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Are politicians above the law?

Are politicians above the law?

“An SUV in Mukatsar ran over a 10 year old boy crushing him to death in front of large number of people and no one including victim’s family wants to file a complaint.”

Why No Complaint?
Don’t they feel like guilty person should be punished? Don’t they think that any action or incident, which causes a criminal offence, is liable for legal action? Above all, don’t they think that a 10 year old innocent boy should get justice? If they do feel so, then what is stopping them to go to police and file a complaint so that guilty should get punishment for this inhuman act? Simple reason is that the car is owned by a “friend” of National Youth Congress President “Raja Warring”.

Raja Warring’s involvement in the case
Resident of Doda village, Gurkanwal Singh, a 10 year old boy was coming out from a barber’s shop after getting a haircut and a SUV hit him. Little did the boy know that it would be his last haircut as the accident took his life. Gurkanwal was taken to hospital where the doctors declared him dead. The car is owned by Happy Sharma (close friend of Raja Warring), but the local residents indentify the car as “Raja Warring’s” personal car because most of the time it’s Warring who drives it.


Threatened or Pressurized?
Dharminder Singh, father of victim filed no complaint and also denied for the postmortem of his son’s body. In charge of Doda police station said that they had registered no complaint, as victim’s family didn’t want to do so.

Influence of power overshadows Humanity
It is so sad to realize that we are living in such a world where people like “Raja Warring” use their “political power” and “money” to suppress the voice of downtrodden and prevent truth from coming to light. It’s high time when we should speak out and fight for rights to put people like Raja Warring and his driver behind the bars.

Captain’s hunger for supremacy amounts to downfall of Congress

The factionalism and internal rifts of Congress party are not hidden from anyone and this is known to be one of the major reasons of Congress’ downfall on the political ground. This is not a new “trend” in Congress when one member would blame other for all the wrong doings. In this battle of blames and lies, Captain Amarinder Singh seems to be taking all the “benefits”. He does not look worried due to these rifts at all, but is constantly trying to turn these internal rifts beneficial for him.


We can do better analysis on the situation by taking the example of Gulchain Singh and Shakeel Ahmed. They were not the strongest contenders but were still given powerful positions. The reason was their “close links” with the royal Singh. Harish Chaudhary, another member when tried to make his point was treated badly in the party, as Captain Amarinder Singh never wants to transfer his powers to anyone else.

Also, as per sources, when Pratap Singh Bajwa was the president of Congress, Amarinder left no chance to take his position and wrote a letter to Mrs. Gandhi saying that bajwa is a “drug lord”. Not just that, when there was doubt of making Mr. Singh, the president of party, he threatened the high authorities to form a new party of his own, after which he was granted the “president” position. 


If we look at the recent incident of welcoming Asha Kumari in Punjab, sources claim that this happened because of the Captain himself. He wanted to take charge of the party hence appointed Asha Kumari here. 

From all above-mentioned incidents, it is clearly exposed that what Captain craves the most is power and charge. He would never allow someone else to take his position.  But here we would want to remind Captain Amarinder Singh that “TEAM WORK” is a practice that is important to accomplish any project, so you better learn it.

Expelled Members: A New Trouble for Captain Amarinder Singh & Party

Everyone in Punjab knows about the growing “internal rifts” of the Congress party. Former deputy speaker Bir Devinder Singh and former MP, Jagmeet Singh Brar has been expelled out of the party for not following the party rules, doing anti-party activities, and indiscipline.

Jagmeet Singh Brar & his frustration for Amarinder

Even after getting expelled from the party, Jagmeet Singh Brar continued to speak against former CM, Captain Amarinder Singh and his family. He expressed his frustration towards Amarinder Singh through media and tweets. He was asked to stop these anti-party activities several times and both Prahsant Kishore and AICC general secretary in-charge of Punjab, Shakeel Ahmad, discussed the issue with him. However, getting no positive response from Brar, Congress party decided to expel him from the party “with an immediate effect.”

jagmeet singh brar in an interview

In a recent interview, Brar claimed to have all the data regarding Amarinder and his family’s Swiss bank accounts. He stated that Amarinder and family have about 860 Crore saved in Swiss bank accounts on the name of Jacaranda trust. He was sure about his claims, and the revelations of ED. He told the media that he would reveal all these details in brief on August 15, 2016. He said that the party has forgiven Amarinder Singh numerous times for his “sins” but this is high time that he has to stand up for his party. He also expressed his discontent on the matter of Khadoor Sahib bypoll, and Talwandi Sabo bypoll.

Bir Devinder Singh: Not happy with Aroosa & Amarinder’s affair

On the other hand, Bir Devinder lashed out at Amarinder Singh for his alleged affair with Aroosa Alam. He warned Amarinder Singh that if he does not leave Aroosa now, he would have to face the same kind of defeat again in the year 2017.


Hide and Seek of Clashes

Apart from this, main members of the party i.e. Charanjit Singh Channi, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Prashant Kishore and Captain Amarinder Singh, they all share “not so good” bond with each other. No matter how much they try to hide their “internal conflicts”, Punjabis very well know about the absence of unity and teamwork of Congress party.


No Federal Ideology in Captain’s Congress!

From the recent elections in the nation, it has been found that people are voting for those parties having strong federal ideology. That is why in both Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, regional parties performed really well and the trend is likely to happen in Punjab where SAD-BJP is the strongest regional party.

The outcome of five latest assembly elections is the last rites of the Congress as the political party in the country. And the speculation is high on the Congress’s funeral would be in Punjab early next year. The election results have even broken the myth of anti-incumbency’s being an important concern. In Punjab, massive and holistic development has created a strong pro-incumbency instead.


