Punjab Congress President Capt. Amrinder’s lady love Aroosa Alam

Why did Amrinder love Aroosa Alam, the mother of Pak Singer? Why such exchange of love and leadership even if he knows she was an ISI agent?

Well, these are few of the never answered questions!

Capt. Amarinder Singh with Aroosa Alam

We are aware about the love tales happened in Congress circuit. Pt. Nehru with Lady Mountbatten, Rahul Gandhi followed the steps and made Columbian girl friends, Rajiv Gandhi brought his Italian wife Sonia Gandhi. We love their love for foreign.


Then there came the news about the love affairs of Punjab Congress President Capt Amrinder Singh with Pakistani Journalist Aroosa Alam who has alleged links with the ISI. She is the mother of popular Pakistani actor turned singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of infamous General Rani who was Yahya Khan’s mistress.

Former Chief Minister of Capt. Amrinder Singh is married to Praneet Kaur, who is a Member of Parliament from Patiala. His alleged affair got a tiff between them. Though Captain denied the reports of such relationship, but rejected to take any legal action against the print media. This lifted the many eyebrows.

Alam, who is serving as a President at South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA), tagged Amarinder Singh as a very ‘good friend’ and she respects him for his utmost vision, honesty and wisdom. She told that he is very famous in Pakistan for his good and selfless work. She quoted as saying, “We are friends and will remain so”.

Capt Amarinder & Aroosa Alam in Himachal News

She disclosed at some media event that she plays a forerunner in building peace between the two warring nation and she has been dragged into such baseless controversy. She was amazed to such a hue and cry happened after her linkup with Captain Amarinder Singh.

The point was there relationship was legal and above all moral? Captain never accepted the fact she is an ISI agent. This relationship extended the support of many other politicians who began to follow the same line.

Aroosa’s wealth came into light during the friendship course with Mr. Amrinder Singh. She got a palatial bungalow in Islamabad, a villa in Dubai and a flat in the Arab state. She acquired a latest model of Mercedes Benz as well. How did she buy such whopping wealth? Obviously Mr. Amrinder foots the bills. Captain has also faced some serious corruption charges during this time in the courts of Ludhiana and Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar.

No one inquired where his wealth came from and spent too. All we know is Four things greater than all things are Women, Horses, Power and War.


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