Amarinder, Congress soaked in royalty

Congress party is a party of “raajwadas” and not of common people. Can we imagine Punjab Congress President, Capt Amarinder Singh or Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi working for a livelihood?

Will ever any member of the family of Capt Amarinder Singh, the Maharaja ever step out to earn a living? He only has his past to speak about and so has his boss Rahul Gandhi. Besides their roots doused in royalty, both Capt Amarinder Singh and his leader, Congress, Vice-President Rahul Gandhi have in the past sided with anti-national elements.

royal partt congress
Congress Royal Party


Gandhiwadi or Maowadi?

Today, Congress cadres don’t even know if the party is Gandhiwadi or Maowadi. When the UPA government was at the centre, it was criticised with Maoist and Naxal outfits. The question is why Rahul Gandhi sided with those who called Afzal Guru, Maqbool Bhat and Maoists martyrs? Everyone is questioning Congress’s stand today – are they with Afzal Guru, with those chanting Bharat ki barbaadi, or with the country?  Nobody wants the image of a prestigious institution like JNU to be tarnished due to the anti-national actions of a few students and politicians looking for petty gains. The youth of this country – and even the youth wing of Congress–are disturbed to see this leader stand with these forces! Why did Rahul Gandhi go to that platform? Papu is a prominent politician for Congress party. He couldn’t have gone to such an event without checking the background of the organizers.

Rahul Gandhi with anti-national voices



Anti-India stance

The youth of this country is asking why he is blocking GST. They want to know that when investors are willing to pump in funds in India, why is Rahul Gandhi being an impediment to the country’s growth. His anti-India stance has done irreparable damage to the image of the country. Similarly Capt Amarinder Singh’s tirade against Punjab has done the state huge harm. When will these politicians learn to stop belittling the states and the country for their petty political gains? Will Capt Amarinder Singh kindly answer?

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