Amarinder, a habitual liar

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh is a habitual liar, an absentee leader and inaccessible to common people.

Captain amarinder manpreet
Capt Amarinder on shoulder of Manpreet Badal

Capt Singh has been suffering from amnesia or he was deliberately lying on several issues when it comes to Punjab. The question arises, if Capt Amarinder Singh is in good mental and physical health? Ironically, Capt Amarinder Singh has been making false promises, lies which he is in the habit of forgetting soon thereafter. Do we need such a leader among us? He is a leader who can arouse false hopes only to eat his own words later. Punjab has no place for such a liar who can go to any extend for his selfish ends.

Capt a blunder of lies

He is on record to confirm that he would not be able to spend required period of time there in Punjab, when he moved to Delhi to work as Deputy Leader of lower House of Parliament. When it suits him, he says he is prepared to spend whole life for the people of Punjab.  Capt Amarinder Singh’s insistence on lying on various issues has exposed him in front of the people. The people of Punjab would take Capt Singh’s bragging and fake aggression for what it was – a bundle of bluster of lies aimed at befooling the people.

Punjab people want to know of even one big ticket project he (the former Chief Minister) has got for Punjab during his period as Chief Minister of the state. Let Capt Amarinder Singh tell the people of Punjab as to what developments he had initiated in the State? Everyone knows that Capt Amarinder Singh would never respond to such questions, which force him to speak the truth. People of the State have seen enough of Capt Singh and would teach him a lesson that he would never again attempt to participate in electoral politics.

Making molehill out of nothing

People know Amarinder well and they understand that he is the `biggest liar’ who twists history to suit his convenience.  Captain is a worst student of history as he failed to bring back Chandigarh to Punjab though for decades there was Congress government in the State and at the Centre. He is only an expert in making a molehill out of nothing. He has conveniently forgotten of the supreme sacrifices of the common people to save Punjab.

Misleading people

Another habit of Amarinder has been to always mislead people by issuing baseless and out of context statements.  The reality was that facts were in striking contrast with the statements issued by the former chief minister.


Like him other members of the Patiala royal family including Preneet Kaur were liars and non-performers.  It on record that Preneet Kaur had failed to get any grants for the city under the scheme for National Capital Region when she was the Minister of State for External Affairs in the UPA government. She could have  easily have got over Rs 300 crore for the city’s development, under the scheme, had she tried.

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