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“Pappu” Yuvraj of Congress to misguide Punjabis’


Scheduled his visit to Amrtisar to speak on a baseless issue

The vice president of AICC, Rahul Gandhi will visit Amritsar on March 18 and the foolish “Pappu” will attend a function in which a baseless documentary on drugs is scheduled to be screened.

As per the information, a documentary has been made by an over ambitious entrepreneur Sadhavi Khosla on drugs problem in the state. In the documentary, the false facts have been properly fabricated to defame the state on drugs issue.


The documentary maker is a Congress agent

The documentary has been made by Sadhavi Khosla who is an over ambitious entrepreneur who is busy in keeping the Congress leader happy. This time she has come up with a documentary based on an issue which Rahul has raised to get the political mileage in Punjab earlier. It was evident that the statement of Rahul Gandhi was completely false.

Khosla has perfectly en cashed the time and moreover, Rahul Gandi found something to speak in Punjab on drugs issue. Capt Amarinder Singh would also accompany him during the functions. Khosla who herself claimed to be a social activist is actually a Congress agent who has made the documentary on the directions of Congress leaders to make Pappu happy.

Rahul did not study real facts on drug problem in Punjab

The immature vice president of Congress always made false statements on drugs issue in Punjab. Earlier, he had misguided the Punjabis’ by giving a statement that 70 per cent youth in Punjab is taking drugs. However, the recent study by the supreme medical institution of the country revealed that only 0.06 per cent of population in Punjab consumes drugs. The statement made by Gandhi was completely baseless without facts and moreover, it was made to misguide the public so that the party could win the support of people.

Cheap politics by Rahul and his coterie

Rahul Gandhi

The leaders of Congress have been playing the cheap politics in Punjab and Rahul is the front runner who is encouraging the leaders to play dirty politics for wooing the people of Punjab. The baseless issues have been raised by the party leaders to prepare them for 2017 polls.