Month: April 2016

Punjab Congress to Get Zero Votes, Says Kejriwal

Punjab is roaring high in amidst of upcoming Assembly Elections due early next year. The ruling and the opposition parties are all geared up to grab the power in the state. Everyday rallies, events, meetings, new promises, commitments, growth prospects, development programs, plans are echoed through the loudspeakers by the political bigwigs.

Also, how could we forget the allegation part!! Oppositions leaving no stone unturned in blaming the ruling party. Despite quoting their own progressive agendas for Punjab, they find it easy to pin-point others.


Recently, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal while addressing an event on Thursday quoted, “The Congress will meet the same fate in Punjab as in Delhi. ”

He simply kicked out Congress from the race but he forgot the level of uncertainty hovering over these elections. He even added that the Congress will meet the same destiny in Punjab as in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s speech is focused on the success of the AAP govt. in Delhi. He said, “If elections are held again in Delhi now, we will even win the three remaining seats too (AAP had won 67 seats in Delhi assembly out of total 70).”

Arvind Kejriwal always sounds over confident but his accusation against Congress was certainly not the wrong. Punjab Congress head by Captain Amarinder Singh has brought nothing to Punjab’s fortune. They bought only scams, frauds, money embezzlements and manipulations.

We will win this much seats

His leader Captain Amarinder always hit the headlines with his strange politicking strategies. Even his own party people don’t support him and his tactics. He created a rift in the party with his dictatorship attitude. Currently, he is on his political tour to USA and Canada. Though Canada govt. bars him to conduct any kind of rally in the nation!

The Punjab has turned into an electoral battle ground. So many happenings in the state pull everyone’s attention. This is going to be really interesting to know who is going to rule next in Punjab. Three strong parties viz. Congress, AAP and SAD-BJP alliance are there to play the perfect oppositions. The people of Punjab are perplexed to choose the best for the state because at the end its growth, development and prosperity that matters!

So dear Punjabis, have a happy voting experience!

Captain Amarinder off to USA & Canada as the weather heats up in India!

As the several parts in India soar high in heat, our carefree captain Amarinder Singh escapes to USA & Canada. Named as political tour, it aims to woo the NRIs for the forthcoming Assembly elections to be held in 2017 and for obvious reasons to beat the heat back in India.


The Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh aims at encountering the AAP’s (AamAadmi Party’s) influence on NRIs and garnering the Punjabi’s support for the Congress. Embarked on his 18-day tour he is accompanied with a host of party leaders including Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans and Vikramjit Chaudhary (Punjab Youth Congress Chief).

Amarinder’s wife and Congress MLA Preneet Kaur soon would return from her New Zealand- Australia tour and then would undertake a tour to Germany, UK and Italy.

So the entire Maharaja Amarinder Singh’s family is on an international tour. They chose the best time to fly away from India when common man back in the state is suffering high due to soaring mercury. It shows how much people-oriented the Congress team is!!

Also, some are of viewed that during the recent visit by Rahul Gandhi to Punjab, he didn’t name Captain Amarinder Singh as the purported Chief Minister of Punjab and out of this outrage, he flown away to USA.

Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

The point is no matter how disastrous the Congress performs, the top slot doesn’t change. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are on the top. Thus no real change ever occurs.  When Punjab got rid of Amarinder, tainted with scams, he bad mouthed Rahul Gandhi. But to everyone’s surprise he is back in power.Though his name is still pending to be announced officially for Congress in Punjab!

The rising infighting and indiscipline in the Congress has already shaken up the foundation of the party. It clears the fact that this party is running around as headless chook.

Such thug politicians forgot that NRIs left their motherland to save themselves the political hooligans. They can’t achieve their cheesy aims while sowing the seeds of division among the foreign diaspora and damaging their peace.

Captain Amarinder is been trolled the most on social media platforms because of his own awful antics, thoughts and actions. People of Punjab have gradually lost trust on him and his ambitions to uplift the state. His efforts to garner vote in Punjab would bring him success or not, is the fact still in doubts!

Punjab Congress struggle hard as Assembly Elections near Approaches

Alleged as the main challenger in the forthcoming Assembly Elections 2017 in Punjab, the Congress party is gearing hard to develop a constructive vote bank. The poll elections are less than a year away now, the unit of Punjab Congress party has been striving to turn the tide in its favor. But rather to moving towards progress, it seems to head on a self-destruction way.

