Congress anti-farmers & anti-people

It is on the record that when Captain Amarinder Singh’s government came into power in 2002, he withdrew the concession of free electricity to farmers. Ironically, this was the first and the foremost action and a decision that Amarinder Singh government took which speaks volumes of insensitivity and apathy towards the farming community.

The people should learn a lesson from what Amarinder did during his regime as he took back all the concessions given to various sections of society. Can such a person be trusted? Is he a friend of farmers of their deadliest enemy?

Interference in religious affairs of Sikhs

Pic during Operation Blue Star – Sri Harmandir Sahib was attacked by Army on Indira Gandhi‘s order

The Congress had perpetrated 1984 riots against Sikhs and attacking Sri Harmandir Sahib besides frequently interfering in the religious matters of the Sikhs. Punjabis could never forget the discrimination meted out to Punjab during Congress regime at centre be it religious, economic and political issues. Everybody knows how the congress deprived Punjab of its legitimate rights like transfer of Chandigarh and Punjabi speaking areas to the state and sharing of river waters on Riparian principles.

Congress only showing mirage

It was time tested that Congress could never be sincere and honest with Punjab and its people because it believed in the policy of divide and rule. There is need for people to beware of nefarious designs of Congress party. Congress should realise that they can show a mirage to them but the fact is that one can be fool the people once but not for all times to come. Congress leadership also has serious leadership crisis in Punjab as though Captain Amarinder Singh is President of Punjab Congress, Pratap Singh Bajwa and Rajinder Kaur Bhattal were still at daggers drawn to eliminate each other from the political scene for
their own survival.

Playing to the gallery

The Congress leaders only played to the gallery on various issues ignoring the indomitable spirit of Punjabis of gallantry, courage and valour which they had inherited from Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, who had waged a relentless battle against injustice, tyranny and oppression to safeguard the human rights of the innocent and helpless people. Despite of their small population in the country the Punjabis have played a vanguard role in defending the borders of country besides making country self sufficient in food production.  However, Congress and its leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Capt Amarinder Singh had only one thing to do in Punjab that is defamed the youth as drug addicts.

Tarnishing image of Punjabis

The Congress had attacked the Golden Temple and instigated countrywide Sikh genocide after assassination of Indira Gandhi.  Congress is in the habit of exploiting the sentiments of innocent people of Punjab and this party has no future in the state and was on the verge of extinction.  Anti-Punjab forces like Congress Party were hell bent upon to tarnish the sanguine image of Punjabis and were deliberately branding them as addicts.

Truth about Punjab youth & tight slap on Rahul Gandhi’s face who said 70% youth is drug addict

The valour of Punjabis has been vindicated with the mega Army recruitment drives in Bathinda and Patiala where first time dope tests were conducted and not even a single case was detected.

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