Month: March 2016

Tug of war between Congress leaders; wash dirty linen in public

“Political crisis in Punjab congress is getting deeper day by day with senior leaders indulging in mudslinging and slugfest in public.”


PPCC President Captain Amarinder Singh who is facing charges of being “inaccessible” to party leaders and also “hobnobbing” with the opponents is facing stiff opposition from within the party. Many senior leaders have risen up in arms against the state leadership and now even Captain is getting vociferous in countering back publicly.

Bir Davinder locks horns with Captain

Senior Congress leader and Punjab media coordinator, Bir Davinder Singh has locked horns with Captain Amarinder Singh. Davinder has termed Captain as being inaccessible and raised serious questions over latter’s leadership. Bir Devinder Singh wrote a Guest Column’ in a leading newspaper expressing his doubts over Congress success in the 2017 assembly poll and predicted that Congress is loosing the battle.

Captain’s defense

Targeting Captain for his autocratic style of functioning, Bir Davinder Singh noted that party’s grassroot cadre is facing a complete disconnect with state’s top leadership. Captain Amarinder Singh has gone public to defend himself on charges of being inaccessible to party cadre. He went on to reply in Guest Column in the same newspaper, “Too early to write Congress obituary”.

Captain termed Davinder as rolling stone who keeps hopping parties for personal gains. He went to state that Davinder twisted the facts and appropriated his public image to score personal grudges in front of entire party cadre.

Captain Amarinder Singh further expressed his concern that Bir Devinder Singh was main complainant in the false complaint related to Amritsar Improvement Trust in which he was arbitrarily made an accused and was expelled from Vidhan Sabha.

On a self-promotion drive, Captain distributes Flipkart vouchers

“Punjab Congress chief is organising a quiz on social media, and the winners stand to win shopping vouchers on Flipkart worth Rs 1500.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.42.21 pm.png

 Captain Amarinder Singh has already announced that 2017 would be his last elections. Desperate to make a mark, he is leaving no stone unturned to win the hearts of citizens of Punjab. Captain is banking on the wisdom of poll strategist, Prashant Kishor, who is the founder of Indian Political Awareness Committee (IPAC). A mastermind of Prashnat Kishor, a quiz campaign is being run on the official facebook page created by party, “Punjab Da Captain’.

It must be noted here that Captain gone al out to ensure that the party inducts Prashant Kishor for the poll campaign. Captain was so desperate that, he even went to shell out whopping Rs 300 crores charged by Prashant.

Self-publicity by Captain

Aimed at establishing deep-rooted connect with the voters of Punjab, it is nothing but sham exercise by Captain to promote by himself. It must be noted here that the quiz is mainly revolve around the Punjab Congress president Captain Amrinder Singh. Some of the questions asked in the quiz are – which is the first book written by him? Or, on what date did he take oath for first time as Punjab CM?

Public ire on social media

Meant to be run on social media, this campaign has backfired and drawing lot of flak on social media.

Like one of the users, Rajveer Sidhu, who commented on the page stating that:

“Gifts being offered by Captain are not going to help the poor and unemployed. Why should we get a gift for writing 140 words on problems of our Punjab? Captain, please stop exploiting problems of people for his political benefits.”

Amarinder: How dare you, Bir Devinder? Get lost


Amarinder suspended Bir Devinder from party’s primary membership

The write up spat between Capt Amarinder Singh and Bir Devinder has shown the poor plight of the party in the state. First Bir Devinder accused Amarinder in his write up and later Amarinder accused Devinder in a counter write up.

PPCC Chief suspended Bir Devinder from primary membership

Finally, the furious PPCC President showed his dictatorial attitude and suspended Bir Devinder Singh from the primary membership of the party.

Devinder was shown door because of his allegations against Amarinder in a write up. Even he has also requested the party high command to suspend senior Congress leader Jagmeet Brar because technically Amarinder cannot suspend Brar as Brar is a member of AICC.

Even a penal of three members under the headship of a sitting legislators is formed which would decide the further action against the former Deputy Speaker of Punjab.

Punjab Congress is not united

Only a year has left for the assembly polls and the Congress leaders are fighting with each other. A war of words has started between the leaders which can be seen in the newspapers by the personal write ups of Amarinder, Bir Devinder and Jagmeet Brar.

