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Amarinder Singh dumped the people of Amritsar, resigned from Lok Sabha


The people of Amritsar felt cheated by their Member Parliament Amarinder Singh who submitted his resignation on Thursday over the issue of SYL. The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President tried to pretend himself as a true well-wisher of Punjabis. However, he has ditched the people of Amritsar who trusted him in the general elections.

When the people of Patiala elected him as their representative for the Punjab assembly in 2012, he remained absent from the assembly sessions and even in the parliament, his attendance during the sessions recorded six percent.

An absentee in both assembly and parliament, Amarinder failed to raise the issues pertaining to his constituencies. So, how come a politician who preferred to relax instead of attending session will be the well-wisher of the Punjabis?

He has also dumped the people of Amritsar as there is no MP in the Amritsar constituency and moreover, the by election is too far in the constituency. So, it means the political ambition is very much important for Amarinder Singh as he has nothing to do with the people of Amritsar.

There was no need to submit the resignation from the parliament as he would have found other ways to protest against SYL verdict. Hence, it is proved that Amarinder Singh is an over ambitious politician.

Congress exposed on double-speak over SYL

SYL has been a contentious and emotive issue, which always remained bone of contention between Punjab and Haryana. Punjab would never spare their share of river water with Haryana for obvious reasons.
Capt. Amarinder Singh has been responsible for creating all the mess pertaining to sharing of river waters between Punjab and Haryana. Unfortunately, till date Punjabis are bearing the loss as Captain Amarimder never really understood the dire need of Punjabis.
Not comprehending the complex nature and history of internal conflict, Congress added fuel to the matter. Termination of Water Agreement Act 2004 further widened the rift between Punjab and Haryana. Congress Punjab got the full support of the Central Government (Congress) in this case. The main occupation of Punjabis is farming and it is well known as an agricultural border state.
Harbinger of Green Revolution in India, Punjab is known as food basket of the country. As a result, state requires more water for irrigation for farming purpose. Congress is the party which ruled India and Punjab on the basis of famous policy “Divide and Rule”. Where as Akalis always claimed that they won’t let any other state take a single drop of water from Punjab, Congress did the opposite despite knowing the fact that Punjab doesnt even have a drop of water to spare with anybody.
Amarinder Singh did nothing in tswarajya-2016-03-0982b193-e84c-4f97-a1f6-3c2ef52b0324-ind1he favor of Punjabis. He kept himself busy in provoking and hurting the sentiments of people. He instigated the agitation across the state a number of times. It’s been years now, but Congress failed to take any correct and helpful action in the same. For now, SAD-BJP government currently ruling in Punjab has taken a strict action to not share river waters at any cost.
So we will have to wait till this dispute gets sorted out. God knows if it will have a “happy ending” or a sad one. But we must say Congress is really great at creating disputes.

Battle of Waters: SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal

Punjab, land of five rivers (before partition), is well known as land of farmers as the main occupation here is agriculture. For purposes like irrigation and farming, Punjab needs more water than the other states.  Punjab was asked to share its river waters with the neighboring state, which created a battle of “YES” and “NO”, known as  SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link Canal) . Just like other issues, even this time Congress was not able to clear its stand. The “not so good bond” of congress party members was revealed. Their internal rift caused harm to the party again as everyone gave different opinions and statements on this issue.

Manpreet Badal

As per Manpreet Badal’s statement, Punjab should not share its river waters. He said that government should not allow neighboring state to take any waters from Punjab. His exact statement was “Punjab’s case is very strong; the only issue is to follow it up. If there is no water to spare, how can we give it to others?”

But here comes the twist, Captain Amarinder Singh and Charanjit Singh Channi did not give a “green signal” to Manpreet’s statement. The thought of Manpreet did not go well with the other two and they clearly showed their “no support” sign to him. But People were not so shocked as this was not the first time when Congress Party’s internal rift made headlines. It’s the fight of “EGO” of “ROYAL PEOPLE”.

Captain Amarinder Singh

On the other hand, S. Prakash Singh Badal (CM Punjab SAD), was so sure about his decision. He cleared the air with his words that Punjab will not share its waters at any cost, (AT ANY COST). He never changed his stand in this regards.

Giani Jail Singh (Chief Minister, Punjab Congress), took the initiative in the year 1976, and the SYL canal digging ceremony happened in 1982, where Indira Gandhi was also present. During the rule of Congress, a tripartite was signed between Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.


SAD-BJP government in Punjab cleared its stand that Punjab will follow the Riparian principle and won’t share its waters at any cost, no matter how hard sacrifice they have to make to fight this battle.

True face of Congress has been revealed and People of Punjab know pretty well about the “selfish motives” of this party. This party has got enough reasons to ensure their “defeat” in the upcoming 2017 Punjab elections.


Why is Rahul Gandhi mum on SYL issue?

“Rahul Gandhi has been vociferously raising his voice against all the major issues afflicting Indian society. It is surprising in this context that Rahul is maintaining a silence on sensitive and emotive issue of SYL, considering that his family had been responsible for the construction of canal and robbing Punjab of its water.”


