Month: May 2016

No Federal Ideology in Captain’s Congress!

From the recent elections in the nation, it has been found that people are voting for those parties having strong federal ideology. That is why in both Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, regional parties performed really well and the trend is likely to happen in Punjab where SAD-BJP is the strongest regional party.

The outcome of five latest assembly elections is the last rites of the Congress as the political party in the country. And the speculation is high on the Congress’s funeral would be in Punjab early next year. The election results have even broken the myth of anti-incumbency’s being an important concern. In Punjab, massive and holistic development has created a strong pro-incumbency instead.


The way Congress party has been decimated it is becoming rock solid that the Akali-BJP alliance has a strong chance to score a hat-trick in Punjab in forthcoming elections.

The Punjab Congress, itself is responsible for such anticipations. Led by Captain Amarinder Singh who is always been in limelight for his arrogant behavior, the Punjab Congress loses all the hopes. It is totally failed to woo the vote bank in the state instead the leaders in the unit verdicts the same. Rising indiscipline, internal rifts and dominating Captain’s attitude make the party’s situation quite miserable.


The party which is not united itself how it can manage the entire Punjab wholeheartedly. People viewed that Amarinder Singh can even ditch anyone for his own personal benefits. The incumbent President of Punjab can go any measures to reach his own selfish gains.

It is known to everyone that the former PM Rajiv Gandhi had helped Amarinder to enter in Indian National Congress as they both were class fellows. But after the Operation Blue Star and gaining the political momentum, Captain Amarinder had ditched his class mate and left the Congress party with his resignation for Parliament.

He joined SAD in 1984 and left the same in 1992 to form his own political party which was badly defeated. Then finally he begged AICC President Sonia Gandhi and returned to his old party in 1998. So, it clearly shows the dual face of Amarinder Singh!!

Nirvan Singh, another example of dynasty politics in Punjab Congress

The Punjab Congress has been denying the facts of dynasty politics in the party since long but truth can never be extinguished. Amarinder Singh, head of Punjab Congress boldly denied the allegation of dynasty politics and facts say something different. Amarinder Singh, his wife Preneet Kaur who is sitting legislator and former parliamentarian and son Raninder fought election from Lok Sabha seat of Bhatinda. For Amarinder, this is not dynasty politics in Punjab Congress.


Punjab Congress has exposed in front of the people over the issue of dynasty politics as the entire family is at the party and both husband wife enjoying prestigious positions in the party. But, for Amarinder Singh, this is not dynasty politics.

A new face is being emerged in Punjab Congress and he is Nirvan Singh. The younger son of Amarinder’s daughter Jai InderKaur, Nirvan has returned from the UK after completed his post-graduation.

Nirvan Singh has been taking care of his maternal grandfather’s campaigns and he is also actively participating in social media. Amarinder has assigned the task of Nirvan’s training to his poll strategist Prashant Kishore.

Kishore has been taking Nirvan to different places so that he could be acquainted with the activities of the party as well as with the party cadre. However, Amarinder has not formally announced Nirvan’s name in the party but the sources in the party revealed that he would be given prominent position in the party.

Earlier, Amarinder took a u-turn on dynasty politics. He told the media that his son Raninder was no longer interested in politics so, there was no question of dynasty politics. Moreover, he had announced that the loyal party worker would be the replacement of Raninder.

The sources in the party said that Amarinder was scared after the Raninder exit as earlier his brother left the Congress so Nirvan was the only hope of Amarinder. He kept on insisting Nirvan to enter the political arena. Nirvan had planned to set up his consultancy in the UK but he dropped the idea to join his maternal grandfather.

Even Nirvanadmitted media that he has been helping his maternal granddad and handling his Twitter and Facebook account so that the reach with in the masses could be increased.

If this is not the definition of dynasty politics for Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Amarinder Singh then there must be another word for the proper definition. However, one this is being cleared that the tradition of family politics still continues in Punjab Congress. The political family of Congress party in Punjab don’t want the reins of the party in other hands.

Congress MLA Charanjit Singh Channi gets accused!

