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Congress Woes: Crunch or Corruption?

The Congress-led UPA escalates inequality in their policy slate that allows a narrow portion of the Indian populace to mount vast amounts of wealth. The policies which were sought to enhance the entrepreneurial class as the engine of growth provided that class with the methods to benefit through corruption. The number of scams and scandals rocked the Congress began under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. And the time Indian electoral began; the Congress was tagged as the party of corruption. It was something that the incumbent party could not shake.

On the flip side of the coin, it is displayed that the Grand Old party of Indian political ground is facing a financial crunch. In the power of ten years, the party took a huge overdraft from the banks while serving at the Centre. The party treasurer admitted to the same but tried to conceal the facts while terming it as a normal thing. The party didn’t even reveal the amount borrowed when asked. Rather they have been quoted saying that it is their personal and internal matter.  But few of the sources peg the amount to be around Rs. 300 crore.


The Congress aspirants complained on getting no fund from the party. Each contender can spend up to Rs. 60 lakh per constituency as per the election commission guidelines but many of them were told to seize for themselves.

The corrupt congress displayed the fake financial crunch to its leaders and public. In fact the reality was something else. It was to defraud the emotions of own leaders. The party involved in different scams and corruption cases. Even today many of the Congress ministers are struggling to prove their innocence before the law.

Spearheaded by Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party has now lost all its charm which was build be the Gandhi clan for years.  Over and above, Mr. Rahul Gandhi (trolled as Pappu) leading the party backwards with his so called antics, statements and speeches!!

369369369 There is no unity in the team and leaders try to drag the fellow members down. Even the Gandhis are blamed for making no-participatory decision. They follow the rule of autocracy while Madam and Pappu rule the empire.

In short, Congress tenure comes to a horrific end. From here there is no scope to improvise and lead in the power. The golden era concludes on a very disturbing note.

Shamsher Singh Dullo, a useless leader of Congress

Dullo was responsible for Congress defeat in 2007 Punjab polls


The former Congress head of Punjab, Shamsher Singh Dullo who was directly responsible for the defeat of the party in 2007 assembly elections in Punjab is the new face of Congress in Rajya Sabha now.

As per the information, the appointment of Dullo as Rajya Sabha member is credited to party high command. The president of AICC, Sonia Gandhi has approved the name of Dalit politician who had started crying in Delhi when the name of prominent singer Hans Raj Hans was announced for Rajya Sabha seat.

Dullo was not in the good with Capt Amarinder Singh

dullo 1

It is evident that the former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chief was against the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt Amarinder Singh. The decisions taken by the Capt Amardinder Singh was often criticised by Dullo. Even the party had given a chance to the dalit leader as a president of PPCC. But, Dullo was a misguided missile and he had several altercations with Capt Amarinder on all fronts. As a result, the party had lost the battle in 2007 assembly polls. He was the main person behind the party’s defeat in the polls.

Dullo complained the party high command against Capt Amarinder

When Capt Amarinder Singh had announced the name of Hans Raj Hans for Rajya Sabha seat, the former PPCC Chief Dullo had approached the party high command. He had complained about the incumbent PPCC Chief to AICC president Sonia Gandhi.

Dullo had alleged that Capt Amarinder has no faith in the old leadership and that’s why he recommended a singer who was just 15 days old in the party.

He talked against Capt Amarinder and said, “He did not bother to invite me personally for the Bathinda rally, whereas I went to his residence to invite him when I became the party chief. Party workers had donated `5-6 lakh for installing the busts and the workers and marble came from Rajasthan. Now, some plants have been kept at the space vacated by the busts.”

The side lined leader Dullo was given the Rajya Sabha seat as he had started making excuse of his caste and that’s why party finally, allocated the Rajya Sabha seat to him.