The Congress’ chances turn out to be fading in the assembly elections due to the increasing in-fighting in the party. The ministers and members of the unit failed to share a cordial relationship. It has been discovered in the recent rallies and meetings held by Punjab congress in different parts of the state in view to share the party plans with its members or supporters.

The Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh himself was ashamed on finding such nuisance and lack of trust among the party members itself. He tried to pacify the environment but no one bothered to pay any heed to him. Such incidents would definitely bring them no win. The tension grips the Congress people.


ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS IN PUNJABWhile the opposition parties take full advantage of the situation and leaving no chance to deface the congress party. Even the appointment of Prashant Kishore, a famous poll election strategist, is not able to unite the team as whole. While trying to give a political makeover to Punjab Congress chief, his own reputation is at stake in the state.

The appointment of Amarinder Singh as state chief by Rahul Gandhi (Vice President, Congress) is not welcomed by every member of the party. Rahul failed to please the disgruntled sections of the party. Next, in an effort to bring balance in PPCC (Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee), Rahul Gandhi put Ambika Soni (former Union Minister) as in charge of Election Campaign Committee. Again this move did not go well with Amarinder Singh.

The situation goes haywire when party leaders started raising petty issues relating to own constituency. The lack of trust and unity ensue the congress unit. A team which is not able to ally its own people than how could it be able to bind the entire Punjab?is a question to ponder upon.

In short, the Punjab Congress has been hurtling from one crisis to another and its leaders are voicing our differently.

Captain has opened the wounds of Sikhs

“Anti Sikh riots in 1984 was darkest phase in the Sikh history and public memories of horrendous act are still afresh in the minds of people of Punjab. Everyone is aware of the fact how Congress leader Jagdish Tytler was responsible for killing of thousand of Sikh in the state orchestrated move. Captain Amarinder Singh opened the wound of Sikh by terming Tyler as innocent.”


Not just Jagdish Tyler, Captain Amarinder Singh had also given clean chit to then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Captain pointed out that when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Rajiv was in West Bengal and the first step he took after taking oath, as prime minister was to go around Delhi and restore peace and order. Desperate to defend his old school mate from Doon school, captain even made a very callous statement by saying none of the victims has ever leveled allegations against Rajiv Gandhi.

Captain might have went all out to defend his old time friend but a crucial question arise here that when congress leaders went on killing spree, what Rajiv did to stop that as a prime minister.

Congress leader and former President of India, Giani Jail Singh in his autobiography had confessed that he had plead Rajiv to intervene and send army to stop mayhem but unfortunately Rajiv ignored his pleas.

Captain saved another good old friend


Now it is well known that Congress leader Jagdish Tyler had led to the killing of innocent Sikhs. There are enough evidence to prove that Tyler was instrumental in anti-Sikh riots. It was widely reported in media that Tytler wanted to teach Sikhs a lesson. The mayhem that went on for two days after Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, cost lives of 4000 Sikh in national capital.

In a deplorable act, Captain stated in a TV interview that Tytler was not responsible for anti-Sikh riots and he was falsely implicated in the case.

After Maghi Mela, Congress fails to put up a show at Baisakhi

“After losing its face, Congress party in Punjab has once again failed to put up a show during Baisakhi rally at Talwandi Sabo.”


Congress had faced much embarrassment at the Maghi mela this January at Mukatsar when Congress failed to put up a show of strength. Empty stand marked congress rally and people who were ferried by Congress party worker were seen crossing on rally spots of other political parties. Taking a cue from pervious disaster, Congress had kept the venue at a far off place from other political parties but this time again, they failed to put up a show as envisioned.

Divided Congress: another major embarrassment

Over the last three months, the party had to answer uncomfortable questions for its disastrous rally put up at the Maghi Mela and now another major embarrassment face the party as Congress failed to put up a show of strength despite all the efforts made by the party.

Internal feud within the congress party had led to the poor performance at the crucial Baisakhi rally. Elections are scheduled early next year in Punjab and Baisakhi rally was all more important for the congress party as it was the last opportunity to show their strength and connect with masses.

Political ramification of religious function

Congress may project itself as a secular party but it doesn’t away from mixing religion with politics. It leaves no opportunity to gain political mileage from religious functions. It has a long history of putting up a grand shows at religious function to propagate their political ideology and garner sympathy of voters. It s is kind of vote bank politics which they have been plating consistently well over the years. But of late they have failed to strike a chord with voters ahead of polls. With the true political colors coming to fore, Congress fails to connect with voters such attempts and despite spending huge money and ferrying a large number of people from far flung areas, they failed to put up a show at Baisakhi rally.