Even the Congress state head faced criticism in Amritsar by party workers. The incident has exposed the party in front of the public that except framing allegations against each other the party has lost its vision.

The party workers are not satisfied with the party’s top leadership and the top leaders have been fighting with each other. The Congress head Amarinder Singh has proved that he is a dictator of the party and if anyone would remember his weaknesses, he would be thrown out from the party.

Amarinder had fired a salvo against former PPCC President

The disunity within the party had come out when the incumbent PPCC Chief had written a letter against the then PPCC President Partap Bajwa to party high command few years back. In his letter he had stated that Bajwa had links with the terrorists. He had mentioned that Bajwa also knew the drug lords in Punjab.



Capt Amarinder betrayed Sikh community

amarinder riots

Took u turn on operation Bluestar and 1984 anti-Sikh riots

The incumbent Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Capt Amarinder Singh has changed his colour like a chameleon and now he has come up with the new statement to save the image of his party on Operation Bluestar.

As per the information, the Congress state head changed his political stance for the Operation Bluestar. Moreover, he openly tried to save the Congress party on 1984 anti Sikh riots issue.

In 1984, Amarinder resigned from parliament as well as from Congress

When the Operation Bluestar carried out in Punjab during the Congress regime in state as well as in centre, Amarinder had resigned from the parliament and he even said good bye to Congress. He had quit from the party as a protest against the operation. At that time he had said that he could not spend even a single moment in a party which carried out such unfortunate task in a religious place. He had even told that as a loyal Sikh, he left such a party which killed the innocent Sikhs. He had also condemned the Congress party for hatching the conspiracy of anti-Sikh riots in Delhi.

Capt Amarinder is the biggest enemy of Sikh community

In Amritsar, the Congress state unit president urged the Sikhs’ to forget about the Operation Bluestar and even he tried to save the image of the party as he said that no party could be blamed for the 1984-anti Sikh riots.

He said: “The Operation Bluestar was an unfortunate development, but Punjab needs to move on. A probe into the riots is still on and it is wrong to blame any party for it”. How can he make such remarks for the Sikh genocide of 1984? Being a Sikh, he betrayed his own community and just for votes he has come up with a new statement. It is now proved that the Congress leaders, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and Arun Nehru were involved in instigating the mob to kill the innocent Sikhs in Delhi. They supplied the kerosene and the addresses of the Sikhs to the mob. Liquor and money was distributed by Congress leaders to the mob. Despite knowing the fact, Amarinder made such a stupid statement.



Congress dirty linen washed publicly


PPCC Chief Captain Amarinder Singh hits back at his own party leader and former Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker Bir Devinder. He had idiom Bir’s ‘Guest Column’ write-up as Congress Obituary and fired him for his act.

Captain defends himself
Capt Amarinder Singh has gone public to defend himself on charges of being accessible to public and party leaders after Bir wrote an article in a leading newspaper expressing his doubts over Congress success in the 2017 assembly poll.  Bir had predicted that Congress is going for tough triangular contest and party seems losing battle. While targeting Capt Amarinder Singh for his autocratic style of functioning, Bir noted that party’s grass root cadre is facing a comprehensive disconnect with state’s top leadership.

“Paradox apart, it is strange and amusing that Punjab Congress chief media panelist Bir Devinder Singh, otherwise supposed to present and highlight the party’s point of view in a positive way, has chosen to start his new job with a vicious and wishful obituary of the party itself in his guest column (‘Can Cong rescue itself before Punjab polls?’) in the newspaper”, said Captain defending himself.

He also addressed Bir as “sulking, uprooted” leader indirectly. “Leaders like Bir must be feeling demoralized, disgruntled and disillusioned, but certainly not the rank and file of the Congress which is as enthused and excited as it should be”, said Captain.

Bir, a seasoned leader; says Captain
Captain termed Bir Devinder, who at time was among his best pals, as a seasoned leader. Also, he said that he had made a mistake by rehabilitating Bir Devinder who was desperately struggling in political wilderness by appointing his chief media panelist.

Captain mentioned in his write up, “A seasoned leader as he happens to be, Bir Devinder has the political experience and exposure, having travelled across the wide political spectrum from the Congress to the People’s Party of Punjab, to the Akali Dal and then back to the Congress and may be a possible future adventure somewhere else. No wonder, such “insightful and thoughtful” revelations can come from such “distinct and exclusive experience” only.”

