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Expelled Members: A New Trouble for Captain Amarinder Singh & Party

Everyone in Punjab knows about the growing “internal rifts” of the Congress party. Former deputy speaker Bir Devinder Singh and former MP, Jagmeet Singh Brar has been expelled out of the party for not following the party rules, doing anti-party activities, and indiscipline.

Jagmeet Singh Brar & his frustration for Amarinder

Even after getting expelled from the party, Jagmeet Singh Brar continued to speak against former CM, Captain Amarinder Singh and his family. He expressed his frustration towards Amarinder Singh through media and tweets. He was asked to stop these anti-party activities several times and both Prahsant Kishore and AICC general secretary in-charge of Punjab, Shakeel Ahmad, discussed the issue with him. However, getting no positive response from Brar, Congress party decided to expel him from the party “with an immediate effect.”

jagmeet singh brar in an interview

In a recent interview, Brar claimed to have all the data regarding Amarinder and his family’s Swiss bank accounts. He stated that Amarinder and family have about 860 Crore saved in Swiss bank accounts on the name of Jacaranda trust. He was sure about his claims, and the revelations of ED. He told the media that he would reveal all these details in brief on August 15, 2016. He said that the party has forgiven Amarinder Singh numerous times for his “sins” but this is high time that he has to stand up for his party. He also expressed his discontent on the matter of Khadoor Sahib bypoll, and Talwandi Sabo bypoll.

Bir Devinder Singh: Not happy with Aroosa & Amarinder’s affair

On the other hand, Bir Devinder lashed out at Amarinder Singh for his alleged affair with Aroosa Alam. He warned Amarinder Singh that if he does not leave Aroosa now, he would have to face the same kind of defeat again in the year 2017.


Hide and Seek of Clashes

Apart from this, main members of the party i.e. Charanjit Singh Channi, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Prashant Kishore and Captain Amarinder Singh, they all share “not so good” bond with each other. No matter how much they try to hide their “internal conflicts”, Punjabis very well know about the absence of unity and teamwork of Congress party.


No Federal Ideology in Captain’s Congress!

From the recent elections in the nation, it has been found that people are voting for those parties having strong federal ideology. That is why in both Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, regional parties performed really well and the trend is likely to happen in Punjab where SAD-BJP is the strongest regional party.

The outcome of five latest assembly elections is the last rites of the Congress as the political party in the country. And the speculation is high on the Congress’s funeral would be in Punjab early next year. The election results have even broken the myth of anti-incumbency’s being an important concern. In Punjab, massive and holistic development has created a strong pro-incumbency instead.


The way Congress party has been decimated it is becoming rock solid that the Akali-BJP alliance has a strong chance to score a hat-trick in Punjab in forthcoming elections.

The Punjab Congress, itself is responsible for such anticipations. Led by Captain Amarinder Singh who is always been in limelight for his arrogant behavior, the Punjab Congress loses all the hopes. It is totally failed to woo the vote bank in the state instead the leaders in the unit verdicts the same. Rising indiscipline, internal rifts and dominating Captain’s attitude make the party’s situation quite miserable.


The party which is not united itself how it can manage the entire Punjab wholeheartedly. People viewed that Amarinder Singh can even ditch anyone for his own personal benefits. The incumbent President of Punjab can go any measures to reach his own selfish gains.

It is known to everyone that the former PM Rajiv Gandhi had helped Amarinder to enter in Indian National Congress as they both were class fellows. But after the Operation Blue Star and gaining the political momentum, Captain Amarinder had ditched his class mate and left the Congress party with his resignation for Parliament.

He joined SAD in 1984 and left the same in 1992 to form his own political party which was badly defeated. Then finally he begged AICC President Sonia Gandhi and returned to his old party in 1998. So, it clearly shows the dual face of Amarinder Singh!!

Nirvan Singh, another example of dynasty politics in Punjab Congress

The Punjab Congress has been denying the facts of dynasty politics in the party since long but truth can never be extinguished. Amarinder Singh, head of Punjab Congress boldly denied the allegation of dynasty politics and facts say something different. Amarinder Singh, his wife Preneet Kaur who is sitting legislator and former parliamentarian and son Raninder fought election from Lok Sabha seat of Bhatinda. For Amarinder, this is not dynasty politics in Punjab Congress.


