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High drama created by Punjab Congress MLAs on Thursday

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Punjab Congress legislators violates the rules

The Congress party legislators of Punjab assembly have not left any stone unturned to violate the norms of the assembly on Thursday. As per the information, the Indian National Lok Dal legislators of Haryana started marching towards the Punjab assembly and tried to enter in the assembly through main gate. The march was led by the leader of opposition, Abhay Singh Chautala. However, the MLA’s were stopped by the security at the main entrance.

Congress legislators en cashed the chance, confronted INLD MLA’s

The legislators of the Congress party who were looking for a chance to divert the SYL issue got a nod from the leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi and girded up their loins for confronting INLD MLAs. As per the information, ten Congress legislators under the leadership of Channi marched towards the Haryana assembly. The Congress legislators shouted slogans at the main entrance of Haryana assembly saying that no single drop of water would be given to Haryana.

INLD breaches the rules, Congress did not lag behind

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The legislators of INLD had already violated the rules and tried to enter in the Punjab assembly. But, the same thing was done by Congress legislators who depicted their indiscipline at that time. When the matter of SYL was heated up, the Congress legislators’ en cashed the time and did the same thing done by the opposition party of Haryana.

Channi always get ready to disturb the assembly

The legislators of INLD were stopped at the main entrance of the Punjab assembly by the security staff. However, the leader of opposition in Punjab assembly, Charanjit Singh Channi instigated its party legislators to march towards the Haryana assembly. It was evident that the immature leader of opposition of Congress party , Channi has nothing to do logical in the assembly as he always ready for disturbing the assembly session.