The infighting between the Congress units of Punjab has proved that the party would create hat trick in Punjab assembly poll by repeating its defeat for the third time in a row.

Congress leaders are no more united and they don’t even speak in a single tone over crucial issues.






Punjab Congress on fire with raging Twitter war

“When the elections in Punjab is approaching and the political parties are gearing up to fight the elections, the Congress party is busy fighting its own war.”


 Internal feud and differences with party high command never refuse to die down in the state unit of grand old party of the country. Mud-slinging and regular slugfest amongst the leaders of the party has put the party on the verge of collapse with congress leaders rising up in arms with each other. After the high decibel, heated war for the ouster of former state chief, Partap Singh Bajwa and non-cooperation with newly appointed leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi, state leaders demanding expulsion of Jagmeet Singh Brar.

Rising demand of Brar’s expulsion

A big chunk of senior political leaders of the state are up in arms against Congress leaders Jagmeet Singh Brar and Captain Amarinder Singh has went on record to question his political credentials and loyalty with party. Even as loyalists of Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh are demanding expulsion of Jagmeet Brar, another senior leader, Bir Devinder Singh, has joined the issue by echoing the voice of dissent.

It must be noted here that Captain Amarinder has termed Jagmeet Brar as the person with “narrow-minded approach and low political standing. He further lamented Brar as loser by stating that he lost seven out of nine elections he had fought.

Twitter war

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.18.10 pm.png

Media savvy Jagmeet Brar has resorted to micro blogging site twitter to counter attack the rising voice within Congress party for his expulsion. Mudslinging has surfaced in the public domain with Jagmeet Brar questioning the credentials of Congress legislatures advising them to perform in Vidhan Sabha rather than pointing fingers at others.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.20.50 pm

Jagmeet Brar further questioned their intention by asking why did they remain mum on Captain Amarinder had raised questions over leadership and experience of Rahul Gandhi.

‘Maharaja Sahib’ not ready to shed his Royal tag

“Forever associated with his aristocratic background, Captain Amarinder Singh, a member of the Patiala royal family doesn’t want to shed his royal image despite the growing dissent amid party cadre.”


 A good political leader is someone, who can lead from the front at the same time take everyone along. Like the head of the family clan, he/she should be concerned about each and every stakeholder and leader’s voice should be echoed by one and all. Punjab congress chief, Captain Amarinder Singh certainly doesn’t fit the bill in this context. As he is always knows for living a royal life and being inaccessible, surrounded only by a coterie.

Inaccessible leader


Addressed as ‘Maharaja Sahib’, Captain Amarinder Singh likes to lead a life king-size and likes to indulge in all the luxuries of life. He is always surrounded by a coterie and he is least bothered by the plight of common man. Now after becoming the state party chief, he has not maintained a communication flow with the party cadre and there has been no audience to Congress chief other than his coterie.

It must be noted that Captain had gone all out to ensure that former Chief Partap Singh Bajwa was removed from the post and instead he was made the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), President.

Congress leader up in arms against Captain

Not shedding his ‘royal’ tag, Captian Amarinder Singh still functions in an autocratic manner. He is made the state unit chief but he cut off the entire communication channel with party workers. Under captain’s leadership one-way communication is being followed and he is totally inaccessible to the party cadre.

Further validation to the point is that fact the media coordinator of the state and senior Congress leader, Bir Davinder Singh has decided to quit from the post for not being allowed with captain.

Dynasty politics in Punjab Congress

Nirvan Singh grandson of Capt. Amarinder Singh (with Kanchan Vas
Nirvan Singh grandson of Capt. Amarinder Singh (with Kanchan Vasdev story)

PPCC Chief launching his grandson in politics

The Congress party is not even exposed in the cases of corruption in the state but now the party going to face the ire of Congressmen as PPCC President has decided to launch his grandson in political arena of the state.

Capt Amarinder Singh after his son Raninder Singh has decided to launch his grandson Nirvan Singh to politics as the oldest party would continue the tradition of dynasty politics.

Nirvan would be inducted in Amarinder’s brigade

According to the sources, Nirvan Singh, the grandson of Amarinder who is the younger son of his daughter Jai Inder Kaur is being taken to the rallies and public programmes by Amarinder Singh. The incumbent PPCC Chief has not announced his name formally but he is getting proper training from the strategist Prashant Kishore.