Punjab Congress has exposed in front of the people over the issue of dynasty politics as the entire family is at the party and both husband wife enjoying prestigious positions in the party. But, for Amarinder Singh, this is not dynasty politics.

A new face is being emerged in Punjab Congress and he is Nirvan Singh. The younger son of Amarinder’s daughter Jai InderKaur, Nirvan has returned from the UK after completed his post-graduation.

Nirvan Singh has been taking care of his maternal grandfather’s campaigns and he is also actively participating in social media. Amarinder has assigned the task of Nirvan’s training to his poll strategist Prashant Kishore.

Kishore has been taking Nirvan to different places so that he could be acquainted with the activities of the party as well as with the party cadre. However, Amarinder has not formally announced Nirvan’s name in the party but the sources in the party revealed that he would be given prominent position in the party.

Earlier, Amarinder took a u-turn on dynasty politics. He told the media that his son Raninder was no longer interested in politics so, there was no question of dynasty politics. Moreover, he had announced that the loyal party worker would be the replacement of Raninder.

The sources in the party said that Amarinder was scared after the Raninder exit as earlier his brother left the Congress so Nirvan was the only hope of Amarinder. He kept on insisting Nirvan to enter the political arena. Nirvan had planned to set up his consultancy in the UK but he dropped the idea to join his maternal grandfather.

Even Nirvanadmitted media that he has been helping his maternal granddad and handling his Twitter and Facebook account so that the reach with in the masses could be increased.

If this is not the definition of dynasty politics for Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Amarinder Singh then there must be another word for the proper definition. However, one this is being cleared that the tradition of family politics still continues in Punjab Congress. The political family of Congress party in Punjab don’t want the reins of the party in other hands.

Punjab Congress to Get Zero Votes, Says Kejriwal

Punjab is roaring high in amidst of upcoming Assembly Elections due early next year. The ruling and the opposition parties are all geared up to grab the power in the state. Everyday rallies, events, meetings, new promises, commitments, growth prospects, development programs, plans are echoed through the loudspeakers by the political bigwigs.

Also, how could we forget the allegation part!! Oppositions leaving no stone unturned in blaming the ruling party. Despite quoting their own progressive agendas for Punjab, they find it easy to pin-point others.


Recently, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal while addressing an event on Thursday quoted, “The Congress will meet the same fate in Punjab as in Delhi. ”

He simply kicked out Congress from the race but he forgot the level of uncertainty hovering over these elections. He even added that the Congress will meet the same destiny in Punjab as in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s speech is focused on the success of the AAP govt. in Delhi. He said, “If elections are held again in Delhi now, we will even win the three remaining seats too (AAP had won 67 seats in Delhi assembly out of total 70).”

Arvind Kejriwal always sounds over confident but his accusation against Congress was certainly not the wrong. Punjab Congress head by Captain Amarinder Singh has brought nothing to Punjab’s fortune. They bought only scams, frauds, money embezzlements and manipulations.

We will win this much seats

His leader Captain Amarinder always hit the headlines with his strange politicking strategies. Even his own party people don’t support him and his tactics. He created a rift in the party with his dictatorship attitude. Currently, he is on his political tour to USA and Canada. Though Canada govt. bars him to conduct any kind of rally in the nation!

The Punjab has turned into an electoral battle ground. So many happenings in the state pull everyone’s attention. This is going to be really interesting to know who is going to rule next in Punjab. Three strong parties viz. Congress, AAP and SAD-BJP alliance are there to play the perfect oppositions. The people of Punjab are perplexed to choose the best for the state because at the end its growth, development and prosperity that matters!

So dear Punjabis, have a happy voting experience!

Amarinder & Pak Journo’s Marriage Mystery!

The mystery shrouded around the alleged affair and wedding of ex-chief minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh with the Pakistan-based journalist Aroosa Alam.

