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Nirvan Singh, another example of dynasty politics in Punjab Congress

The Punjab Congress has been denying the facts of dynasty politics in the party since long but truth can never be extinguished. Amarinder Singh, head of Punjab Congress boldly denied the allegation of dynasty politics and facts say something different. Amarinder Singh, his wife Preneet Kaur who is sitting legislator and former parliamentarian and son Raninder fought election from Lok Sabha seat of Bhatinda. For Amarinder, this is not dynasty politics in Punjab Congress.


Punjab Congress has exposed in front of the people over the issue of dynasty politics as the entire family is at the party and both husband wife enjoying prestigious positions in the party. But, for Amarinder Singh, this is not dynasty politics.

A new face is being emerged in Punjab Congress and he is Nirvan Singh. The younger son of Amarinder’s daughter Jai InderKaur, Nirvan has returned from the UK after completed his post-graduation.

Nirvan Singh has been taking care of his maternal grandfather’s campaigns and he is also actively participating in social media. Amarinder has assigned the task of Nirvan’s training to his poll strategist Prashant Kishore.

Kishore has been taking Nirvan to different places so that he could be acquainted with the activities of the party as well as with the party cadre. However, Amarinder has not formally announced Nirvan’s name in the party but the sources in the party revealed that he would be given prominent position in the party.

Earlier, Amarinder took a u-turn on dynasty politics. He told the media that his son Raninder was no longer interested in politics so, there was no question of dynasty politics. Moreover, he had announced that the loyal party worker would be the replacement of Raninder.

The sources in the party said that Amarinder was scared after the Raninder exit as earlier his brother left the Congress so Nirvan was the only hope of Amarinder. He kept on insisting Nirvan to enter the political arena. Nirvan had planned to set up his consultancy in the UK but he dropped the idea to join his maternal grandfather.

Even Nirvanadmitted media that he has been helping his maternal granddad and handling his Twitter and Facebook account so that the reach with in the masses could be increased.

If this is not the definition of dynasty politics for Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Amarinder Singh then there must be another word for the proper definition. However, one this is being cleared that the tradition of family politics still continues in Punjab Congress. The political family of Congress party in Punjab don’t want the reins of the party in other hands.

Dangerous Congress, playing with fire

“Congress has a long history of disrupting peace and harmony in state and for its personal interest in the run-up to assembly election in Punjab, Congress is siding with Sikh hardliners. Hunger for power has forced Congress to indulging in dangerous game of playing with fire in Punjab.”


Being a border state, Punjab is highly sensitive in nature and it has already faced turmoil for two decades. Any move by a political party to compromise with the sovereignty and peace of Punjab to reap political benefits would prove to be extremely dangerous.

Desperate to make a mark in Punjab polls, Congress is not leaving any stone unturned and it doesn’t even shy away from siding with Sikh hardliners for political gains.

Radical support

Congress has a long history of siding with radical element. It must be noted here that Congress had raised Bhindrawale, a Sikh militant.


Going against the party, which had nurtured him, Bhindrawale waged a war against the state. People of Punjab had to pay a huge price in wake of their personal animosity.

Now congress has been fuelling extremist element in state, the party was behind the recently held ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, a Sikh Congregation, which later proved to a Khalistani platform. Congress leaders were not only present at the congregation but were instrumental in framing of resolutions passed at ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, which included demand for a Khalistan state.

A large number of Congress leaders from Majha region are endorsing the views of extremist elements and it is now a known fact that Congress is hand in glove with Sikh hardliners.

Insurgency in Punjab was one of the darkest periods in Punjab’s history and Punjab suffered in the wake of militancy for over two decades. Radical views are slowly reviving in Punjab and AAP is now trying to ignite it for political gains. 

Anti Congress Campaigns getting hype

‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ was a tagline emerged and successfully pulled the attention at the height of the Modi campaign. Survived the longest, it attracted lot of views and opinions. The meaning is way more than these three words.