There is no stop to Congress troubles in Punjab. Every day new stories appear against the party and Congress men.The Congress MLA from Chamkaur Sahib Constituency, Charanjit Singh Channi gets accused of doing nothing for his constituency’s improvement after winning the elections. His promises fall flat and fake which he made during his election campaigns.



He had distributed sewing machines to the women of the town stating that women empowerment must be encouraged, every lady should be made self-independent and have the ability to raise their children.  But in actual nothing comes in practical and not a single women employment scheme been introduced in his jurisdiction that irked the people who voted for him. It’s been more than nine years, he is serving as the MLA of Shri Chamkaur Sahib and nothing achieved by him yet for the turf. Public wants to know what he has done to facelift the standards of the area.

Several persons from his constituency namely Rupinder Singh Roopa, Gurmail Singh Bara, Sukhjit Singh, SudipVij, Manjeet Singh came forward and asked Charanjit Singh Channi through media that what he has done to eradicate spreading drug addiction among the youth of the area. They even accused Charanjit of distributing alcohol during his election campaigns.Charanjit is blamed to step up his area before six months of the elections and once he wins, he doesn’t show his face for next four years. He uses fraudulent practices to entice the vote bank. The public in the area is furious about his performance and needs his speedy response on their queries.No statement has been made by Charanjit Singh Channi addressing the issue yet. Punjab Congress is already facing tough times and this recent issue adds to their woes.

Capt Amarinder Singh building castles in the air


Misguiding people in his programmes by making unrealistic promises

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh has been building the castles in the air by making foolish statements to the people.

While attending the programmes in Punjab and Chandigarh, the PPCC president is promising the people like a Chief Minister of a state makes commitment with the people. During the programmes, whenever someone asks for something, he immediately comes up with a solution. Amarinder say, “I will form a committee or look into the matter.”

Duping people on drug menace which is not exist in Punjab

While attending a programme in Chandigarh, Amarinder tried to misguide the students and talked about the problem of drug menace in Punjab. He said, “I will set up a Special Investigation Team to nip the problem in the bud.”

The foolish former CM of Punjab has forgotten that he has not won the election and moreover, in which capacity he will set up a SIT. The ignorant PPCC President is not aware about the Narcotics Control Board which is already working in the state under the headship of an IG level officer.

Amarinder himself had accused former PPCC Chief for his links with drug lords

The former CM has forgotten that he was the first one who had written a letter to the party high command accused his old friend and former PPCC President Partap Bajwa for his links with the militants and drug peddlers.

Amarinder promised Lok Pal, Congress was against Anna movement for Lok Pal

Amarinder Singh was attending an interaction programme with the students in Chandigarh and during the session, he promised the students that he would bring Lok Pal in the state. However, he has forgotten the fact that Congress government was against the Anna Hazare movement in which Hazare had demanded Lok Pal. He has also promised to end nepotism in the Congress party. He himself is promoting his grandson Nirvan Singh and soon he will announce his entry in politics.




Infighting with in Punjab Congress still on

bir devinder 

This time Bir Devinder targets Sukhjinder Randhawa

 The suspended Congress leader and former Deputy Speaker, Bir Devinder Singh has been firing the salvos against his party leaders. He was suspended by PPCC President because of a write up spat between the duos.

After a day of his suspension, he has fired another salvo at Dera Baba Nanak MLA Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa. He continued his tirade against his own party leaders. Randhawa has been leading the committee formed by Amarinder Singh to prepare a report of further course of action against Devinder.

Devinder called Randhawa an “Amateur Hangman”

Davinder called Randhawa an “amateur hangman” and told Amarinder Singh to assign a “dignified senior” to head the inquiry against him. Devinder had been suspended after the write up spat between him and Amarinder.

He said, “If he wants to hang me, he should at least assign an experienced hangman. I am willing to be hanged but at least consider my personality and assign a senior man. I do not want to be tried by an MLA, much junior to me. His father and I were colleagues.”

Former PPCC presidents sitting idle with nothing to do, say Devinder

It’s now open that Congress is divided in the state and moreover, no leader showing respect to another. Devinder said that Amarinder should have assigned the task of inquiry to a senior member. He said, “Why cannot he assign this task to an ex-PPCC president. Quite a few are sitting idle with nothing to do.”