State of Punjab had to suffer a lot in wake of water sharing pact between neighboring states of Haryana & Rajasthan. Congress led governments in Punjab along centre helmed the construction of contentious Satluj-Yamuna link (SYL). In the year 1982 Indira Gandhi started the canal by ceremonially digging it. Indira Gandhi had negotiated a tripartite agreement between Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan.

Anti-Punjab stand of Congress

Punjab has suffered tremendously in the past due to the anti-Punjab stand of Congress. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi even sided with neighboring state Haryana and forced the state to sign tripartite water treaty paving way for construction of SYL canal.

Meanwhile Punjab Congress led by its CLP leader Charanjit Channi conducted a political stunt to fill up the SYL canal after farmers had started filling it up one day earlier.

Congress opposing a Pro-farmer move

In a historic resolution moved by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, SYL canal is to be de-notified and the land acquired is transferred back to the farmers. Congress party just for the sake of opposing any move taken by ruling government is opposing this pro-farmer initiative tooth & nail. Completely ignoring the interests of people of Punjab, they are opposing it to score political points.

Now that the SYL canal itself has been made history by the Punjab CM, the Congress should support it in the interest of state but instead party high command was still to spell out its stand on the issue.

Despite Akali opposition, Congress went ahead with construction of SYL canal

“Punjab state had to suffer a lot in wake of water sharing pact between neighboring states. Congress led governments in Punjab along with neighboring states of Haryana, Rajasthan and also at the centre helmed the construction of contentious Satluj-Yamuna link (SYL) despite strong opposition by Akali Dal.”


What was initiated in the 1976 by then Comgress Chief Minister, Giani Zail Singh took the final shape in 1982 by ceremonially digging the SYL canal by Prime Minsiter, Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi had negotiated a tripartite agreement between Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan and it must be noted that it was Congress government in all three neighboring states.


Darbara Singh as Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhajan Lal as Chief Minister of Haryana and Shiv Charan Mathur as Chief Minister of Rajasthan had facilitated construction of SYL canal by signing the treaty.

Akali Opposition

Akali Dal opposed this move & nail as Punjab being an agricultural state, had no water to spare with any state. Punjab’s groundwater was depleting rapidly it would have been
detrimental fos state’s economy & prosperity.


Akali Dal launched Dharam Yudh Morcha in 1982 to oppose the construction of SYL canal. Akali Dal fought vociferously against the contentious issue and many of the Akali leaders were lodged behind the bars in wake of protest.


Deadlock on the water dispute

Sutlej Yamuna Canal, which was meant to carry water from Punjab’s rivers to Haryana, was also termed as one of the major reasons for trigger of militancy in the state. Construction of the canal was stopped in 1990, after militants gunned down a number of workers, the superintending engineer, and the chief engineer. More than 30 workers lost their lives in the midst of mayhem.

As of now there is deadlock on the issue, but much of the damage has already been caused. Besides, loss of massive amount of resources, the contentious & emotive issue also broke the peaceful & harmonious fabric of the state.

Punjab’s life line; its river water

History of inter-state river water disputes – Sutlej Yamuna link canal

“River water is a life line of Punjab farmers and the interests of farmers are very dear to the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), the oldest regional party of the country.  The party’s contribution to the cause of the state and its people is audaciously written in blood”

On April 6, 1982, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started the SYL canal at Kapori village after she made an unconstitutional move in 1976 to award 75% of Punjab’s waters to non-riparian states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi. The Amarinder government introduced the Termination of Water Agreement Act, 2004 in the Vidhan Sabha, to be rejected by the President.

SAD has put a full-stop on efforts of Capt Amarinder Singh to cheat farmers and make them believe they were leading the battle against releasing waters through the SYL canal to Haryana. The ruling party has often said that it is ready for any sacrifice on this issue but it will not allow waters to go to neighbouring states.

SAD consistent on SYL issue
From the day this issue has arisen, the Punjab Government had been consistently saying that no compromise would be made on the rights of Punjab as a Riparian State from where these rivers originate.

The Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal also emphasized that SAD will ensure that there is no compromise on the sharing of river waters with neighbouring Haryana under the Riparian Principle. However, the Punjab Congress and its chief, Capt Amarinder Singh for the heck of opposition launched a scathing attack on the government policies by resorting to a vilification campaign to mislead the gullible people of Punjab.

The Punjab cabinet would bring ‘Punjab Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal (Rehabilitation and Re-vesting of Proprietary Rights) Bill, 2016’  in the Assembly which will allow the government to restore land acquired for construction of SYL canal to its owners.

Also, Mrs. Harsimrat Kaur Badal , Union Food Processing Industries Minister had accused Capt. Amarinder Singh for paying lip service and issuing press statements for public consumption. “Punjabis have been suffering repeatedly at the hands of successive Congress governments even as Punjab Congress leaders continue to pay lip service to the demands of the State. The time has come to walk the talk. Amarinder Singh should either make the Congress high command toe his line on the issue of river waters or resign as a failed leader”, said Harsimrat Kaur Badal.

Harsimrat Kaur Badal talks over SYL issue

Also, well known for its urge to be in power and media, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) intervened into the issue and its leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira challenged Punjab Congress president Capt Amarinder Singh to an open debate on the SYL issue. Let’s see whether Capt Amarinder Singh accepts the challenge or just pay lip service over the issue.