Anti Congress Campaign

Beyond the combat between the BJP and Congress, it becomes the effective analytical construct to apprehend the Indian political scene. In this context, Congress should not be seen in the narrow confines but what is sought to defines it as an entity that was the centre of authority for really long six decades. In literal meaning, it’s not what the Congress party is, but all it has represented so far.

Sloganeering apart, the real idea remains to build a new axis of power which replaces the previous. For this, there must be a desired mix of policies and politics. That’s the point where the political parties are able to sink their differences.

But the Congress seems in no mind to work on their ideologies to mend their ways of politicking. For instance, the opposition party feels that Rahul Gandhi’s visit to JNU was a political stunt with a view to cement its new centrist image, a sign which is largely belonged to the Congress.

For Congress, it’s a battle for existence. Despite the aim to win elections, Congress has much more at stake in the forthcoming state elections than other parties. In Assam, Kerala and Punjab, where it’s an incumbent, prove to be really tough choice. It has already lost in Arunachal Pradesh due to bad management and plans.

Congress failure: President’s rule in Arunachal Pradesh

The dripping count means that the Congress, may be experiencing a complete wipe-out in the nation over the next years. The last time in Mandal-Kamandal politics, it was the Congress which was totally eroded from the base.

Congress-Mukt Bharat abhiyan would definitely bring a new wave of cheer and development around. The party is been constantly accused for playing anti-national games. Its leaders are seen in different anti-India meets or events. Recent JNU incident is the prime example. Even in Punjab, many anti-religion events occurred in recent time, which have been caused by the ill-will of Congress party. It is here to win at any stake. It can go beyond measures to reach out the vote bank. The party doesn’t give a damn to the right or wrong. All it aims to win the state elections and get in the power again.

Rahul Gandhi’s Reality Bites

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Indian National Congress and the leader of the opposition is more famous rather infamous for his impaired speech, lack of knowledge and inability to understand the Indian politics. It is a known fact that the Congress party cannot function without the Gandhi surname behind it, Gandhi’s for Congress is similar to Apple for iPhone. Well, there were speculations to get Rahul Gandhi in the Congress party as the party needed a new face and obviously they have always banked upon the emotions of the Indians thus Rahul Gandhi’s arrival in the party was much awaited.

Rahul Gandhi

Despite many other credible leaders, the party chose Rahul Gandhi as its Vice Preside regardless of the fact that apart from the family name Gandhi the person has no ther credibility and this is not for the sake of saying rather the series of events post Rahul Gandhi’s coronation puts a stamp on this.

A lot has been talked about his fake education certificates, poor academic qualifications but setting aside all this, Rahul has made no significant contributions to the Indian economy, society and welfare. All that we know about Rahul Gandhi is that he is good at making a mockery of himself and the Congress party.

Truth About Rahul’s Degree

From Rahul’s ridiculed speech in the parliament; or regarding the improvement in the condition of poverty ridden people that sums up to one third of Indian population, or about the rising inflation; Rahul Gandhi failed to make an impact, although lately he has started contributing to the issues facing the nation but as they that for a person born in the riches, poverty is only the state of mind, Rahul Gandhi proves every bit of it.

His unbearable silence and support to the anti-national activities like the JNU event, SarbatKhalsa in Punjab , hampering the seamless flow of the parliament are a clear reflection of his poor leadership quality which Congress party and its leaders hail . Never has been the moment since his incoming (2004) till date that one can quote a single event of his helpful contribution to the nation and that man is projected as a contender for being the Prime Minister, what is even more disgraceful, that party people openly support him without questioning his decisions that are affecting the party’s stature on the national front.

Captain Amarinder Singh, all set to face another defeat!

An old lion with a confrontational mindset, Captain Amarinder Singh leaving no stone unturned to win the next Punjab Assembly elections 2017. But the strong opposition is all geared up to trounce him back again for the third time.

The biggest lion of the Congress had to face the defeat twice in 2007 and 2012 Assembly elections. Congress is dreaming to win the elections but they forgot that the opposition is quite a strong one which has pledged to serve the state for 25 years!

On gaining the presidency of Punjab Congress, Captain was both congratulated and cautioned against the policy of confrontation which led to his electoral crush in last two times.

