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Capt Amarinder Singh turned into a special agent

PPCC President will go to US, Canada to “expose AAP” or “meeting AAP leaders”

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh going to turn himself a Congress agent who would tour to US and Canada especially on the political inspection. It’s not an inspection tour but he would meet the AAP leaders as the Congress and AAP parties are hand in glove with each other.

Amarinder would visit US and Canada for his political honeymoon. As per the information, he is spreading the rumours that he would expose AAP party in US and Canada.

What a stupid idea of “political inspection” in Abroad?

Capt Amarinder Singh had given a statement to media that he would check the activities of AAP party in abroad. Moreover, he would inspect the wrong doing on AAP in abroad. After the proper inspection, the Punjab Congress head will expose AAP in US and Canada. What a stupid idea he has floated among the public? The poll strategist of Congress, Prashant Kishore has gone mad and suggesting such non sense tricks to misguide the public.

Capt forgets that he has to command his party for Punjab polls, not for polls abroad

Capt Amarinder Singh gave his statement that he would go abroad the expose the AAP in front of NRIs. He has forgotten that he would have to command the party for Punjab polls, not for the polls abroad. Instead of spending time in Punjab state, the PPCC President preferred to go abroad with his fake idea of political inspection. The infighting within the party is still on and he has scheduled his tour in US and Canada.

Capt Amarinder will meet AAP leaders, both parties are hand in glove with each other

The foolish idea of political inspection was floated by Kishore to mislead the people of Punjab. The incumbent PPCC President has scheduled his meetings with the AAP leaders in US and Canada so that people could not suspect him. It is now proved that the AAP is the second part of Congress. In a month long tour, the former CM would meet Sucha Singh Chotepur and other leaders including the AAP supremo Arvind Kejirwal.