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Expelled Members: A New Trouble for Captain Amarinder Singh & Party

Everyone in Punjab knows about the growing “internal rifts” of the Congress party. Former deputy speaker Bir Devinder Singh and former MP, Jagmeet Singh Brar has been expelled out of the party for not following the party rules, doing anti-party activities, and indiscipline.

Jagmeet Singh Brar & his frustration for Amarinder

Even after getting expelled from the party, Jagmeet Singh Brar continued to speak against former CM, Captain Amarinder Singh and his family. He expressed his frustration towards Amarinder Singh through media and tweets. He was asked to stop these anti-party activities several times and both Prahsant Kishore and AICC general secretary in-charge of Punjab, Shakeel Ahmad, discussed the issue with him. However, getting no positive response from Brar, Congress party decided to expel him from the party “with an immediate effect.”

jagmeet singh brar in an interview

In a recent interview, Brar claimed to have all the data regarding Amarinder and his family’s Swiss bank accounts. He stated that Amarinder and family have about 860 Crore saved in Swiss bank accounts on the name of Jacaranda trust. He was sure about his claims, and the revelations of ED. He told the media that he would reveal all these details in brief on August 15, 2016. He said that the party has forgiven Amarinder Singh numerous times for his “sins” but this is high time that he has to stand up for his party. He also expressed his discontent on the matter of Khadoor Sahib bypoll, and Talwandi Sabo bypoll.

Bir Devinder Singh: Not happy with Aroosa & Amarinder’s affair

On the other hand, Bir Devinder lashed out at Amarinder Singh for his alleged affair with Aroosa Alam. He warned Amarinder Singh that if he does not leave Aroosa now, he would have to face the same kind of defeat again in the year 2017.


Hide and Seek of Clashes

Apart from this, main members of the party i.e. Charanjit Singh Channi, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Prashant Kishore and Captain Amarinder Singh, they all share “not so good” bond with each other. No matter how much they try to hide their “internal conflicts”, Punjabis very well know about the absence of unity and teamwork of Congress party.


Prashant Kishor fails to placate Bir Davinder

“Captain Amarinder Singh might have pinned high hopes on well-known poll strategist Prashnat Kishor for the upcoming assembly polls in Punjab but infighting and state leadership issues never refuse to die down, making it even impossible for Kishor settle internal disputes.”


Senior Congress leader and former deputy speaker, Bir Davinder Singh have locked horns with Congress state chief, Captain Amarinder Singh. Former had accused Captain Amarinder of being “inaccessible” to party leaders and also “hobnobbing” with the opponents. Many senior leaders have risen up in arms against the state leadership and now they are washing their dirty linen in public.

Against Kishor’s recommendation, Congress leaders want Davinder to be expelled

Bir Davinder Singh, who is also the Punjab media coordinator, has locked horns with Captain Amarinder Singh. Davinder lashed out at Captain by terming them as being inaccessible and raised serious questions over latter’s leadership. Bir Devinder Singh wrote a Guest Column’ in a leading newspaper expressing his doubts over Congress success in the 2017 assembly polls and Captain countered him back by wring ‘Too early to obituary’ in the same newspaper. Davinder was later suspended for attacking state Congress chief.

A three-member committee was constituted by Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) to look into suspended party leaders Bir Davinder Singh’s outburst against Captain Amarinder. The committee finally recommended his exclusion. Prashnat Kishor on the other hand had tried to placate Davinder by assuring him a prominent position.

Conflicting views of Captain and Kishor

A huge battle lies ahead of Kishor to take all the Congress leaders through elections campaign. But immediately after coming on board, troubles starting mounting up for Kishor. Not just internal feud but also conflicting views with state chief, Captain Amarinder galore him. While took a firm stand on Davinder by stating that indiscipline in the would not be tolerated, one the other hand Kishor tried to diffuse tension by luring Davinder with a prominent position.

A Battle between ‘Desi Lassi’ and ‘Western Coffee’

“Fighting his fifth elections, Punjab Congress chief, Captain Amarinder has already decided to quit politics after next elections in Punjab. Leaving no stone unturned to lave with lasting impression, he has hired well-known strategist Prashnat Kishor. While KIshor’s much hyped ‘Coffee with Captain’ failed to stimulate public imagination, it is inviting criticism from within the ranks of congress party.”