Confrontational policy is not liked by anyone. And politicians should not follow it. Confronting and criticizing the people around have not benefitted anyone. Amarinder is the man who follows confrontational policy to the hilt in Punjab.

His wife Preneet Kaur and son Raninder Singh are also accused in case of black money. They are alleged to own black money bank accounts in Swiss Banks.

Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

He is always the causality of the policy. He even criticized Vice President Rahul Gandhi and state party president Partap Singh Bajwa. He is habitual of getting involved in confrontation. Till the time he remained in power, he vigorously opt the policy. He was very much involved in crafting false cases against the opposition. The development of Punjab was not under his preview rather he focused in mounting his own wealth.

People of Punjab are against Congress as they are constant in making efforts to push the state back to turbulent times. It is the Congress responsible for disturbing the peace and harmony in the state. Therefore, it will face the same fate what he faced in last elections.

Congress believes in divide and rule, not only in Punjab but across the nation. It tries to divide two brothers – Hindus and Sikhs. But now the awakened Punjabis know that whosoever disturb the peace of Punjab and indulges in confrontation will be their enemy. They will never allow peace being disturbed at any cost.


congress sarbat khalsa
Congress involvement in Sarbat Khalsa

If Congress is clean in the case of Sarbat Khalsa then why don’t they throw out their leaders who attended that congregation where members demanded Khalistan.

Such instances depict the no-scope of the Congress party in upcoming assembly elections – 2017.

Controversy’s favorite Child: Captain Amarinder Singh!

Punjab Congress party leader, Captain Amarinder Singh becomes controversy’s favorite child. Being a blabber mouth and outspoken person, he remains in the news for his wicked attitude with opposition and even within his own party.

He made a controversial remark on the separate identity of Sikhs relating to Article 25-B of the Constitution. When he was asked about the same, he told to the media persons, “What we were 500 years ago?” He viewed that the Sikh religion is only 500 years old religion, and before that what were we! Indirectly, he tried to say that the Sikhs are part of Hindus and there is no need for such amendment.

Cap.Amarinder & controversies goes side by side

Various Sikh organizations demanded for the amendment of Section 25 (2) (B) of The Constitution of India 1949, but Constitution denies granting it separate recognition. It is a universally known fact that Sikhs have a distinct identity. Sikhism is an independent race and entire community stands same on the issue.

Time after time, Captain Amarinder Singh hit the headlines with his ugly quotes and sayings. He is responsible for granting clean chit to 1984 Sikh riots accused Jagdish Tytler. He always claimed that Tytler was not the part of riots. His statements hurt the sentiments of all those who suffered during the black year – 1984. The pains and wounds of that time are still alive in the hearts of victims.

Amarinder Singh in support of Tytler

The protestors felt that Singh has done it at the command of Congress in-chief Sonia Gandhi.

Apart from making false accusations or statements, Captain Amarinder Singh is involved in several scams and scandals. His connection in Amritsar Improvement Trust scam is well known to everyone. The Vigilance Bureau filed a chargesheet against him.

He was also accused of invoking groupism in his own party. The Punjab Congress was divided in two parts – one under his head and another part under Pratap Singh Bajwa. Rahul was reluctant to appoint Singh, the argument that caving in to such pressure tactics.

There were allegations that Captain’s wife Preneet Kaur and son Raninder Singh held several foreign accounts. Bajwa once alleged that Captain was planning to leave the party and float a new outfit called the Punjab Vikas Party. But strategically Captain finally chose the path of practical politics and asked Bajwa to step down.

In nutshell, Captain Amarinder Singh fails to fit the bill as a politician. He doesn’t deserve to be there in Punjab at all!

For Congress, poverty is only a state of mind

For Congress party and for its leaders like Capt Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi, the youth of Punjab are drug addicts and poverty only a state of mind.

If poverty is just a state of mind then why government had to bring in an ordinance on Food Security?  Why country had to waste crores on food subsidy? The persons on whom the Congress is banking for its resurgence is known for making stupid statements. To say that poverty is a state of mind is making a mockery of the poor in the country.

