Month: February 2016

High time for Amarinder to shun politics of confrontation

The politics of confrontation has ruined the political career of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh as he was rejected twice by people of Punjab. Not only that the policy of confrontation has relegated Punjab to quagmire of nothingness and deprived it of the top slot that it deserves. His own party members lost faith in him way back but due to Sonia Gandhi Amarinder is Punjab Congress head.


There is need for Capt Amarinder Singh to do some introspection and shed the politics of confrontation and adopt the politics of consensus. It is high time that the former Chief Minister should realize that the politics of confrontation pursued by him had already ruined his political career as the people of state have rejected him twice. It is time that the former Chief Minister should give up arrogance and indulge in constructive work.

No politics with Punjab

Not only Congress and Amarinder Singh, in fact all parties should join hands and shun dirty politicking to foil the attempts of divisive forces to push the state back into the black days of militancy. It was only appropriate for former Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh to not to play politics but support the overall development of state and welfare of its people.

Capt Amarinder Singh should learn from the history that any force that was inimical to the holy institutions and had done injustice with the state by depriving of its capital, legitimate share in river waters and Punjabi speaking areas, have been rejected by the people.  The Congress party had inflicted a deep wound on Sikh psyche by attacking the Sri Harmandir Sahib and by killing thousands of innocent Sikhs during 1984 Sikh carnage. Congress was solely responsible for decade long militancy in the state in which thousands of innocent people were killed and the state’s economy was derailed beyond anyone’s imagination.


Pushing Punjab to turbulent times

Unfortunately, the Congress was again trying to bring the troublesome periods back in the state by hobnobbing with the radical elements and pursuing its age old policy of divide and rule. The wise people of the state were well aware of these tantrums of the Congress and those people who want to push the state back in turbulent times. People of the state would not fall prey to the false slogans and propaganda aimed at disturbing the hard earned peace of the state.

Capt should act like devout Sikh

As a Sikh, Capt Amarinder Singh should know that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is a lighthouse of peace and tranquility for the entire mankind and being a devout Sikh he was duty bound to follow these high ideals propagated by our great Sikh gurus. Or else posteriors would never forgive Capt Amarinder Singh for the negative role played by him and Congress Party would be completely decimated not only in Punjab but in the entire country. Congress Party is already marginalized in the country and in Punjab it has failed to stage a comeback under Capt Amarinder Singh twice in a row.

Disputed regime of Captain Amrinder Singh

Untitled363After a lot of churning in the Congress party, Capt. Amrinder Singh’s name was finalized as front runner for the party in Punjab. Although Rahul Gandhi had thought about Pratap Singh Bajwa but Captain’s popularity among the party people in Punjab changed the decision.

Once a close aide of Captain Amrinder Singh has now turned against him. The war of words continues between the two. Bajwa claims that Captain Amrinder Singh is working against Congress and is a foe to the party. He also mentioned that Captain is planning to create a barrier in the party and will soon form a party of his own named as,“Punjab Vikas Party”. The animosity between the two is not hidden to anyone; Captain feels that the party needs a strong leader rather an incompetent one like Bajwa. Another episode of difference arose when Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, former Chief Minister of Punjab went against Captain Amrinder Singh and claimed her name as the face of the party in Punjab. While all this is running in Punjab politics, it was later added by another episode of dispute between Amrinder Singh and Jagmeet Brar, both the senior leaders’ are speaking ill of one another challenging each others position in the party . Although, it claims to be united but the internal conflicts seem to be gaining pace which presents a distorted picture of Congress in the eyes of people. Moreover, poor leadership of Rahul Gandhi; who took charge of the Congress party, is being considered as a major reason for division in the party.


The Party had to settle down with the name of Captain Amrinder Singh, when he emerged as a popular leader, moreover, his threat to create another party is also being considered as one of the reasons to finalize his name. Furthermore, at this juncture Congress is not ready to face any clashes, especially when the state elections wait ahead.

Untitled369Captains leadership in Congress was always questioned, particularly when he was found to be involved in City Center Scam that involved a lot of public money. With so many precedence of corruption and dispute it is difficult to interpret Congress’s future in Punjab. The state needs a stable government and looking at the internal clashes of Congress it is difficult to say that they will be able to work in a united way. Political analysts believe that Congress is having an organizational crisis; everyone in the party seems to be fighting a separate battle. All the senior leaders are concerned with their power while no one seems to be working as a unit. Though Amrinder Singh’s name has been finalized, it has not been warmly accepted by Jagmeet Brar and Rajinder Kaur Bhattal. Apart from all this, the party is facing the charges of corruption and black money. Although Amrinder Singh has elevated as a popular leader, his regime has been full of controversies which can be a reason of worry for the Congress Party. If the party stands divided now when they are not in power, what will happen if they win? The answer is fearsome. People should awaken and not go by the name rather look for option that can give them desired outcome.