Amarinder wants to slit my throat, says Devinder


Devinder said, “I am not among those who snatch the microphone to speak. Amarinder knows how my vocal chords dried up in Amritsar when I asked people to vote for him as their MP. Amarinder wants to slit the same throat.”

Infighting within Congress will defeat the part in assembly polls

The senior Congress leader Manish Tewari had advised the party leaders to not fight with each other. He had lambasted the Punjab Congress leaders to maintain unity in the party otherwise the infighting of the Congress leaders will defeat the party in the assembly polls.



Congress under Captain is fighting a losing battle

“General of losing battle doesn’t command respect from his soldiers. After being responsible for two back-to-back defeats in Punjab assembly polls, Captain Amarinder Singh seems to be fighting a losing battle.”


 Grand old party of the country has been on the verge of collapse in wake of family legacy being run in the Gandhi family and internal feud. Punjab unit is no different either and things have gone from bad to worse in past few years. Internal feud and differences between party leaders have risen to a level where all the Congress leaders in the state perceive themselves as the future CM.

Maharaja’s losing battle

Member of Patiala royal family neither commands respects among party leadership nor enjoys mass appeal in Punjab. He was still entrusted with the responsibility of state leadership of the party.

Just to prove a point, Captain Amarinder had wage a war against Congress high command. Captain had gone on to threaten to quit if former PPCC president Partap Singh Bajwa was not removed from the post of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), president. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had no option but to give up to captain’s unreasonable demand.

Tug of war between senior Congress leaders


Senior Congress leaders have starting raising the voice dissent against Captain Amarinder Singh. It must be noted that senior Congress leader, Bir Davinder Singh gone on record to question Captain’s style of functioning and even went on record to state that Congress is fighting a losing battle under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh in state. While Bir Davinder had to pay a huge price as he was suspended for raising his voice, but murmur against state leadership are rising higher day by day.

Senior panel gave a miss to PPCC Meet!

Punjab Congress Committee never misses a chance to make a headline. This is all revealed that nothing is going smooth in the Captain’s team. And it is once again witnessed at a recently held meeting at Chandigarh where all the top slot players of the Punjab Congress committee decide to give it a miss.

The first-ever meeting of the newly constituted PPCC meant for interaction between the top leadership and members of the apex body saw various big wigs of the team giving it a miss.

Amarinder loyalists got upset

Those who doesn’t made it to the meeting were Pratap Bajwa, Shamsher Singh Dullo, Mohinder Kaypee, Sunil Jakhar, Sukhjinder Randhawa, Parminder Singh Pinki, Charanjit Singh Channi, Sukhjinder Raj Lali Majithia, Navtej Cheema and many more.  The reason for absentees was cited personal issues or commitments. But sources told a different tale that they preferred to stay away as they were peeved off at the way they had been placed in the new set up.

Turning down the issue, the Chief of PPCC Captain Amarinder Singh opted to choose the occasion to uplift the morale of those present. He talked about the recent and poor performance of Aam Aadmi party at Delhi municipal by-elections. He quoted, “Now the army of Congress is in place and our victory is sure.” The AAP has already lost in Punjab with a vertical division between the four MPs.

Meanwhile, Ambika Soni, Chairperson of the PPCC and State In-Charge Shakeel Ahmad asked the newly appointed office bearers to take up the charge and get along everyone to mark a victory in Punjab.

Also, putting all speculations to rest, Captain Amarinder Singh and party strategist Prashant Kishore found sharing camaraderie. Though Prashant was seated behind Captain, indicating the role being defined by the top panel only!

Congress is suffering from “no alternative to Captain” syndrome

“Congress in Punjab is not able to find a tall leader with mass appeal and failing to find an alternative had no option but to resort to Captain Amarinder Singh for the post of state president.”


Captain has been an inconsistent politician. He is deputy leader of the Lok Sabha but he never bothered to attend the budget session of parliament. Nothing of that mattered when Amritsar MP, Captain Amarinder Singh embarked on a state tour of Punjab for a show of strength. Lack of leadership and chaotic affairs in the state unit of party has reduced the party on a verge of collapse.

