Punjab Farmers Continued the Battle – Thanks to Regressive Congress Policies

“If a farmer is poor, then so is the whole country” , is a famous Polish saying. Despite farmers being the backbone of our nation, their condition remains miserable. Apart from their battle with the weather, they are fighting the battle of survival. Their condition is going from bad to worse and so happened in Punjab. The famous case of Barnala and one of the emerging industry in Punjab is known to everyone. Almost 325 farmers had to go through the thick and thin post the deal with the company that promised to buy the land and its porcelain the Congress regime. Farmers blame that the then Congress party leader didn’t do anything for their benefit; moreover, they purchased the land at a very less price. Furthermore, the policies created by the previous government were also abolished.

Farmers protest against Capt Amarinder Govt.

The farmers now stand alone fighting out their battle. The misfortune of 328 farmers/landowner started when Congress had acquired 376-acre plot in Dhaula, Sangherra and Fatehgarh Chhanna near Barnala. The land was purchased at a price that was not acceptable to the farmers. Thus, the problem erupted. Despite the farmers’ continuous protest, Congress paid no heed to the matter and thus the farmers were in the midst of nowhere. However, with the intervention of the new government, the alleged company was asked to pay 70% enhancement on the price of land as promised to the farmers.

Families of Farmers Against Punjab Congress Govt.

Although Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi had made several visits to Punjab and he personally visited the farmers who had suffered huge losses, yet this is of no use,especially when the sympathy comes from a man whose party has been responsible for the dismay of farmers. Most of the policies that were formed under the congress regime in Punjab were regressive in nature that hit the farmers badly. One such was, the crop less compensation which was 50% previously, but now has been reduced to 33% ,which entitles farmers who have lost 33% of the crop for compensation. Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi and his team who are trying to mislead the farmers should give a halt to the acts of creation of disturbance. A major question that comes up here is the silence of Capt. Amarinder Singh on the discrimination done to the farmers when 70 thousand crore waiver was announced in the country. Only one percent of Punjab farmers reaped the benefit of this package, although they contribute to 50% of the food requirement in India. Moreover, when Captain had to choose between leading the Party or leading the farmers, he chose power ,then what right he has to shed even the crocodile tears.

The current burst in the congress to conduct rallies for farmers, meeting them personally, opposing the government are just a political stunt which they are doing to whitewash their deeds of the past, but now people are more aware of their rights and very well understand who is actually working in their favor and who is using them to create a political platform for themselves. With the election waiting ahead, Congress is trying to make every possible move to gain public sympathy ,especially of farmers who contribute a major chunk of vote bank but people are no more a fool, they will vote for the one whose actions have spoken louder than words.


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