Even the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad was buzzed with griping comments and rumors about the affair between the two. Aroosa Alam is a Pak-journalist who has been associated with ISI. The federal ministers and high profile leaders have been found putting interesting comments on the issue.

Although Captain Amarinder always denied the reports of affair with Aroosa, but their closeness in public appearance were evident to everyone and displayed some other story. The affair turned into marriage rumors when love struck Amarinder was found spending state’s exchequer funds on his girlfriend Aroosa.


The relationship which started on a friendship note took the romantic turn resulted into a wedlock. But it was not clear whether Amarinder has converted to Islam or Aroosa accepted the Sikhism. As the wedding was possible in these two conditions only!

Aroosa is a daughter of an ill-famed Pak woman who was close to Pakistani General Yahaya Khan. She was often called General’s Rani because of her alleged relations with General. Following her mother’s footsteps, Aroosa been linked up to many top-notch celebs of Pakistan. She allured a Jat politician from Guranwala district, named Hamid Nasir Chatha. Reports of their close contact churned the rumor mills.

Aroosa started her career from English daily from capital Islamabad. Her department was related to defense and diplomatic issues. She even worked as a correspondent for Weekly Hurrmat Urdu. Today she is working for Daily Pakistan Observer in Islamabad.

She has joined SAFMA, a media NGO in India once she was elected as senior Vice President of Rawalpindi Islamabad Press Club. She builds a sound relationship with Indian Ambassador Shiv Shankar Menon of that time, and it was due to his influence and assistance she got special visa of India. It was a rare privilege for a Pakistani Journo.  Menon is now serving as a secretary in Foreign Affairs of India.

The SAFMA members are considered to have suspicious links with hostile intelligence communities of India and Pakistan. It has been stated that Asoora is close connected with top brass of ISI.

aroosa amarinder

Not long ago, Asoora has bought a house worth whopping Rs seven crore after her friendship or love affair with Captain Amarinder Singh. As per the sources to be believed this lavish mansion is gifted by Captain himself, to his lady love.

Capt Amarinder had gifted a house to his girlfriend Aroosa


In 2007, Amarinder gifted a house to Aroosa in Pakistan

The incumbent PPCC Chief and the former Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh had gifted a house to his girlfriend Aroosa Alam in Pakistan during his tenure as a CM of Punjab.

In 2005, both came in touch with each other and the friendship turned into a strong affair. When the matter came into limelight, Aroosa visited India so many times and she had even claimed that she is a friend of Amarinder publicly.

In 2007, Amarinder gifted a house to Aroosa worth Rs 10 crore

captain amarinder crocodile tears

The news of the love affair of the couple had hit the headlines in India and Pakistan. At that time, it was proved that the former CM had gifted a costly house to Aroosa. It was even confirmed that Aroosa had bought a new house in posh locality in Islamabad. It was not possible for a journalist to buy such a costly house.

Capt Amarinder helped Aroosa to get multi entry special visa of India

When they both became close friends, Capt Amarinder Singh during his tenure as Punjab CM had introduced Aroosa to then Indian Ambassador in Pakistan, Shiv Shakar Menon. At that time, the UPA government was in regime and Amarinder during his Pak visit had introduced her to Menon. Due to the influence with Menon, she got a multi entry special visa of India. That is a rare privilege for a Pakistani journalist.

Amarinder misused his position to purchase house for Aroosa

During his term as Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh misused his position and with the illegal black money from his unknown foreign bank accounts the payment was made to purchase the luxurious bungalow for Aroosa in Pakistan. Pakistani media had highlighted the issue at that time and questions were rose against Aroosa regarding the payment made for the flat. The government agencies of Pakistan had also questioned her regarding her source of income for the house. But, the matter was cooled down after some time.




For Congress, poverty is only a state of mind

For Congress party and for its leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi, the youth of Punjab are drug addicts and poverty only a state of mind.

If poverty is just a state of mind then why government had to bring in an ordinance on Food Security?  Why country had to waste crores on food subsidy? The persons on whom the Congress is banking for its resurgence is known for making stupid statements. To say that poverty is a state of mind is making a mockery of the poor in the country.

