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Congress playing politics on SYL: Seeks president rule in state

“Congress had raked up the contentious and emotive issue of river waters sharing between neighbouring states of Punjab & Haryana. Congress has always tried to score political points on the viscous issue and now after three decades of the germination of the problems, they are playing politics on the issue.”


 Congress never lets the contentious issue of sharing of river waters to die down ad that would place them political back foot. Historically Congress always tried to gain political mileage on the issue in the larger context, as they were the ruling party in neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajastahn as well as centre.

Demand of President rule in state

It must be noted here that Congress had created the contentious issue for their own political gains. In March 1976, a decade after the Punjab Reorganisation Act was implemented; issue of water sharing between Punjab & Haryana arose. It was then that Giani Jail Singh initiated a move to construct the SYL link canal.


Work on which formally begun on April 8, 1982, when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ceremonially dug the ground at Kapoori village in Patiala district for the construction of Sutlej-Yamuna Link (or SYL) canal.

Now, when Punjab government had de-notified the act and decided to return the land acquired to original landowners. A revolutionary move, which will benefit the farmer tremendously and farmers have already started taking ownership of their land and Congress has raked up yet another controversy and are demanding imposition of president’s rule in state.

Congress has always double spoken on the issue and now, when Punjab government has decided to de-notify the act and handover the land acquired to original land owners, Congress is opposing tooth & nail for their own personal gains.

Congress MLA’s left budget session to fill SYL Land


In haste, the Congress breaks law and thousands of trees uprooted

When the Congress party exposed in front of the public regarding the issue of SYL, the party legislators foolishly left the budget session in haste on Wednesday and reached Patiala to fill the land.

Legislators all

The legislators were headed by the leader of opposition, Charanjit Singh Channi who preferred to miss an important session just to play a cheap publicity stunt to woo the public.

Congress legislators and leader brought JCB cranes to fill the land


To give a positive message to the public, the Congress leaders and legislators played negative trick. They hired the JCB cranes to fill the land of SYL and moreover, the media was informed prior from the task so that the proper pictures could be published in the newspapers to misguide the public. Channi and other legislators started leveling the land with agricultural tools when they saw media clicking pictures.

Congress workers uprooted thousands of trees

The legislators and the leaders instigated the party workers to uproot the trees by craneson SYL land. As per the records, more than thousands of trees were uprooted by cranes. The party workers did not stop cutting the trees as they knew the fact that it’s illegal in our country. But, the Congress leaders fully supported the workers to continue the task. The party took law in its hand and violated the rules. Moreover, the wild life and forest department officials were misbehaved by Congress men when they tried to stop them axing the trees. It was more than a political stunt by the party.

Preneet Kaur did not leave a chance to get publicity

Preneet kaur

The former Union Minister, Preneet Kaur also joined the legislators in the task. She did not want to miss any chance to get the political mileage so that she could show the Punjabis’ that Congress is the only party which can serve the people of Punjab. Interestingly, the royal queen of Patiala left the royal facilities for some time and spares some time to fill the land with party legislators. What a publicity stunt the wife of PPCC Chief Capt Amarinder Singh performed?