Focus of both these leasers has been only on event to event and photo opportunity politics. The congress party has also been misleading the farmers. These leaders should know that the voice of India’s farming community can never be silenced or suppressed and any attempt to do so would be countered with all the power by the common people. These leaders should realise that the voice of farmers is neither suppressed, nor can it be suppressed. This energy today is what we need to fight against the injustice to farmers.

People should tell Congress that ‘Enough is enough’ (Ab Bahut ho Chuka) and there will be no Congress rule in any of the states in the country. It played with the emotions of farmers and their misery when they were affected by crop failure and unseasonal weather.


Farmers protesting against Captain Govt in Punjab

Unseasonal rain had destroyed the lives of the farmers and Congress governments had done nothing to mitigate their sufferings. The relief that they announced for farmers was next to nothing, it was like rubbing salt in the wounds of farmers. The congress party had always conspired against the farmers. They (Congress) introduced amendments to a law only to benefit corporate houses and industrialists.

The Congress government had always proclaimed the slogans like ‘Indira is India’ ‘Congress ka haath garib ke saath’, ‘Congress ka haath kisan ke saath and ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas’ (Progress with and for everyone), but the party had abandoned the farmers. The Congress party had been saying one thing and doing another.

Now the PPCC Chief Capt. Amarinder Singh for vote bank politics, is asking for a debt waiver for farmers. It is nothing more than shedding crocodile tears to mislead the AmarinderSinghmiserable farmers of the state.Capt Amarinder Singh has no moral authority to issue such statements. The question is why he remained silent at a time when the previous Congress led UPA government highly discriminated with the poor farmers of the Punjab when a debt waiver package of Rs 70,000 crores was announced in the country. Hardly one percent of the farmers of Punjab were covered in that package ignoring the gross reality that Punjab contributes to more than 50 percent of food requirements of the Nation. Preneet Kaur who was a Union Minister kept quite on this vital issue and so did Amarinder Singh. Did he keep quite because his family was rewarded with a ministerial birth?

Punjabis to Repel Congress!

Punjab Congress, which is always up to blame Punjab as bankrupt and youth as drug freaks needs a strong repel from the Punjabis.

Punjabis should counter attack the forces involving in defaming or tarnishing the image of the state while stating as bankrupt and drug addicts to uphold their rule by all the wrong ways. Since its inception, Congress undervalued the achievements of Punjabis and Sikhs in particular for their own cheap political aims. Congress tries to degrade Punjab’s image just because they are not in power.

While Sikhs are being appreciated worldwide for their innovation and hard work, back home their image is being tampered politically. For all the obvious reasons it is being done with an inferior purpose. There is minacious design and a smudging campaign by the Congress on the social media platform. Such elements were acting on request of forces radical to Punjab, which is harbingering into a new era of comprehensive development in all the sectors.

Punjab has always been projected as an ardent drug-addict state. It even affects the flow of investment to the state. It is high time when all the Punjabis residing across the globe to join hands and fight for our respect and dignity.

Army recruitments in Punjab says it all

They should not let anyone defaming Punjab or Punjabis. See the real Punjab, riding high with a pace of growth and development. Punjab’s culture is touching sky in glory, youth is achieving milestones in sports, civil services, academics and in the Armed forces.

On almost all the developmental parameters, Punjab has done really well. From infrastructure, investment, education, growth, revenue generation to people friendly schemes, Punjab has proved its excellence. Today Punjab is a power surplus state. It is the first state ever having 4/6 lane highways connecting all the major towns.

World Bank awarded Punjab

The World Bank had declared Punjab as the best state in the nation for investment as it offers single window system. Punjab has been ranked No.1 in respect of Governance Index. In the overall development index, Punjab is on the rank two after Goa. Also, the state is likely to get 4G connectivity soon this year, making it the first State in the country to accomplish this feat!

Congress, in deliberation, ignores all the development and achievements of Punjabis and focuses on damaging the image of Punjab to show the world that nothing is well in Punjab which has a dignified glorious past. It calls for all Punjabis of the world to give a strong repel to anti-Punjab force like Congress.

