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Congress served Langar to please the people

Foolish Congress leaders termed the langar “free”

COngress langar

A political stunt by using religion seems to be a foolish act of the Congress party as the party leaders of Sangrur arranged langar simultaneously in front the venue where AAP leaders held paid meeting on Friday.

It was just a stunt to make the people happy and moreover, it was an act to gain political mileage.

Congress leaders published banners and wrote “free” langar

The local leaders of Congress from Sangrur had planned earlier to arrange Langar on the same day when AAP scheduled the paid dinner meeting. The foolish Congress leaders mentioned on the banner that Congress arranged “free” Langar. The published banner projected the truth about the party that everything can be done to gain publicity.

Congress forgets that Langar is not paid anywhere in the world

The act by the Congress leaders draws flak against the party’s senior leadership. The leaders forget that there is no place in the world where Langar is paid. In the entire world, it’s been served free of cost.

Congress leadership should apologise

The senior Congress leadership should apologise for such a foolish act by their local leaders. However, no senior leader even the PPCC Chief has reacted on the misdeed made in Sangrur.

Anti-Sikh attitude of Congress revealed

The Congress party has always shown its anti-Sikh attitude as the local leaders have committed a blunder mistake and instead of correcting the error, the party preferred to remain silent.

In 1984, the party had hurt the sentiments of Sikh community by allowing the military forces in the premises of Golden Temple. The anti-Sikh riots in 1984 had proved that the party’s ideology to suppress the Sikh community.

The culprits of the Sikh genocide, Jagdish Tytler is roaming free in the country. Moreover, the PPCC president, Capt Amarinder Singh had called Tytler an innocent leader. He always supported him in his interviews. Amarinder who himself a Sikh is the friend of a Congress leader who was involved in the brutal killings of Sikhs.