Captain Amarinder has pinned high hopes poll strategist Prashnat Kishor and is hoping that the party would be able to establish a deep connect with youth of state with the help of much-hyped ‘Coffee with Captain’ extravaganza. The well-orchestrated event held by the team of Parsahnt Kishor has managed to create a buzz on the social media but it failed to draw enthusiasm of public at large. In fact initial few events were total disaster with attendees trying to overpower each other. In mist of chaos, Prahsnt Kishor was forced to leave from one of the events.

Coffee a western phenomenon

 Senior Congress leader and former Member of Parliament from Faridkot, Jagmeet Brar had went on record to question the credibility of Captain’s much-hyped extravaganza. He stated that coffee is a western phenomenon and ‘Lassi’ is the flavour of Punjab. Brar felt that mass level contact needs to be built to understand the problems faced by the masses.

“Such mega events peppered with dose of entertainment would only help in creating a hype but would serve no purpose in making lasting impression on the mind of electorate”, quips Brar on the effectiveness of ‘Coffee with Captain’.

Brar pays the price for questioning Captain


Jagmeet Brar being a senior member of Congress party questioned the effectiveness of ‘Coffee with Captain’ in good faith. But not going well Captain Amarinder Singh, Brar had to pay a huge price by getting expelled from the party membership.

Differences between Captain and Prashnat Kishor gets deepened

“Captain Amarinder Singh might have pinned high hopes on his election strategist, Prashant Kishor but the differences between two are getting deepened as the elections time approaches.”


Congress party suspended rebel senior congress leader and former deputy speaker, Bir Davinder Singh for his public outburst against the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), president Captain Amrinder Singh. Captain had taken a strong offence against Davinder and had suggested a strong action for his act of indiscipline. Prashant Kishor on other hand had tried hard to diffuse tension between two leaders. But, Captain roared like hungry lion and made sure that Davinder was thrown out of the party.

Three-member committee to look into the matter

Captain had set-up a three-member committee, headed by MLA Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa to look into the matter and recommend necessary action against Bir Davinder Singh. As per the information released by the party office, the committee sent a show cause notice to Davinder to appear in person and present his point of view. Later the committee suggested that Davinder should be sacked from the party for his outburst against Amarinder and failure to appear before the committee by April 7 to defend his case.

Taking prompt action on recommendation, Caption took a firm stand and expelled him from the party leadership for six years. It appears like a pre-planned move took place on the pretext of Captain’s instructions.

Conflicting views of Prahsnt Kishor

Here lies conflicting point of view between Captain Amarinder Singh and Prashant Kishor. While Captain was adamant to take stern action against Davinder, Kishor on other hand didn’t want differences to grow internally ahead of assembly polls. Kishor had arranged a close door meeting with both Captain and Davinder and tried hard to placate him and diffuse tension between leaders. He even tried to lure Davinder by offering a prominent position in the party but failed to mend his way.

Captain followed Modi; hire Kishor as his key election strategist

Game of elections in today’s world of politics can also be taken as ‘business’, where Political consultants besides, electioneering, advise politicians through their five-year term.


  • Captain imitating Modi
  1. Narendra Modi’s key campaign expert Prashant Kishor is going to handle Punjab Congress upcoming election.
  2. Kishor was the man behind Modi’s much-talked “Chai Pe Charcha” campaign in 2014.
  3. Not just Congress, another political party in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party is hiring private political consultants too.

It is very well said that Imitation is indeed the best form of flattery. Former Chief Minister and PPCC President Captain Amarinder Singh is emulating the professional electioneering and social media hype used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 for the upcoming 2017 Punjab assembly elections.

Despite of critics saying social media is no substitute for politics and direct contact with voters, numbers of politicians across the Nation are convinced that they need to use social media and benefit from the advice of tech- savvy political consultant if they want to succeed in Political battle.

Prashant Kishor was a former health specialist with the United Nations, who had helped Modi through his hyper-efficient social media campaign.