Capt Amarinder Singh never allows anyone to speak in front of him

Side lined the Congress leaders who raised their voice against Amarinder

pic 1

Though Capt Amarinder Singh has been boasting of his self –styled leadership qualities in front the media to please the voters of Punjab but it has come out well that PPCC President deliberately targeting his party men who questions Amarinder Singh.

The arrogant PPCC President Amarinder Singh never allows his party men and even the party’s top leadership with in the state to question him over any issue. Amarinder is all in all in the party.

Amarinder can ditch anyone for his personal gains

The incumbent President of Punjab head can ditch anyone for his personal gains. The former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi had helped Amarinder to enter in Indian National Congress as both were class mates. However, after the Operation Blue Star carried out in 1984, Amarinder got a chance to gain political mileage. He had ditched his class mate and left the Congress party along with his resignation for Parliament.

He joined Shiromani Akali Dal in 1984 and he left SAD in 1992. Amarinder formed his own party when he did not find any prospect in the SAD. He formed Shiromani Akali Dal (Panthik) and his new party had lost the assembly elections in 1997. All candidates of Amarider Singh were badly defeated in the polls. When Amarinder felt him nowhere and finally, he begged in front of AICC President Sonia Gandhi and returned to his old party in 1998. The political journey revealed the dual face of Amarinder.

Amarinder had accused Partap Singh Bajwa for having links with terrorists and drug mafia

Capt Amarinder Singh had betrayed his old friend, Partap Singh Bajwa as the party high command had crowned Bajwa as PPCC president. Amarinder had written a letter to AICC President accusing Bajwa as anti-party. He had mentioned in his letter that Bajwa was associated with the terrorist outfits and Bajwa had links with the drugs peddler. The opportunist Amarinder did not miss a chance to betray his old friend Bajwa for his personal gains.

Amarinder backstabbed Sunil Jakhar

The former leader of opposition and incumbent legislator from Abohar, Sunik Jakhar enjoy a good reputation within the Congress party and even political rivals respect him a lot. The rivals had praised Jakhar when present leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi was disturbing the session. Once a close aide of Amarinder, Jakhar was side lined as Amarinder did not find any benefit from Jakhar’s friendship. He did not nominate Jakhar’s name for the Rajya Sabha seat.

Congress is staring at a third defeat in a row

“The former Congress CM Captain Amarinder Singh, under whose command the party has lost two back-to-back elections fighting a losing battle again. Internal feud and differences with state leadership has reached to its peak under Captain’s regime.”


 India’s oldest political party is now on the verge of collapse in wake of family legacy. Factionalism has further rusted the party badly. Punjab unit of Congress party is no exception either and things have gone from bad to worse since Captain Amarinder has taken over the rein of the party. There was always leadership crisis in the state unit of the congress party and pinning high hopes on Captain, Congress Vice-President might have wrested power of state with Captain but this move has misfired badly and state leaders are locking horns with captain.

Captain is fighting a losing battle

Even a soldier has no respect in the general who has led the party to a defeat. A good leader is one who can enthuse confidence in teammates keeping their morale high and someone who can motivate them work wholeheartedly for common bigger goal.

Captain Amarinder Singh surely doesn’t fir the bill in this context at Punjab unit of Congress. Popularly known as ‘maharaja sahib’, he cannot tolerate any opposing view within the party and goes to any extent satisfy his ego. Everyone is well aware how he had ensured the ouster of former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president, Partap Singh Bajwa.

Growing resentment from party colleagues

It is noteworthy that senior Congress leaders, Bir Davinder Singh and Jagmeet Singh Brar have been axed for raising their voice against state leadership. But not only senior Congress leaders but also even the district level party workers have started openly expressing their resentment against captain. Recently in a meeting at Ludhiana, Captain was left aghast by the unruly behavior of party workers. In midst of chaos he was forced to leave the venue.

Captain Amarinder Singh fails to keep congress leaders united

“The fissures in the factionalism led Congress party seem to have got deepened after Captain Amarinder Singh took over the reins of party in state. Party may be desperate to wrest power from the ruling SAD-BJP regime but internal feud in the state unit has reached at its peak.”