Internal feud

In the run-up to assembly polls, former chief minister and party strongman Captain Amarinder Singh had put the party in fix in Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh waged a war against party high command for the ouster of then state president Partap Singh Bajwa. Amarinder Singh had threatened to quit the party if Bajwa was not removed from the post of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) president.

 Best bet in midst of leadership vacuum

Congress is going through a severe crisis of leadership in Punjab. Majority of the leaders in Congress consider him as the party’s best bet in Punjab due to leadership vacuum being created the state. Though he doesn’t boast of a legacy of credible political leader but in current context, he is considered the most reliable option.

Not left with any other credible face with mass appeal, Congress high command was left with no option but go back to Captain as the state leader. His dubious reputation of living royal life who is not just inaccessible to public al large but also the party cadre, didn’t deter the congress high command to put its weight behind captain.

Punjab Congress workers up in arms against the party

pic 1

Party witnessing reluctance of party workers in active participation

The Congress party has tasted the defeat in the Punjab assembly polls twice and now it seems that the party is on the receiving end as the party cadres are not united.

Only a year has left for the assembly polls, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Capt Amarinder Singh instead of witnessing ‘cadre strength’ pacifying the questions of party workers’ regarding the inaccessible leadership and lack of unity in the party.

From the booth level workers to the district congress leaders, almost every party worker blamed the ‘top leadership’ of ‘groupism’ and “inaccessibility” in the party.

Punjab Congress workers blamed the legislators for absenteeism  

The Congress party workers maintained that they were ready to work at ground level but the top leadership, especially the MPs and the MLAs were nowhere to be traced once voted to power.

The MPs and MLAs never bothered to reach out to the workers in their constituencies”, they said.

A party worker had openly criticised the party’s Jallandhar MP Chaudhary Santokh Singh for remaining ‘inaccessible’ ever since he was elected to the Lok Sabha.

A local Congress worker in Jallandhar during the interaction programme of Capt Amarinder Singh had told the PPCC President about the absentee MP. Chaudhry was accompanying Amarinder in the programme.

Congress party workers have been declining

Capt Amarinder Singh facing the ire of the party workers in the interaction programmes. The workers alleged that the number of party workers declining and the leaders are increasing. They said, “If the party workers will not be respected, then nothing can be done.”

It seems the party has been facing the tough days and even tough days can convert into the dead end of the party if party fails to form the government in 2017 polls. The party workers are reluctant to talk to the PPCC Chief in the programmes. Instead of discussions, the workers started criticising the Congress state head for neglecting the grass root level party workers.  

Whopping Rs 10 Lakh for sharing dais with Captain

“Taking a cue from AAP’s Coffee with Kejirwal, Congress poll strategist launched ‘Coffee with Captain’ to woo young voters of state ahead of assembly polls in Punjab. While AAP charged a cup of coffee for Rs 20,000, however, the price charged for sharing the podium with Captain Amarinder is Rs 10 lakhs.”


 Congress is leaving no stone unturned ahead of assembly polls in Punjab scheduled for early next year. With an eye on voters from elite class, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) launched the ‘aam aadmi’ dinner events in the run-up to Delhi Assembly Elections. Top AAP leaders including Arvind Kejriwal attended these dinners. Following on the strategy of AAP, Congress’ poll strategist for Punjab, Prashant Kishor has launched ‘Coffee with Captain’ programme.

Congress’ chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh invites youngsters for a cup of coffee. While those who register for the event are invited for a round for a coffee with Captain Aamarinder Singh, however, the price charged for sharing the podium with Captain Amarinder is Rs 10 lakhs.

‘Coffee with Captain’ a flop show

The well-orchestrated event is heavily promoted by social media team of Indian National Congress. During the course of events, Captain Amarinder is projected as a leader of futuristic vision committed for heralding a revolution of good governance in state.

It must be noted that the very first such event conducted by Prashant Kishore’s organization, Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) turned into a disaster. The scene at the dais turned chaotic as the youngsters who had enrolled for the session, began overpowering each other while asking questions and began arguing among each other. In midst of chaos, the event had to be stopped midway with captain leaving the stage.