The way Congress party has been decimated it is becoming rock solid that the Akali-BJP alliance has a strong chance to score a hat-trick in Punjab in forthcoming elections.

The Punjab Congress, itself is responsible for such anticipations. Led by Captain Amarinder Singh who is always been in limelight for his arrogant behavior, the Punjab Congress loses all the hopes. It is totally failed to woo the vote bank in the state instead the leaders in the unit verdicts the same. Rising indiscipline, internal rifts and dominating Captain’s attitude make the party’s situation quite miserable.


The party which is not united itself how it can manage the entire Punjab wholeheartedly. People viewed that Amarinder Singh can even ditch anyone for his own personal benefits. The incumbent President of Punjab can go any measures to reach his own selfish gains.

It is known to everyone that the former PM Rajiv Gandhi had helped Amarinder to enter in Indian National Congress as they both were class fellows. But after the Operation Blue Star and gaining the political momentum, Captain Amarinder had ditched his class mate and left the Congress party with his resignation for Parliament.

He joined SAD in 1984 and left the same in 1992 to form his own political party which was badly defeated. Then finally he begged AICC President Sonia Gandhi and returned to his old party in 1998. So, it clearly shows the dual face of Amarinder Singh!!

Congress under Captain is fighting a losing battle

“General of losing battle doesn’t command respect from his soldiers. After being responsible for two back-to-back defeats in Punjab assembly polls, Captain Amarinder Singh seems to be fighting a losing battle.”


 Grand old party of the country has been on the verge of collapse in wake of family legacy being run in the Gandhi family and internal feud. Punjab unit is no different either and things have gone from bad to worse in past few years. Internal feud and differences between party leaders have risen to a level where all the Congress leaders in the state perceive themselves as the future CM.

Maharaja’s losing battle

Member of Patiala royal family neither commands respects among party leadership nor enjoys mass appeal in Punjab. He was still entrusted with the responsibility of state leadership of the party.

Just to prove a point, Captain Amarinder had wage a war against Congress high command. Captain had gone on to threaten to quit if former PPCC president Partap Singh Bajwa was not removed from the post of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC), president. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had no option but to give up to captain’s unreasonable demand.

Tug of war between senior Congress leaders


Senior Congress leaders have starting raising the voice dissent against Captain Amarinder Singh. It must be noted that senior Congress leader, Bir Davinder Singh gone on record to question Captain’s style of functioning and even went on record to state that Congress is fighting a losing battle under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh in state. While Bir Davinder had to pay a huge price as he was suspended for raising his voice, but murmur against state leadership are rising higher day by day.

Congress on an expulsion spree to take on factionalism

“Congress has rather taken the harsh route to take on growing factionalism and growing dissent in the Punjab unit of the party. Ahead of polls, party is not afraid to crack the whip and dissenters are getting axed one after another.”


 Within a week, two senior Congress leaders have been expelled from the party for raising the voice against state leadership. While murmur against congress leadership started surfacing immediately after Captain Amarinder Singh was made the state chief, state leaders have now started openly expressing their voice of dissent against the state leadership.

Congress leaders following Captain’s footsteps

It is noteworthy that Captain Amarinder himself never missed a chance to hit a salvo at his rivals within the party. Former Chief Minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal and his successors in PPCC like Shamsher Singh Dullo and Partap Singh Bajwa, to many others have faced the burnt of his arrogance.

While Captain is now trying hard to maintain discipline within the party, he himself has been reason for indiscipline for a long with Captain locking horns with several senior leaders in public. It is a well-known epic, how Captain had waged a war against central leadership of party demanding removal of former Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) President, Captain Amarinder Singh.

Senior leaders washing dirty linen in Public

Trickle down effect that begins with Captain Amarinder at the top goes down till the party cadre level worker. India’s grand old party, which is ruled by autocratic style of functioning, arrogance has creped deep into every member of the party.

Captain, who is known to work with a coterie, had been firing salvos at majority of the senior party workers. Now some of the senior leaders have got the courage to lock horns with him and are questioning his leadership. It must be noted that senior leaders Bir Davinder and Jagmeet Brar had questioned his leadership and predicted that Congress was fighting a losing battle under Captain’s leadership. Both of them faced the burnt of autocratic style functioning of Congress and were expelled without serving a show cause notice.

Escapism is the way Congress leadership is defined

“Congress claims to win the upcoming assembly polls in Punjab with a decisive majority but internal feud and exits at crucial junctures have reduced the congress to a run-away party!”

 Recently held by-election in Khadoor Sahib, the area, which was once the hotbed of militancy and is highly sensitive to issues relating to Sikhism, is very crucial. It was also touted as semi-final ahead of Assembly elections due early next year in Punjab. When it was time for congress party to prove their mantle, they rather preferred to escape from the front.


Tremors in Congress; Captain’s political advisor deciding the fate

It must be noted here that All India Congress Committee (AICC) had made it clear that the party wanted to contest the bypoll and Ramanjit Singh Sikki’s name was announced. But going against the decision of party high command, Captain Amarainder decided to boycott the crucial poll on behest of his political advisor.


It is pertinent to note here that Prashant Kishore, election strategist and Captain’s advisor, advised him to stay away the crucial poll. This speaks volume about autocratic style of functioning within Congress party.

 Infighting ahead of assembly polls

Infighting within AAP has surfaced way ahead of assembly polls. Even while Amarinder was addressing the media about his decision to boycott the polls, former Congress MP Jagmeet Brar lost no time in hammering the former CM with his tweets.

Jagmeet Brar slammed Captain by saying that he had let the party high command down as Sonia Gandhi had announced Sikki’s name.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.23.16 am.png

As per the news report, Brar stated:

“Amarinder has backstabbed again and the party has dug its own grave. He is using Guru Granth Sahib as a shield for political purposes.”