The party sources revealed that the grandson would be inducted in the top brigade of Amarinder and moreover, he has been assisting the social media team of PPCC Chief.

Amarinder took u turn on dynasty politics

Recently, Amarinder, in a stance against dynasty politics, had announced that Raninder was no longer interested in politics. But reality is different from Amarinder’s statement. Raninder proved a failed politician and Amarinder insisted Nirvan to enter into politics so that the concept of dynasty politics could be continued. Earlier, Amarinder’s brother had quit the Congress party so Nirvan is the only hope of Amarinder now.

A postgraduate in International Relations from a UK-based university, Nirvan is seen accompanying his grandfather to Delhi and Chandigarh.

Nirvan admitted that he is supporting his grandfather

Nirvan told a newspaper reported, “I found my grandfather not doing enough to utilise the social media to reach out to the masses. I started managing his Twitter and Facebook accounts ever since.” So what we will call it dynasty politics or something else. In Congress high command, the dynasty politics prevails and in Punjab Congress the same things is happening.




Pappu’s protégé Kanhaiya played with the emotions of Sikhs


Kanhaiya tried to save Congress on 1984 anti-Sikh riots

The new entrant in the Congress party  and JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar compared the alleged onslaught on varsities with Gujarat riots alleging both of them were carried out “with support” from state machinery even as he stressed that there is a fundamental difference between “emergency” and “fascism”.

The anti-national Kanhaiya saves Congress on Sikh massacre

Pappu’s protégé Kanhaiya mentioned about the 2002 Gujrat and 1984 anti-Sikh riots and gave his expert comment that the both were different. He told that the Gujrat riots were carried out by the states’ machinery. He further told that the government of Gujrat had hatched the conspiracy for the riots and everything had done by the government’s directions.

But he told that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots were different as they were caused due to mob frenzy. The statement of Kanhaiya has proved that he has been getting the support from the Congress party. Moreover, he is properly speaking the scripted dialogue of his boss Rahul Gandhi.

He said, “There is a fundamental difference between a mob killing a common man and massacring people through state machinery. Therefore, the threat of communal fascism we are faced with today, there is an attack being launched on universities, because like Hitler, Modi ji doesn’t have support from intellectuals in India.”

Kanhaiya insulted the feelings of Sikh community

The entire world knows that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots were carried out by the Congress party leaders. There are a lot of sufficient proofs against the culprits Congress leaders, Sajjan Kumar and Jadgish Tytler. The eye witness of the riots openly reveals the names of Congress leaders who directed the mob to attack Sikhs in the capital. The JNUSU president has not only insulted the feelings of Sikh community but even he has supported the Congress party. If his thoughts are liberal then why Kanhaiya commented in support of the Congress party?



Brimming love affair of Captain Amarinder with ISI linked Pak journo

“Congress leaders have long history of having love interests with ladies from foreign land. We all know about the love affairs of Jawarhar Lal Nehru with Lady Mountbatten. Rahul Gandhi followed him to make friends with Columbian girls and now Captain Amarinder is making news for his growing love affair with Pakiatani journalist.”


 Pakistan media is abuzz about the love affairs of Capt. Amrinder Singh with ISI linked Pakistani journalist, Aroosa Alam. Aroosa is the mother of popular Pakistani actor and singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of notorious “General Rani” who was Yahya Khan’s mistress. Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, who was popularly known as Yahya Khan was a Pakistani general who served as the 3rd President of Pakistan.

Secret marriage

While the brimming love affair between former Punjab CM, Captain Amarinder Singh and ISI linked Pak Journalist is no news; the latest to do the rounds of rumour mills is the secret marriage of these two. Their closeness is often spotted in public domain and media is abuzz with secret marriage.

Cosy moments in Himachal

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.59.25 pm.png

They have been spending some cosy moment in the hill station of Himachal Pradesh. While Captain had earlier celebrated Aroosa’s birthday at Chail, later they were seen holidaying at Narkanda, near capital city Shimla for more than a week. Although Captian tried to keep a close secret but in vain as his attempt to spend to special moment in a hush manner were not successful. A news report exposed the dubious intention of captain.

Very recently Aroosa’ buying of a huge mansion worth Rs seven crores had raked up all the controversy. It was stated at that time Captain had gifted the house to his ladylove.