Who will make a hat trick ? Capt. Amarinder or Prashant Kishor

The hunger for power seems to be engulfing the Congress party in Punjab especially when the state election is coming forth. Being away from power for the past 9 years and consecutively losing the elections has hit the backbone of Congress. The party is ready to adopt any strategy that will help it come back in governance. The most talked about topic in Punjab politics is the association of Prashant Kishor with Congress, the man behind the successful election campaign of Narendra Modi and Victory of Mahagathbandahan in Bihar.



There have been decided about Capt. Amarinder Singh taking help of Prashant Kishor to win the elections in Punjab, it is likewise believed that Congress’s decision to boycott the Khadoor Sahib election was guided by Prashant Kishor. Kishor has advised, Captain to concentrate on the state elections rather than jumping in for Khadoor Sahib by-election, the tenure of which will last only for a year. However, this decision was opposed by many as they believed that the decision has portrayed Congress being afraid and are escaping their fate which is doomed to be lost. Capt. Amarinder Singh believes that it is the need of the hour and they should utilize this time to understand the inclination of the people. The statement of Captain is believed to be backed up by Prashant Kishor.


Prashant Kishor , star poll strategist , who has 2 major successes in his kitty is thought will help Congress come back into the mainstream politics in the upcoming Punjab election. Without much of a delay, Prashant Kishor has started strategy for Congress party for the election, but the party is keeping everything away from the media, however the sources say that Prashant has met Capt Amrinder Singh and will soon start forming a team in the state. The question here to ponder over is , “Getting Prashant in Punjab will help Congress win the election and break its track record of losses ?” Drowning man catches the straw and so is Prashant Kishor for Congress, however few political analysts believe that Prashant Kishor might not be able to hit a hat trick in Punjab primarily because the image of the congress is completely blemished. Lately the party has been accused of corruption charges, Rahul Gandhi’s cold statement regarding Sikh Massacre in 1984, poor leadership, failed vision, charges of black money surrounding Capt. Amrinder Singh’s family has all collaborated against Congress.


The direction of the wind has changed, people used to vote based on sentiments and emotions, but now they have become more aware and educated, they desire to see an outcome. People have still not forgotten the City Center scam wherein Capt. Amrinder Singh was accused of accepting bribes and sanctioning the plan without verification. The opposition feels that getting a star poll strategist on board won’t help Congress to whitewash their ill-deeds. The past continues to haunt Congress and so the party is looking for every possible means to gain back the same prestige that it had years back.

Congress always adopted pro-Khalistan approach

Punjab Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh is making a vain bid in Punjab though twice it has tasted bitter successive defeats. However, its past is a testimony that Congress has always been supporting the pro-Khalistan radicals in Punjab and encouraging secessionist forces.

Dixie Rd Gurd Captain

Congress ideology was exposed after it participated and supported the Sikh congregation held on November 10 last year at Chhaba village in Amritsar, which was organised by pro-Khalistan groups. It was an attempt to destabilise peace in Punjab. The Congress was aware of the fact that the Sikh congregation was organised by supporters of the pro-Khalistan radical groups, but yet the Congress leaders participated and supported that event. The demand for Khalistan was openly made from the stage amid presence of ‘Khalistan’ flags and messages of terrorists were also read out at that congregation. And unfortunately, the Punjab Congress members were sharing the stage.

Congress pushing Punjab to darkness

Naturally the question uppermost in the minds of people is “What is the Congress trying to do? Does it want to push Punjab back into an era of darkness- when Punjab witnessed militancy? What other reason can there be for a national party to resort to tactics which amount to destabilizing the unity and integrity of the country?

Logically one can say that Congress was supporting the anti-national agenda and these activities were being undertaken at the behest of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi whose visit to Punjab had led to the chain of events which witnessed the Congress playing dangerous games in the sensitive border State.  Then whose responsibility is it to maintain the unity and integrity of the country if a national party like Congress behaves like this. Punjabis would never want anyone to disturb its hard won peace and communal harmony.

