Was Congress an axis behind trouble in Punjab?

Was Congress party an axis behind all the troubled events that Punjab witnessed in recent months? The evidence points to a needle of suspicion towards this grand old party. Congress has created ‘mahagathbandhan’ (alliance) with separatists. They want to disturb peace in the state of Punjab and in the country.

No place for separatist elements

All these organisations are with Pakistan or its secret agency ISI. This actually is not a ‘mahagathabandhan’ but a ‘mahathagbandhan’. This can’t be a coincidence because it is a marriage of convenience. The ISI needs to foment trouble in Punjab and Congress Party knows that by creating trouble, it can create an impression that all is not well in Punjab. However, the party must know that people of Punjab are much wiser and there is no place for separatist elements in this state which has already suffered a lot due to all this in the past.

Capt Amarinder Singh’s Khalistan involvement

Need to thwart Congress designs

Another fact that confirms Congress agenda behind all the incidents of sacrilege in Punjab is that the conspiracies hatched by the foreign elements were behind the recent unfortunate incidents of desecration in the state. And these foreign elements had the tacit backing and logistic support by the Congress party which is led by Capt Amarinder Singh as President of Punjab Pradesh Congress. This party was emerging as the axis around which the whole conspiracy revolved in Punjab. People of Punjab have in the past rejected the divisive and communal politics of the Congress and other radical parties and thwart their nefarious design. This party has fanned unrest in the state by encouraging anti-national elements and secessionist forces. It is an established fact that the Congress has created an alliance with separatists. Everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 1980s.  The same party tried to repeat 1980s again and Congress under Rahul Gandhi tried to create the same environment in Punjab.

Congress creating unrest

congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa

Congress has created mahagathbandhan (alliance) with separatists. They want to disturb peace of state and country. All these organizations are with Pakistan or ISI. It is clear that Rahul Gandhi came to Punjab to create unrest. Earlier too, the Congress party had sided with pro-Khalistani forces in 1980s and are repeating what they did then.


Congress in tandem with separatists

Sikh congregation was held on November 10 in Amritsar where a pro-Khalistan resolution was passed and was attended by leaders of the Congress party. The recent revelations had also proved that the Congress party was in close coordination and in tandem with radical elements that had organized the November 10 congregation and also had a hand in drafting of the resolutions having secessionist agenda.It is time that people reject the divisive and communal politics of the Congress and other radical parties and thwart their nefarious designs. Let people show door to parties like Congress that don’t have any positive agenda for the people of Punjab but only evil designs.


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