Focus of both these leasers has been only on event to event and photo opportunity politics. The congress party has also been misleading the farmers. These leaders should know that the voice of India’s farming community can never be silenced or suppressed and any attempt to do so would be countered with all the power by the common people. These leaders should realise that the voice of farmers is neither suppressed, nor can it be suppressed. This energy today is what we need to fight against the injustice to farmers.

People should tell Congress that ‘Enough is enough’ (Ab Bahut ho Chuka) and there will be no Congress rule in any of the states in the country. It played with the emotions of farmers and their misery when they were affected by crop failure and unseasonal weather.


Farmers protesting against Captain Govt in Punjab

Unseasonal rain had destroyed the lives of the farmers and Congress governments had done nothing to mitigate their sufferings. The relief that they announced for farmers was next to nothing, it was like rubbing salt in the wounds of farmers. The congress party had always conspired against the farmers. They (Congress) introduced amendments to a law only to benefit corporate houses and industrialists.

The Congress government had always proclaimed the slogans like ‘Indira is India’ ‘Congress ka haath garib ke saath’, ‘Congress ka haath kisan ke saath and ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas’ (Progress with and for everyone), but the party had abandoned the farmers. The Congress party had been saying one thing and doing another.

Now the PPCC Chief Capt. Amarinder Singh for vote bank politics, is asking for a debt waiver for farmers. It is nothing more than shedding crocodile tears to mislead the AmarinderSinghmiserable farmers of the state.Capt Amarinder Singh has no moral authority to issue such statements. The question is why he remained silent at a time when the previous Congress led UPA government highly discriminated with the poor farmers of the Punjab when a debt waiver package of Rs 70,000 crores was announced in the country. Hardly one percent of the farmers of Punjab were covered in that package ignoring the gross reality that Punjab contributes to more than 50 percent of food requirements of the Nation. Preneet Kaur who was a Union Minister kept quite on this vital issue and so did Amarinder Singh. Did he keep quite because his family was rewarded with a ministerial birth?

The Rule Breaker, Captain Amarinder Singh!

Our Indian Constitution says that everyone is equal before the law of the land. However, for some people like Capt. Amarinder Singh, the President of Punjab Congress Party is above the law.

Known as a regular law breaker, the former Chief Minister defied giving his account details lying under Swiss Bank authorities. He must have faced the law of the land like an ordinary criminal. Considerably, no authority has so far asked the former ruler of an erstwhile State or questioned his wife and son, Preneet Kaur and Raninder Singh. If they are to be rendered with special treatments, then what was the need to ask the account details of Swiss Bank Authorities!

Amarinder Singh’s wife Preneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

Without a doubt, it was all evident that his wife and former Minister of State for External Affairs, Preneet Kaur, having accounts in Swiss Bank which eventually became a political fodder to anti-Congress parties. And to everyone’s surprise Amarinder has failed miserably to come clean on the same. Also, their son Raninder Singh’s name has also browsed in having Swiss Bank accounts.

If he is clean of heart, Capt Amarinder Singh must face the law as a common citizen and should not use political clout to keep the truth under wraps. This concealment of facts made others to point guns on him and sparked the Swiss Bank controversy. He should quit politics to face the law of the land as a common criminal for misusing the tools of politics and building up huge corrupt wealth and drawing off billions of dollars through fraudulent practices. His silence on the issue reveals his failure of defense.


Capt. Amarinder Singh continues to don the role of President of Punjab Congress Committee, which results serious allegations of dishonesty. Congress faced a defeat in the previous elections to state Assembly due to their dishonest policy. And still they are in the loop and struggling for the upcoming elections in 2017.

We wonder, is this the real face of our democracy on which we boasts of. Is this political system justified the rule of law breaker politician like Amarinder Singh? This is the high time to thrash away such politicians to clean the system. Common man votes with a dream to witness a developmental phase all around. So it’s the responsibility of our leaders to make those dreams come true. Dishonesty or scams or controversies would lead them nowhere.

Respect the voters who vote for you!


Neither Amarinder nor Congress can ever claim respect of Sikhs

A leader linked to a party that carried out the dreaded Operation Blue Star in Punjab, can never claim respect of Sikh community.