Why not declare Congress anti-national

This makes it a fit case for the Election Commission of India to declare country’s grand old party, Congress as an anti-national party. Is there any doubt in the minds of people that Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh means bringing back the 1984 tension and dark days. Everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 1980s. Those fifteen years of militancy, disturbance, where thousands of Punjabis were killed, there was communal as well as full disturbance of peace in the state of Punjab.


The Congress party is an alliance with the terrorists and further stated that its leaders were also seen at a pro-Khalistan rally. In this age of digital revolution, people have audio clips to support. Everyone knows how it started and in order to fight Akali Dal, the Congress encouraged certain elements which then went out of control and that led to full 15 years of disturbance in Punjab which even threatened the nation’s integrity. Today, the Punjab Congress under the leadership of Capt Amarinder Singh is trying to create the same environment in the state of Punjab. It is high time EC declares Congress an anti-national party because it was coordinating with the radical elements. Failure to take an action would only prove complicity of Election Commission with Congress.

Amarinder’s ‘Pagdi Sambhal Kisana’ campaign a farce

The latest campaign which is more of a political gimmick named “Pagdi Sambhal Kisana” launched by Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, President Capt Amarinder Singh seems a farce in view of past track record of Congress Party at the Centre and in Punjab.


Capt Amarinder Singh has said that he had launched the special campaign in Punjab from February 11, “Pagdi Sambhal Kisana”, to help the farmers in distress. The campaign has been organised by the Jat Maha Sabha and Capt Amarinder is its National President. High incidence of farmer suicide cases in Punjab was on the top of agenda in the rally. Amarinder asked the Centre to waive farmers’ debt on the lines of the government’s plan of scrapping bad debts of the corporate sector worth Rs 1.14 lakh crore. “Why a similar relief can’t be provided to the farmers whose loans are far less and who are not wilful defaulters either,” he asked.

Ironically the debt burden on farmers had gone up the most during the regime of Capt Amarinder Singh as Chief Minister of Punjab. He himself admitted that Punjab had the highest level of rural indebtedness in the country and the state needed a financial package to rescue the farmers from distress.

Amarinder owes an answer

Amarinder Singh owes an explanation to people of Punjab as to why is raising this issue now because when in power he did nothing to help out the farmers in distress.  Is the former Chief Minister not shedding crocodile tears to mislead the miserable farmers”. It is likely adding insult to injury.


Capt. Amarinder Singh has no moral authority to issue such statements.
He asked Capt Amarinder Singh that why he remained silent at a time when the previous Congress led UPA government highly discriminated with the poor farmers of the Punjab when a debt waiver package of 70 thousand crores was announced in the country. Hardly one percent of the farmers of Punjab were covered in that package ignoring the gross reality that Punjab contributes to more than 50 percent of food requirements of the Nation.

Amarinder anti-farmers’

Amarinder Singh’s wife Preneet Kaur was also a minister in that particular government. ‘Did he kept quite simply because his family was rewarded with a Ministerial birth?’.  Not only that when when Capt. Amarinder Singh got an opportunity to lead the state as Chief Minister instead of rewarding the farmers with some additional benefits, he preferred to snatch the free power facility provided by the SAD-BJP government led by Parkash Singh Badal to the farmers of the state. This exposed his real face at the time of his being in power which showed that he is highly anti farmer and anti poor. Amarinder Singh also opposed an amendment in the SGPC Act.


Public memory not that short

‘With this the cat has come out of bag’.  It has become clear now that the Congress party was instrumental in stalling the elected house of SGPC from performing its constitutional duty. The people of the state still remember all the blunders committed by him and all the conspiracies hatched by him to weaken the SGPC.  This is high time Capt Amarinder Singh refrains from misleading people by his meaningless statements.


Dissidence resurfaces in Punjab Congress

Dissidence has once again has become the buzz word in Punjab Congress ahead of 2017 elections to State Assembly. An instance to this was provided last week when Punjab Congress President Capt Amarinder Singh expelled party leader Bhupinder Singh Bittu from the party for six years for defying the party’s decision to boycott Khadoor Sahib Assembly by-election.

congress expels bittu

Significantly, Bittu is contesting the by-elections scheduled for February 13 as an independent candidate. This seat had fallen vacant after Congress MLA Ramanjit Singh Sikki resigned protesting sacrilege incidents that his constituency witnessed in 2015.

Boycott only for namesake

Punjab Congress had announced it would boycott the Khadoor Sahib by-elections, with Capt Amarinder Singh saying: “Since the basic issue of the sacrilege of the holy Guru Granth Sahib, for which Sikki resigned, still remains unresolved, the Congress party decided there was no point in contesting the election”.

