaders of Opposition, Chanarjit Singh Channi. Struggling to make an impression in the assembly, he made a sorry figure recently by stating Bhakra Dam as the major achievement of former Congress CM, Captain Amarinder Singh.”


 Second time legislature Charanjit Singh Channi was inducted to Congress party in the year 2012 ahead of last assembly polls in Punjab. Prior to that he was elected to Vidhan Sabha from Chamkaur Sahib as an independent leader. It must be noted, he is yet to complete his first term as Congress MLA and still was entrusted with important position of leader of opposition. The result is quite evident from his fumbled approach to assembly proceeding.

Dumbstruck in assembly

Congress Vice President has always professed about entrusting youth leaders with prominent position. But for someone, who himself has become the mockery of parliament; it comes natural to find someone as close to him as possible. Channi’s appointment in this context comes naturally and Rahul paved the way for his appointment against fierce opposition from senior leaders of the party.

Rahul’s move proved a blunder as Channi is getting dumbstruck in assembly and he is causing embarrassment to the congress party due to his inexperience and lack of knowledge of state political affairs. No wonders he cited Bhkara Dam as Captian’s biggest achievement. Someone needs to tell him that Bhakra dam was built in the year 1963 when Pratap Singh Kairon was Chief Minister of state.

Congress paying the price of Rahul’s blunder


It must be noted here that several leaders have gone on record to condemn Channi’s appointment. Channi is learning the ropes of assembly proceedings the hard way and he is not able to garner the support of senior leaders. At any given time not more than 10 legislatures out of 42 are present in the assembly with absenteeism becoming a norm.

Factionalism led Punjab Congress goes deeper into a huddle

“Internal feud between the Punjab unit of Congress is getting widen with newly appointed leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi failing to make a mark and take all the legislatures along. While Channi is struggling hard to take on the ruling government and party MLAs on other side are conveniently giving assembly session a miss.”


Rahul Gandhi believes in entrusting prominent position to young promising leaders. His approach might be futuristic but it doesn’t go well country grand old political party and for that matter, conflicting views are witnessed between the mother-son duo of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul. Newly appointed leader of opposition Chananjit Singh Channi struggling to make an impression is a testimony to this fact.

Rising voice of dissent against Channi

While the internal feud is growing the state unit of Congress, the voice of dissent against Channi is rising. While many MLAs accuse him of trying to steal credit, taking unilateral decisions, and not taking seniors into confidence few others think that he is not mature enough to take on the responsibility.

Regular Absenteeism of Legislatures

Channi is a second-time legislator who fought his first assembly election as an independent from Chamkaur Sahib in 2007 and later was inducted to Congress party in 2012. It must be noted that he hasn’t even completed his complete term as a legislature of Congress party but still he was elevated to the position of leader of opposition.

While Channi is learning the ropes the tough way, regular absenteeism of Congress legilatures is making his job even tough. Just very few of MLAs are reporting before the assembly session, so effectively no CLP meeting is taking place and no floor strategy being planned. It is no surprise that the party is finding itself on the back foot.

While Charanjit Singh Channi has already put the Punjab Congress in tight spot in the Vidhan Sabha due to his poor knowledge of state affairs, without any support of other party MLAs, he has failed miserably to counter ruling government.

Absenteeism of Congress legislators in Punjab assembly

Cong MLAs

Congress scolded the MLAs for the thin strength during budget session

The seriousness of the Congress legislators in Punjab assembly during budget session shown by their thin strength as majority of the legislators were not present during the budget session in assembly.

As per the information, the Congress legislators afforded to miss the session and absenteeism was visible especially during the budget session when the issue of SYL took the centre stage.

Party leadership scolded legislators

Taking a serious note of the thin strength of Congress legislators during the budget session in the Assembly, the party leadership had issued a whip to all party MLAs to be present in the House on March 21 and 22.

Ever since the Assembly session began, few Congress MLAs have been present, especially during Channi’s speech on the SYL issue and during the Budget discussion. Interestingly, Channi was targeted by the treasury benches after his speech on the Budget discussion; just four Congress MLAs were present.

Only four Congress legislators when bills were cleared by Vidhan Sabha

As per the information, the legislators had started leaving the house especially in zero hour. When the cleared bills came up for discussion, there were only two legislators; Tarlochan Singh Soond and Ashwani Sekhri were present. After few minutes leader of opposition Charanjit Singh Channi and Bharat Bhushan Ashu joined them.

PPCC Chief had to intervene for ensuring the strength of MLAs in assembly


The matter was highlighted to the party chief and the incumbent PPCC Chief Amarinder Singh had took the serious note on the thin strength of the legislators. He issued the whip to the legislators and himself visited the assembly on March 21 where he taught the legislators to maintain the decorum in the session by proper strength especially during the important sessions.



High drama created by Punjab Congress MLAs on Thursday

pic 2

Punjab Congress legislators violates the rules

The Congress party legislators of Punjab assembly have not left any stone unturned to violate the norms of the assembly on Thursday. As per the information, the Indian National Lok Dal legislators of Haryana started marching towards the Punjab assembly and tried to enter in the assembly through main gate. The march was led by the leader of opposition, Abhay Singh Chautala. However, the MLA’s were stopped by the security at the main entrance.

Congress legislators en cashed the chance, confronted INLD MLA’s

The legislators of the Congress party who were looking for a chance to divert the SYL issue got a nod from the leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi and girded up their loins for confronting INLD MLAs. As per the information, ten Congress legislators under the leadership of Channi marched towards the Haryana assembly. The Congress legislators shouted slogans at the main entrance of Haryana assembly saying that no single drop of water would be given to Haryana.

INLD breaches the rules, Congress did not lag behind

pic 1

The legislators of INLD had already violated the rules and tried to enter in the Punjab assembly. But, the same thing was done by Congress legislators who depicted their indiscipline at that time. When the matter of SYL was heated up, the Congress legislators’ en cashed the time and did the same thing done by the opposition party of Haryana.

Channi always get ready to disturb the assembly

The legislators of INLD were stopped at the main entrance of the Punjab assembly by the security staff. However, the leader of opposition in Punjab assembly, Charanjit Singh Channi instigated its party legislators to march towards the Haryana assembly. It was evident that the immature leader of opposition of Congress party , Channi has nothing to do logical in the assembly as he always ready for disturbing the assembly session.