The Rule Breaker, Captain Amarinder Singh!

Our Indian Constitution says that everyone is equal before the law of the land. However, for some people like Capt. Amarinder Singh, the President of Punjab Congress Party is above the law.

Known as a regular law breaker, the former Chief Minister defied giving his account details lying under Swiss Bank authorities. He must have faced the law of the land like an ordinary criminal. Considerably, no authority has so far asked the former ruler of an erstwhile State or questioned his wife and son, Preneet Kaur and Raninder Singh. If they are to be rendered with special treatments, then what was the need to ask the account details of Swiss Bank Authorities!

Amarinder Singh’s wife Preneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

Without a doubt, it was all evident that his wife and former Minister of State for External Affairs, Preneet Kaur, having accounts in Swiss Bank which eventually became a political fodder to anti-Congress parties. And to everyone’s surprise Amarinder has failed miserably to come clean on the same. Also, their son Raninder Singh’s name has also browsed in having Swiss Bank accounts.

If he is clean of heart, Capt Amarinder Singh must face the law as a common citizen and should not use political clout to keep the truth under wraps. This concealment of facts made others to point guns on him and sparked the Swiss Bank controversy. He should quit politics to face the law of the land as a common criminal for misusing the tools of politics and building up huge corrupt wealth and drawing off billions of dollars through fraudulent practices. His silence on the issue reveals his failure of defense.


Capt. Amarinder Singh continues to don the role of President of Punjab Congress Committee, which results serious allegations of dishonesty. Congress faced a defeat in the previous elections to state Assembly due to their dishonest policy. And still they are in the loop and struggling for the upcoming elections in 2017.

We wonder, is this the real face of our democracy on which we boasts of. Is this political system justified the rule of law breaker politician like Amarinder Singh? This is the high time to thrash away such politicians to clean the system. Common man votes with a dream to witness a developmental phase all around. So it’s the responsibility of our leaders to make those dreams come true. Dishonesty or scams or controversies would lead them nowhere.

Respect the voters who vote for you!


Congress mixing religion & politics for electoral gains

Punjab Congress has always mixed religion and politics for political gains and that has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community. Capt Amarinder Singh is the kingpin to do all that for cheap politics and for political gains.

The overwhelming view of Sikhs is that religion and politics are a dangerous mix and the corrupt Congress Government should stay away from playing with the sentiments of the Sikh community. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was the third generation of Gandhi family to harbour hatred for the Sikh community. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks during his Rajasthan rally in which he said his grandmother and father were killed by communal forces were enough to prove that he still nurses hatred for Sikhs and had not forgotten the incident.

Third generation that hates Sikhs

Rahul Gandhi’s mother always hated Sikhs and so did his father and now he has proved that it is all in the family. He has proved that he is the third generation to hate the Sikh community. First she expressed hatred by sending Indian Army to Golden Temple, then his father and now he has shown his hatred for Sikhs.

Rahul Gandhi’s reference pointed out that he was still nursing enmity for Sikhs and this party could never reconcile with Sikhs. Another instance to prove that inference is that Congress was yet to bring the perpetrators of 1984 riots to justice. Almost after 32 years, he suddenly remembers his grandmother’s death.

Rahul Gandhi with Jagdish Tytler on different occasions

But what about those families who lost thousands of members are yet to get justice as criminals and butchers like Tytler and Sajjan Kumar are still roaming out freely. Rahul Gandhi had said that he was very angry because of his grandmother’s murder. Yes he was angry over her assassination but not sorry over what happened in its aftermath. The incident filled me with a rage, Rahul had said in Churu in Rajasthan. Rahul Gandhi’s remarks would once and for all identify that none other than the Congress party is communal in nature.

Rahul Gandhi’s further remark about his own safety, saying anyone could kill him like his grandmother and father, was the outcome of a dubious personality. Everyone knows that nobody is safer than Rahul Gandhi in this country. Is Congress aware what it is doing to break the social fabric where Hindus and Sikhs live together as brothers? The nation needs an answer.