Amarinder eats his own words

Congress Party as well its President , Capt Amarinder had to eart their words when Bhupinder Singh Bittu went ahead and challenged the party. He made it known that he would contest the election come what may. Bittu is in fray now as an independent candidate much to the discomfiture of former Chief Minister and PCC President, Capt Amarinder Singh.


Party torn by infighting

With this Punjab Congress seems to be in total mess. The party is torn by infighting and witch-hunt leading to sinking morale of party workers.  The state leadership does not appear to have learnt any lesson from successive defeats in Punjab and now the voice of dissent is becoming shriller.   Some party leaders allege humiliation from senior leaders which is the root cause of dissidence in the party rank and file.

Amarinder ego clashes with many Congress leadersIn civic body elections to Congress candidates had refused to contest on party symbol and preferred to contest as independents. This situation was witnessed in Moga and Kotkapura.  Similarly in Zirakpur, Guru Har Sahai and Rampura Phul, the Congress candidates refused to file nomination papers. Ditto for Rampura Phul, Phagwara and Qadian, the home turf of former President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee where Congress gave a cakewalk. Khanna, Jalalabad and Pathankot offered similar scenario.

Bereft of dialogue with people

In view of this a bleak scenario awaits Punjab Congress in 2017 elections. The ego of its state leadership not only inhibits its leaders from a one to one session with each other but has meant that there is no dialogue with people of Punjab. Just criticising opponents may be good politics to score points but it can’t win elections that too in a state like Punjab where people vote for performance, consistency and promises to uplift the state from the downhill journey that it witnessed during Congress regime. The message is loud and clear-either perform or perish, unite or disperse because the saying goes that united we stand, divided we fall. Congress in Punjab is a divided house with dissidence looming large ahead of crucial 2017 elections.  In such a scenario, political pundits give Congress no chance in the forthcoming elections to state Assembly.


Inquilab- the one word that terrifies Amarinder!

‘Inquilab’, the one word that terrifies Amarinder!

Captain Amarinder Singh known for his living “Maharaja” type luxurious life style, is these days a much scarred man.  He is scarred of his political opponents. He is scarred of people close to him. More than any other thing, he is scarred of one word ‘Inquilab’.

Historically, this one word ‘Inquilab’ had shattered his erstwhile Kingdom. Little doubt that the former chief minister has launched a a smear campaign against his opponents.


It appears that post independence memories are haunting Captain Amarinder Singh, when the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had demolished the feudal kingdoms of Maharaja’s. It was the slogan of “Inquilab” or revolution that had brought freedom to India, hence sensing his imminent defeat and end of his political career.

What is wrong with ‘Inquilab’ slogan? There is nothing wrong with using the word “Inquilab” which only signifies a voice, a cry against tyranny and despotic rulers.

Here in the context of Punjab, “Inquilab” also refers to a campaign to liberate Punjab from the shackles of people like Capt Amarinder Singh, who had only brought misery to the people of this glorious state of Punjab during stint as chief minister.  His rule we all know was marred by many multi-crore scams and his rule giving him the notoriety as a “non resident chief minister” who was least accessible to people because he was either relaxing at his Moti Bag Palace at Patiala or licking feet of his Congress high command in the national capital. That not only meant comprising the dignity of the chief minister, but also of a Punjabi and also the state of Punjab itself.  How could a Punjabi feel proud of his or roots when, the chief minister of the state is licking feet of the Gandhi family to perpetuate his rule in Punjab.

How can Capt Amarinder Singh say that the slogan Inquilab will disturb peace, as we are all well within our democratic rights to raise the slogan of “Inquilab” or a change? How can he ridicule the word “Inquilab” which our freedom fighters had raised to gain independence from the Britishers? Is he not inversely making mockery of our martyrs like Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh who had raised the slogan of “Inquilab jindabad”?

ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS IN PUNJABThe fact is that Capt Amarinder Singh had already conceded defeat though 2017 elections is still a little less than a year away. His announcement that no Congress candidate would contest election in Khadoor Sahib slated for February 13 shows either the Congress party is ill prepared for the by-election or is wary of the development taking place at grass root levels in Punjab. It shows his weak, rattled and petrified state of mind as he is unsure of his future which is likely to be sealed forever in 2017 Assembly elections. Best bet and face saving for Capt Amarinder Singh would be to gracefully accept the impending defeat and seek a walk over as his party sought in Khadoor Sahib. Or else Capt Amarinder Singh has no right to denounce a word like “Inquilab” which has come to us as a legacy from the martyrs.