Kishor, who had also branded the Gujarat model of development, will now sell Captain’s Punjab model after “Coffee with Captain” campaign in Punjab.

It has been widely observed that the services offered by any political consultancy do not only confine to electioneering but they also include ground-level surveys to assess the mood of the voters, drafting manifestos, and even writing speeches for the leaders. Most of the companies or individual strategist, once hired, often works on issues of governance with candidates throughout their five-year term.

Though social media strategy is broadly considered to be a smart and cost-effective way of reaching out to a large number of tech-savvy voters, and is always on the top of the strategists’ list. Even then, it does not ensure party’s win or defeat. 

It would not be wrong to say that ultimately, it is party’s politics that matters. So, Captain in Punjab, who is following Modi’s footstep by hiring Kishor, should stop behaving in autocratic manner and Congress should speak in single tone, like BJP.







Prashnat Kishor re-branded old campaigns in Punjab

Captain Amarinder Singh has pinned high hopes on well-known poll strategist Prashant Kishor for forthcoming assembly polls in Punjab. Prashant Kishor might have orchestrated high profile ‘Coffee with Captain’, but it is nothing but a replica of ‘Chai pe charcha’.


Prashant is an expert of personality centric campaigns and his strategy is focused around projecting that person as the change maker having solution to all the problems of the electorate. His strategy worked in case of Narender Modi with ‘chai pe charcha’ becoming talk of town across the country.

Different ball game


 Prashant’s task here is different from what it was in the case of Narender Modi. In case of Modi, he had to deal with opponents from other parties but with Captain, he needs to target his opponents from within the party. With Congress, the fire fighting has to begin from home and he needs to put the house in order first before taking on the opponents.

Factionalism, infighting and leadership issues, there are many ills afflicting Punjab unit of Congress and Prashnat needs to face all those issues before embarking on poll campaign.

Mayhem at Congress meeting

Prashant was welcomed with unruly behavior party workers and he has been witness to meeting ending with utter chaos. The Congress meetings are nothing but an opportunity for local leaders and ticket aspirants to show their strength and trying to overpower each other, majority of the time, unruly scenes are witnessed at local levels.

Unable to bear the mayhem, in one such meeting at Majha region, he walked out midway. Prashnt has another big challenge ahead of him. Captain Amarinder is used to working with a coterie and leaders close to him do no see eye to eye with Prashant. Under such circumstances his troubles will aggravate as the elections time approaches.

Congress strategist Prashant Kishor faces major revolt after taking over

“Immediately after taking over the reigns of Punjab unit of Congress party, its chief strategist, Prashant Kishor faced major revolt within party in the wake of nomination for Rajya Sabha. The party might have able to douse the fire by going with majority views but Prashant Kishore faces the daunting task of handling Punjab Congress troubled with infighting.”


 Congress Party might be hoping that Prashant Kishor would turn around things and would anchor the sinking ship of Congress in Punjab. But, in wake of internal feud and growing differences with party high command, he faces the daunting task of galvanizing the state unit, which seemed to have reduced to various splinter groups.

Revolt within party over Rajya Sabha nomination

Apparently Senior Congress leaders had opposed the party’s decision to name Singer-turned-Congress leader, Hans Raj Hans, as its Rajya Sabha candidate, by lodging their protests to the high command against him.

The party came close to nominating Hans and former Punjab Congress president, Partap Singh Bajwa, but had to defer the announcement in the eleventh hour, following the strong protests by the leaders of the Ravidassia community against Hans.

Cover up by party high command


 Party insiders feel that the senior leaders did not want any controversy within the party in the election year. AICC president Sonia Gandhi had cleared the names and asked general secretary in charge Shakeel Ahmad to make an announcement. But, she had to put on hold the announcement after former state president, Shamsher Singh Dullo, supported by several other dalit leaders lodged a strong protest.

It must be noted that Captain had lobbied hard for the inclusion of Hans Raj Hans’ name for the nomination of upper house but high command had to change its decision in the last minute facing protest from within the party against Hans who was just 15 days old in the party.

In such scenario, Prashant Kishor has a daunting task ahead of him, who on one side faces Captain Amarinder known for his autocratic style of functioning and rising revolt against him and party high command.