Indira Gandhi gave orders of Operation Blue Star

In this case, Capt Amarinder Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab and President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee can never be trusted by Sikhs for his association with such a party that is anti-Sikhs and anti-Panth. People of Punjab question what have Rahul Gandhi and Amarinder Singh done for Punjab?  Are Congress hands clean? Was it not Congress that was behind the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib and genocide of  Sikhs during 1984 riots?

Congress kept Punjab on the boil

What was the role of Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi in the desecration incidents in Punjab and after that? Did not the two leaders try to make political capital out of the unfortunate incidents? Punjab is one of the peaceful states in the country and it was just a coincidence that the desecration incidents and the protests had immediately followed the farmers’ agitation, keeping the state constantly on the boil. And both Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh used this as an opportunity to burn passions in Punjab.


Congress involvement in “Sarbat Khalsa”

The incidents of desecration against the Guru Granth Sahib were a deep rooted conspiracy to destabilize the state. But unfortunately opportunist political parties used the series of incidents in to play dirty politics in Punjab on this highly sensitive issue. That showed their real intent.Punjab was doing more for farmers than any other state in the country.  The State gave Rs 50 per quintal to the farmers for the sugarcane crop loss.  Even for the destroyed cotton crop, Punjab Government paid Rs 640 crore as compensation. Not only that Punjab gives free power worth Rs 6,000 crores a year for tube wells to Punjab farmers.  The measures taken by the State Government for the welfare of Punjab farmers are unmatched as these include health insurance scheme for farmers, reforms in Revenue department to make the working more efficient and transparent by opening of 164 Fard Kendras and so on.

It is high time that political parties desist from their anti-Punjab agenda and concentrate on something positive, something concrete and something palpalable!

Punjab Congress President Capt. Amrinder’s lady love Aroosa Alam

Why did Amrinder love Aroosa Alam, the mother of Pak Singer? Why such exchange of love and leadership even if he knows she was an ISI agent?

Well, these are few of the never answered questions!

Capt. Amarinder Singh with Aroosa Alam

We are aware about the love tales happened in Congress circuit. Pt. Nehru with Lady Mountbatten, Rahul Gandhi followed the steps and made Columbian girl friends, Rajiv Gandhi brought his Italian wife Sonia Gandhi. We love their love for foreign.


Then there came the news about the love affairs of Punjab Congress President Capt Amrinder Singh with Pakistani Journalist Aroosa Alam who has alleged links with the ISI. She is the mother of popular Pakistani actor turned singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of infamous General Rani who was Yahya Khan’s mistress.

Former Chief Minister of Capt. Amrinder Singh is married to Praneet Kaur, who is a Member of Parliament from Patiala. His alleged affair got a tiff between them. Though Captain denied the reports of such relationship, but rejected to take any legal action against the print media. This lifted the many eyebrows.

Alam, who is serving as a President at South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA), tagged Amarinder Singh as a very ‘good friend’ and she respects him for his utmost vision, honesty and wisdom. She told that he is very famous in Pakistan for his good and selfless work. She quoted as saying, “We are friends and will remain so”.

Capt Amarinder & Aroosa Alam in Himachal News

She disclosed at some media event that she plays a forerunner in building peace between the two warring nation and she has been dragged into such baseless controversy. She was amazed to such a hue and cry happened after her linkup with Captain Amarinder Singh.

The point was there relationship was legal and above all moral? Captain never accepted the fact she is an ISI agent. This relationship extended the support of many other politicians who began to follow the same line.

Aroosa’s wealth came into light during the friendship course with Mr. Amrinder Singh. She got a palatial bungalow in Islamabad, a villa in Dubai and a flat in the Arab state. She acquired a latest model of Mercedes Benz as well. How did she buy such whopping wealth? Obviously Mr. Amrinder foots the bills. Captain has also faced some serious corruption charges during this time in the courts of Ludhiana and Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar.

No one inquired where his wealth came from and spent too. All we know is Four things greater than all things are Women, Horses, Power and War.