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Punjab Congress on fire with raging Twitter war

“When the elections in Punjab is approaching and the political parties are gearing up to fight the elections, the Congress party is busy fighting its own war.”


 Internal feud and differences with party high command never refuse to die down in the state unit of grand old party of the country. Mud-slinging and regular slugfest amongst the leaders of the party has put the party on the verge of collapse with congress leaders rising up in arms with each other. After the high decibel, heated war for the ouster of former state chief, Partap Singh Bajwa and non-cooperation with newly appointed leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi, state leaders demanding expulsion of Jagmeet Singh Brar.

Rising demand of Brar’s expulsion

A big chunk of senior political leaders of the state are up in arms against Congress leaders Jagmeet Singh Brar and Captain Amarinder Singh has went on record to question his political credentials and loyalty with party. Even as loyalists of Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh are demanding expulsion of Jagmeet Brar, another senior leader, Bir Devinder Singh, has joined the issue by echoing the voice of dissent.

It must be noted here that Captain Amarinder has termed Jagmeet Brar as the person with “narrow-minded approach and low political standing. He further lamented Brar as loser by stating that he lost seven out of nine elections he had fought.

Twitter war

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Media savvy Jagmeet Brar has resorted to micro blogging site twitter to counter attack the rising voice within Congress party for his expulsion. Mudslinging has surfaced in the public domain with Jagmeet Brar questioning the credentials of Congress legislatures advising them to perform in Vidhan Sabha rather than pointing fingers at others.

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Jagmeet Brar further questioned their intention by asking why did they remain mum on Captain Amarinder had raised questions over leadership and experience of Rahul Gandhi.