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Senior panel gave a miss to PPCC Meet!

Punjab Congress Committee never misses a chance to make a headline. This is all revealed that nothing is going smooth in the Captain’s team. And it is once again witnessed at a recently held meeting at Chandigarh where all the top slot players of the Punjab Congress committee decide to give it a miss.

The first-ever meeting of the newly constituted PPCC meant for interaction between the top leadership and members of the apex body saw various big wigs of the team giving it a miss.

Amarinder loyalists got upset

Those who doesn’t made it to the meeting were Pratap Bajwa, Shamsher Singh Dullo, Mohinder Kaypee, Sunil Jakhar, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Parminder Singh Pinki, Charanjit Singh Channi, Sukhjinder Raj Lali Majithia, Navtej Cheema and many more.  The reason for absentees was cited personal issues or commitments. But sources told a different tale that they preferred to stay away as they were peeved off at the way they had been placed in the new set up.

Turning down the issue, the Chief of PPCC Captain Amarinder Singh opted to choose the occasion to uplift the morale of those present. He talked about the recent and poor performance of Aam Aadmi party at Delhi municipal by-elections. He quoted, “Now the army of Congress is in place and our victory is sure.” The AAP has already lost in Punjab with a vertical division between the four MPs.

Meanwhile, Ambika Soni, Chairperson of the PPCC and State In-Charge Shakeel Ahmad asked the newly appointed office bearers to take up the charge and get along everyone to mark a victory in Punjab.

Also, putting all speculations to rest, Captain Amarinder Singh and party strategist Prashant Kishore found sharing camaraderie. Though Prashant was seated behind Captain, indicating the role being defined by the top panel only!

Punjab Congress workers up in arms against the party

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Party witnessing reluctance of party workers in active participation

The Congress party has tasted the defeat in the Punjab assembly polls twice and now it seems that the party is on the receiving end as the party cadres are not united.

Only a year has left for the assembly polls, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Capt Amarinder Singh instead of witnessing ‘cadre strength’ pacifying the questions of party workers’ regarding the inaccessible leadership and lack of unity in the party.

From the booth level workers to the district congress leaders, almost every party worker blamed the ‘top leadership’ of ‘groupism’ and “inaccessibility” in the party.

Punjab Congress workers blamed the legislators for absenteeism  

The Congress party workers maintained that they were ready to work at ground level but the top leadership, especially the MPs and the MLAs were nowhere to be traced once voted to power.

The MPs and MLAs never bothered to reach out to the workers in their constituencies”, they said.

A party worker had openly criticised the party’s Jallandhar MP Chaudhary Santokh Singh for remaining ‘inaccessible’ ever since he was elected to the Lok Sabha.

A local Congress worker in Jallandhar during the interaction programme of Capt Amarinder Singh had told the PPCC President about the absentee MP. Chaudhry was accompanying Amarinder in the programme.

Congress party workers have been declining

Capt Amarinder Singh facing the ire of the party workers in the interaction programmes. The workers alleged that the number of party workers declining and the leaders are increasing. They said, “If the party workers will not be respected, then nothing can be done.”

It seems the party has been facing the tough days and even tough days can convert into the dead end of the party if party fails to form the government in 2017 polls. The party workers are reluctant to talk to the PPCC Chief in the programmes. Instead of discussions, the workers started criticising the Congress state head for neglecting the grass root level party workers.  

Captain Amarinder off to USA & Canada as the weather heats up in India!

As the several parts in India soar high in heat, our carefree captain Amarinder Singh escapes to USA & Canada. Named as political tour, it aims to woo the NRIs for the forthcoming Assembly elections to be held in 2017 and for obvious reasons to beat the heat back in India.


The Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh aims at encountering the AAP’s (AamAadmi Party’s) influence on NRIs and garnering the Punjabi’s support for the Congress. Embarked on his 18-day tour he is accompanied with a host of party leaders including Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans and Vikramjit Chaudhary (Punjab Youth Congress Chief).

Amarinder’s wife and Congress MLA Preneet Kaur soon would return from her New Zealand- Australia tour and then would undertake a tour to Germany, UK and Italy.

So the entire Maharaja Amarinder Singh’s family is on an international tour. They chose the best time to fly away from India when common man back in the state is suffering high due to soaring mercury. It shows how much people-oriented the Congress team is!!

Also, some are of viewed that during the recent visit by Rahul Gandhi to Punjab, he didn’t name Captain Amarinder Singh as the purported Chief Minister of Punjab and out of this outrage, he flown away to USA.

Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur & Son Raninder Singh under radar

The point is no matter how disastrous the Congress performs, the top slot doesn’t change. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are on the top. Thus no real change ever occurs.  When Punjab got rid of Amarinder, tainted with scams, he bad mouthed Rahul Gandhi. But to everyone’s surprise he is back in power.Though his name is still pending to be announced officially for Congress in Punjab!

The rising infighting and indiscipline in the Congress has already shaken up the foundation of the party. It clears the fact that this party is running around as headless chook.

Such thug politicians forgot that NRIs left their motherland to save themselves the political hooligans. They can’t achieve their cheesy aims while sowing the seeds of division among the foreign diaspora and damaging their peace.

Captain Amarinder is been trolled the most on social media platforms because of his own awful antics, thoughts and actions. People of Punjab have gradually lost trust on him and his ambitions to uplift the state. His efforts to garner vote in Punjab would bring him success or not, is the fact still in doubts!