Congress always adopted pro-Khalistan approach

Punjab Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh is making a vain bid in Punjab though twice it has tasted bitter successive defeats. However, its past is a testimony that Congress has always been supporting the pro-Khalistan radicals in Punjab and encouraging secessionist forces.


Congress ideology was exposed after it participated and supported the Sikh congregation held on November 10 last year at Chhaba village in Amritsar, which was organised by pro-Khalistan groups. It was an attempt to destabilise peace in Punjab. The Congress was aware of the fact that the Sikh congregation was organised by supporters of the pro-Khalistan radical groups, but yet the Congress leaders participated and supported that event. The demand for Khalistan was openly made from the stage amid presence of ‘Khalistan’ flags and messages of terrorists were also read out at that congregation. And unfortunately, the Punjab Congress members were sharing the stage.

Congress pushing Punjab to darkness

Naturally the question uppermost in the minds of people is “What is the Congress trying to do? Does it want to push Punjab back into an era of darkness- when Punjab witnessed militancy? What other reason can there be for a national party to resort to tactis which amount to destabilising the unity and integrity of the country?

Logically one can say that Congress was supporting the anti-national agenda and these activities were being undertaken at the behest of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi whose visit to Punjab had led to the chain of events which witnessed the Congress playing dangerous games in the sensitive border State.  Then whose responsibility is it to maintain the unity and integrity of the country if a national party like Congress behaves like this. Punjabis would never want anyone to disturb its hard won peace and communal harmony.

Why not declare Congress anti-national

This makes it a fit case for the Election Commission of India to declare country’s grand old party, Congress as an anti-national party. Is there any doubt in the minds of people that Congress under Capt Amarinder Singh means bringing back the 1984 tension and dark days. Everyone knows what Punjab went through in the 1980s. Those fifteen years of militancy, disturbance, where thousands of Punjabis were killed, there was communal as well as full disturbance of peace in the state of Punjab.

The Congress party is an alliance with the terrorists and further stated that its leaders were also seen at a pro-Khalistan rally. In this age of digital revolution, people have audio clips to support. Everyone knows how it started and in order to fight Akali Dal, the Congress encouraged certain elements which then went out of control and that led to full 15 years of disturbance in Punjab which even threatened the nation’s integrity. Today, the Punjab Congress under the leadership of Capt Amarinder Singh is trying to create the same environment in the state of Punjab. It is high time EC declares Congress an anti-national party because it was coordinating with the radical elements. Failure to take an action would only prove complicity of Election Commission with Congress.

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