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Punjab Congress Express: another stunt to woo the voters


Punjab Congress has come out with another political stunt ‘Punjab Congress Express’ to woo the voters as all the previous plans of the party failed for the political makeover of the party in Punjab.

The party has designed 13 mini buses named ‘Punjab Congress Express’ to meet the people across the state and hold meetings with party workers also. The publicity bus would cover the state according to the route prepared by the party leaders.

Prominent leaders of the party would lead their campaigns in their areas. The party has come out with the Punjab Congress Express so that before the rallies of AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi in Punjab, the party could cover the state to pull crowds in the rallies.

Punjab Congress has been coming out with a lot of plans to strengthen the party as all plans designed by Prashant Kishore failed to woo the Punjabis. The programme ‘Coffee with Captain’ was designed for the maximum interaction of youth with Capt Amarinder Singh but the programme turned against Amarinder as the youth started questioning him for his absence from the assembly and parliament sessions.

Another programme was designed ‘Halke Wich Captain’ didn’t fetch much response. It’s going on but the response is not good. When the poll strategist Prashant Kishore was hired by the party, he had started an interaction programme in which Capt Amarinder used to meet party workers and supporters.

However, the programme drew flak as the party workers started lambasting at the local and senior leadership for their absenteeism in their respective areas. All programmes designed by the poll strategist didn’t come out well.

The poll strategist has designed the new programme Punjab Congress Express as he feels that the programme would work well. However, this time, he would again disappoint his boss as the people are much aware of the stunts of Punjab Congress.

Without declaring CM face, Punjab Congress to release manifesto

Chinnam Gandhi

The Punjab Congress has decided to release the party’s manifesto for upcoming Punjab polls without finalising the CM face of the party for the elections.

As per the information, the chairperson of Punjab Congress manifesto committee, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal announced that the party will be released on October 2 on Gandhi Jayanti or on November 14. She said that Nehru Jayanti is fixed as a deadline to release the manifesto.

Though the party has finalised the dates for releasing the manifestos but still the party has not made any official announcement for the CM face of the party in assembly elections. It seems the party will announce the chief ministerial candidate after releasing the manifesto and still the party failed to select the right candidate for CM face.

Even the party has played a stunt to choose the two dates for releasing the manifesto to grab the headlines in the media. The party has been identifying the stunts to woo the voters of the state by claiming that the party’s manifesto would be full of pro-people schemes.

It seems something is fishy in Punjab Congress as the party high command has not taken the matter of deciding CM face seriously and only a few months are left for the assembly elections.

The AICC has already announced the CM candidate for Uttar Pradesh assembly polls and the UP elections are scheduled after the Punjab assembly polls. Why has the party been delaying for the selection of a chief ministerial candidate for Punjab polls?

Perhaps, the party has been going through the process of shortlisting the names and the final announcement will be made just prior to the polls so that the party leaders or the workers could not show their resentment and they could concentrate on the polls.

Captain desperate to keep Congress’ Sinking ship afloat

Punjab electoral battle seems more interesting this time as a lot “unexpected” is happening. In this Tsunami of “hits and trials” and “sought out plans”, Congress has decided to follow the approach of “make hay while the sun shines”. But the problem here is to make sure if the sun is really shining or its just some temporary brightness that may seem shiny but is an illusion.


Golden Opportunity: Navjot Singh Sidhu
Let us clear this air by coming to the point. Two big “political tsunamis” that happened in the last week is resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu from Rajya Sabha and suspension of Akali MLA Pargat Singh from BJP-SAD. Although Sidhu did not give any statement or cited any reason for his resignation; but Congress surely sees this act of him as a “golden opportunity”. Captain clearly welcomed Sidhu in the party and even reminded him of the “past times” when his father was a part of Congress party. Getting no response from Mr. Sidhu, the focus of Congress shifted to another “expelled member” i.e. Pargat Singh.

“Topic of Interest”: Pargat Singh
A meeting was held in Delhi to discuss the further plans and moves. As per the sources, a major part of this discussion involved the former Olympian. Asha Kumari, Capt Amarinder, Charanjit Channi, and Ambika Soni were present at the meeting. Pargat singh, however, showed no interest in this proposal of Captain Amarinder Singh.

Rat Race
Calling the “expelled or resigned” members in his party, other members of Congress were annoyed with Captain Amarinder Singh. Sources claim that some party members sent an e-mail to President Sonia Gandhi to complain about this “annoying behavior” of Amarinder Singh. “Competition threat” can be other reason of Congress party workers for not allowing “wild card entry” of any outsider in the semi-finals of this race.

The recent action of Captain Amarinder Singh clearly hints towards the uncertainty and immature plans of the party. It’s like Captain wants to take any risk to win after two defeats in Punjab.

Punjab Congress workers up in arms against the party

pic 1

Party witnessing reluctance of party workers in active participation

The Congress party has tasted the defeat in the Punjab assembly polls twice and now it seems that the party is on the receiving end as the party cadres are not united.

Only a year has left for the assembly polls, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Capt Amarinder Singh instead of witnessing ‘cadre strength’ pacifying the questions of party workers’ regarding the inaccessible leadership and lack of unity in the party.

From the booth level workers to the district congress leaders, almost every party worker blamed the ‘top leadership’ of ‘groupism’ and “inaccessibility” in the party.

Punjab Congress workers blamed the legislators for absenteeism  

The Congress party workers maintained that they were ready to work at ground level but the top leadership, especially the MPs and the MLAs were nowhere to be traced once voted to power.

The MPs and MLAs never bothered to reach out to the workers in their constituencies”, they said.

A party worker had openly criticised the party’s Jallandhar MP Chaudhary Santokh Singh for remaining ‘inaccessible’ ever since he was elected to the Lok Sabha.

A local Congress worker in Jallandhar during the interaction programme of Capt Amarinder Singh had told the PPCC President about the absentee MP. Chaudhry was accompanying Amarinder in the programme.

Congress party workers have been declining

Capt Amarinder Singh facing the ire of the party workers in the interaction programmes. The workers alleged that the number of party workers declining and the leaders are increasing. They said, “If the party workers will not be respected, then nothing can be done.”

It seems the party has been facing the tough days and even tough days can convert into the dead end of the party if party fails to form the government in 2017 polls. The party workers are reluctant to talk to the PPCC Chief in the programmes. Instead of discussions, the workers started criticising the Congress state head for neglecting the grass root level party workers.  

Punjab Congress to Get Zero Votes, Says Kejriwal

Punjab is roaring high in amidst of upcoming Assembly Elections due early next year. The ruling and the opposition parties are all geared up to grab the power in the state. Everyday rallies, events, meetings, new promises, commitments, growth prospects, development programs, plans are echoed through the loudspeakers by the political bigwigs.

Also, how could we forget the allegation part!! Oppositions leaving no stone unturned in blaming the ruling party. Despite quoting their own progressive agendas for Punjab, they find it easy to pin-point others.


Recently, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal while addressing an event on Thursday quoted, “The Congress will meet the same fate in Punjab as in Delhi. ”

He simply kicked out Congress from the race but he forgot the level of uncertainty hovering over these elections. He even added that the Congress will meet the same destiny in Punjab as in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s speech is focused on the success of the AAP govt. in Delhi. He said, “If elections are held again in Delhi now, we will even win the three remaining seats too (AAP had won 67 seats in Delhi assembly out of total 70).”

Arvind Kejriwal always sounds over confident but his accusation against Congress was certainly not the wrong. Punjab Congress head by Captain Amarinder Singh has brought nothing to Punjab’s fortune. They bought only scams, frauds, money embezzlements and manipulations.

We will win this much seats

His leader Captain Amarinder always hit the headlines with his strange politicking strategies. Even his own party people don’t support him and his tactics. He created a rift in the party with his dictatorship attitude. Currently, he is on his political tour to USA and Canada. Though Canada govt. bars him to conduct any kind of rally in the nation!

The Punjab has turned into an electoral battle ground. So many happenings in the state pull everyone’s attention. This is going to be really interesting to know who is going to rule next in Punjab. Three strong parties viz. Congress, AAP and SAD-BJP alliance are there to play the perfect oppositions. The people of Punjab are perplexed to choose the best for the state because at the end its growth, development and prosperity that matters!

So dear Punjabis, have a happy voting experience!

Infighting within Punjab Congress still on

“After Bir Devinder, it’s time for the former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Partap Singh Bajwa to target Captain Amarinder Singh and his “autocratic” behavior”

captain bajwa rift

Earlier, former Deputy Speaker, Bir Devinder Singh got suspended by PPCC President Captain Amarinder Singh because of a write up spat between the duos. On his suspension, Bir said, “I do not know I have been suspended. If I have been suspended then I can say that Amarinder would have put his sagacity and wisdom at stake while deciding action against me. As my vocal chords had dried up when I canvassed for him in Amritsar, I am sure he would have been pained by this decision. Captain has taken a destructive path and has been destroying himself as well as the party in Punjab.”

Bajwa accused Captain
In a row, after Bir Devinder, now Bajwa is accusing Captain for his oppressive behavior, while he visited Jallandhar with his group leaders and workers for the rally which was being organized by Captain. They were simply ignored by Captain and his team and were not allowed to speak in the rally. Not even a single microphone was given to Bajwa group of leaders in such huge rally.

Not only this, but Captain made fun of Bajwa, saying, “Bajwa is now out of Punjab politics and I am the wholly solely Incharge in Punjab.”

bajwa Captain

Arrogant Captain
This arrogant attitude of Captain had showed publicly that there is lack of respect and unity between Congress leaders. It would not be wrong to say that the party is divided in the state.

Agitated Bajwa and his group of leaders have decided to brainstorm against Captain for his egoistic and high headed attitude. On the 24th of April, there would be a function by Bajwa group to celebrate the Bajwa’s entry in Rajya Sabha, where they would teach Captain a lesson on clean Politics.

Noticeably, Bajwa group did not welcome Captain’s decision of nominating a new comer Hans Raj Hans for Rajya Sabha seat.

With this kind of leadership, the day is not far when Congress would lose its existence in Punjab.