 There are no end woes of Congress party in Punjab and as the elections in Punjab are getting closer, situation is getting worse day by day. Growing internal feud and rising difference with state leadership has reduced the party on verge of collapse. The party might have pinned high hopes for upcoming assembly polls scheduled for early next year but in wake of fresh troubles brewing, they might even find it difficult keep themselves afloat.

Senior leaders stand divided in the Congress party

Captain Amarinder Singh is known for working in a coterie and he has an autocratic style of functioning. His appointment as the chief of the Congress party had sent the shock waves across the party and murmur against him started emerging immediately after he was made the state chief.


Popularly known as “Maharaja Sahib”, captain Amarinder Singh cannot tolerate any opposing views from party. On the other hand senior Congress leaders have started openly raising their voice against the party state leadership. Two of senior leaders have already been axed from the party for resisting against Captain tyrannical style and raising their voice against his misdeeds.

It must be noted that senior leader and former Deputy Speaker Bir Davinder Singh was expelled for stating on record that Congress was fighting a losing battle in the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh. Senior leader and former MP from Faridkot, Jagmeet Singh Brar on other had openly questioned Captain’s style of functioning and eventually met with the same fate.

No internal democracy within Punjab unit of Congress

“Factionalism led Congress party in Punjab, which has been hit hard by internal feud and rising difference with central leadership seems to be on the verge of collapse. Working in a complete autocratic manner, there seems to be no space left for democracy within party.”


 Out of power for close to a decade, Congress has been going all out to wrest power from ruling SAD-BJP combine. The fact that Punjab congress chief, Captain Amarinder has already declared next elections to be in his last one, has further aggravated the desperation of Congress party. But all is not well with Congress party. Factionalism and rising differences with central leadership has reduced the party to its lowest level ever in its history. Out of desperation, the party is not even shying away from taking the harsh stand and cracking the whip against the rising voice of dissent.

‘Sing our tune’ or leave

Congress has a clearly defined policy – “sing our tune or leave”. The grand old party of the country has been suffering from repressive regime. It is well known that mother –son duo of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, has complete control over Congress party. In Punjab unit on the other hand, entire power has been wrested with state chief, Captain Amarinder Singh and state unit seems to be working as per his whims & fancies.

Popularly known as ‘Maharaja Sahib’, Captain is known for working within a coterie. Anybody who attempts to resist Captain Amarinder, faces the wrath of his tyranny. Captain cannot tolerate any voice rising in his displeasure and goes to any extent to snub the voice of dissent. In such context, Congress in Punjab is working in complete dictatorship style with Captain controlling entire function seated on a highest pedestal.

Congress on an expulsion spree to take on factionalism

“Congress has rather taken the harsh route to take on growing factionalism and growing dissent in the Punjab unit of the party. Ahead of polls, party is not afraid to crack the whip and dissenters are getting axed one after another.”


 Within a week, two senior Congress leaders have been expelled from the party for raising the voice against state leadership. While murmur against congress leadership started surfacing immediately after Captain Amarinder Singh was made the state chief, state leaders have now started openly expressing their voice of dissent against the state leadership.

Congress leaders following Captain’s footsteps

It is noteworthy that Captain Amarinder himself never missed a chance to hit a salvo at his rivals within the party. Former Chief Minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal and his successors in PPCC like Shamsher Singh Dullo and Partap Singh Bajwa, to many others have faced the burnt of his arrogance.

While Captain is now trying hard to maintain discipline within the party, he himself has been reason for indiscipline for a long with Captain locking horns with several senior leaders in public. It is a well-known epic, how Captain had waged a war against central leadership of party demanding removal of former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) President, Captain Amarinder Singh.

Senior leaders washing dirty linen in Public

Trickle down effect that begins with Captain Amarinder at the top goes down till the party cadre level worker. India’s grand old party, which is ruled by autocratic style of functioning, arrogance has creped deep into every member of the party.

Captain, who is known to work with a coterie, had been firing salvos at majority of the senior party workers. Now some of the senior leaders have got the courage to lock horns with him and are questioning his leadership. It must be noted that senior leaders Bir Davinder and Jagmeet Brar had questioned his leadership and predicted that Congress was fighting a losing battle under Captain’s leadership. Both of them faced the burnt of autocratic style functioning of Congress and were expelled without serving a show cause notice.