No holds-bar charges against Amarinder

The no holds-barred charges against Capt Amarinder Singh include girl friends, thug and religious pariah that tore into his reputation as a contender seeking mandate to rule Punjab after two successive defeats.

People in the countryside say that “Amarinder taan sirf jananian de naal ghumda hai — oh jananian jehrian border de us paar toh hun (Amarinder only roams around with women, and that too with women who live across the border). It is not only confined to this charge but extends to his extra-marital relations with women in the country. “Te desh de andar endian kinian jananian ne, eh kisse nu nahin patta . Saada kehre Sikh guru hai jinane ik ton vadh vyaah karaya hove? (Within India, nobody knows how many wives he (Amarinder) has? When common people in rural hinterland can raise these questions, it up to others to understand and comprehend that the ensuing election would see a war of word with other parties gunning for the head of Amarinder for his shady relations, his personal conduct and credentials.

Answerless Amarinder


Which of our gurus married more than once? People in the country side in Punjab question the former Chief Minister. And our Amarinder has no reply to such tricky questions. His failure to respond only confirms the accusations. If Amarinder Singh has something for his defence, he should come out in the open and defend himself. He is an ex-army man and should know that army men valiantly face the enemy and not run away or show their backs. However, Capt Amarinder Singh has been unable to blunt this attack on his personal character and behaviour.



Shady personal life

After his becoming President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Amarinder Singh is open to public scrutiny. Attacks on Amarinder’s personal life have grown shriller. These relate to his involvement in various corruption cases when he was in power, various scams during his tenure and his failure to come up to the expectations of people. Comparison of performance and development often leave Amarinder Singh red faced and now the personal attacks have left him speechless.  How will he able to campaign and disseminate his party’s agenda in Punjab on the eve of Assembly election would be an uphill task for him.

Throws brother out of Congress


“What can you say of a person who, for the sake of becoming chief minister threw his brother out of the Congress party? He is the same brother, who brought up Amarinder’s son and fondly named him ‘Tikku’. His brother immediately joined another party and refused to have any relation with Amarinder Singh in future. The news of his wife Praneet Kaur, former External Affairs Minister, Government of India,  having Swiss accounts is only further maligning his reputation and the reputation of his family members.


The Swiss authorities have already confirmed that her (Praneet Kaur’s) name appears prominently in the list of those having Swiss Bank Accounts. In coming days, Amarinder Singh would be put to an acid test to confirm or deny such reports that are circulating everywhere.


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