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Capt Amarinder to sell ticket to rich Young faces for Punjab polls


Punjab Congress would allocate tickets to richest young faces

In his last political innings, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh would give preference to youth in 2017 Punjab elections.

But don’t trust the words of former Punjab CM as only the richest young faces would be the blue eyed boys of Amarinder Singh in the polls. Those who would give maximum funding to the Punjab Congress head would get the opportunity to contest the polls.

Amarinder said, “Youth (leaders) will certainly be given preference while selecting the candidates.”

Kishore advised Amarinder to bet on youth, sell the tickets to rich young faces

In Punjab, around 70 per cent of the state’s population is below 40 so he would kill two birds with a single stone.  He would sell the tickets to the rich candidates having strong financial backing as he knows that the youth in the state is excited to enter in the political arena, especially the sons of richest landlords.

Capt Amarinder selecting the candidates in “Coffee with Captain” programme

 As per the information, Capt Amarinder Singh has been charging Rs 10 lakh for sharing the podium during his “Coffee with Captain” programme. The programme is designed by his poll strategist Prashant Kishore so that the party could make a list of the richest young faces. The top richest young candidates would be selected for the allocation of assembly seats.

Capt Amarinder earlier gave post of NSUI Punjab to the richest student


Before the 2012 Punjab polls, Capt Amarinder Singh had sold the post of Punjab NSUI president to Gobind Khatra. Khatra belongs from one of the richest families among the state. Khatra had gifted a Mercedes SUV to Amarinder for his poll campaign. Moreover, they both had struck a deal of supporting each other in politics. Amarinder had taken Khatra along with him during his official meetings with AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi.