AICC questions Amarinder for favoring turncoats

Sona and Rahul

Capt Amarinder Singh has been facing the heat of AICC for favoring the turncoats. The AICC has questioned Amarinder for favoring the turncoats in the party. The party leaders revolted against the PPCC President for inviting turncoats and promising them the party tickets.

The Central Election Committee headed by AICC President Sonia Gandhi raised questioned over the selection of turncoats for assembly seats. The matter was raised by Rajya Sabha MP’s Partap Singh Bajwa, Shamsher Singh Dullo and Santokh Chaudhry.

The Rajya Sabha MP’s met Rahul Gandhi and warned him about Amarinder’s favors to political turncoats. Shamsher Singh Dullo met Sonia Gandhi and informed her about the situation of the party in Punjab. Dullo told that Amarinder ignored the sincere and hard workers.

In the CEC meeting, the name of former SAD legislator Inderbir Singh Bolaria for party ticket raised a storm in the meeting. The AICC President and senior leadership questioned that why Bolaria’s name was inducted in the probable candidate’s name.

Bolaria was questioned by Enforcement Directorate in the famous drug trafficking case. Shiromani Akali Dal expelled him because of his misconduct in the party. Amarinder inducted him and promised him the party ticket.

Another apple of discord was Navjot Kaur Sidhu, the former SAD legislator. Amarinder inducted Sidhu’s bane in the probable list. Another former SAD legislator Pargat Singh’s name was also questioned by AICC.

A source in the CEC said that a senior leader shouted when a member read out the name of Sarwan Singh Phillaur in the probable’s list. The leader questioned that why the name of Phillaur, who’s son faced ED probe in connection with Bhola drug racket case.

The senior Congress leader Janardhan Dwivedi lambasted at Amarinder’s move. He told that if the political turncoats were not useful for their old parties then how come they would help Punjab Congress.

The list of the candidates was supposed to announce on December 8 but now the screening committee will meet on December 13. The delay in the Punjab Congress list will definitely affect the party in the upcoming Punjab polls.



Congress list delayed due to the infighting within the party

Chinnam Gandhi

The Punjab Congress is busy combating the internal opposition on some prominent seats between its high-profile leaders. It seems the party has only worried about the allocation of tickets on some key posts rather than focusing on polls.

The party is totally confused over the finalizing of the candidates as the party is trying to stop the infighting of leadership.

All political parties have already announced the list of their candidates and only Congress delaying the list over the infighting within the party.  Sonia Gandhi presided a meeting of Central Election Committee and cleared a majority of candidates. However, she didn’t clear some prominent seats because of the infighting within the party leaders for seats.

In Ludhiana, the two strong contenders are former Union Minister, Manisht Tewari and sitting MP Ravneet Bittu. Tewari didn’t contest the general elections from Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat. The infighting within Tewari and Bittu is on because of Ludhiana East seat. Bittu supporting Ludhiana West MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu and both are opposing Tewari’s name.

The fighting on Bhatinda Urban seat is another case in Punjab Congress. The contest is between two former state ministers, Surinder Singla and Manpreet Badal. Both are the strong contenders but only one will get the ticket. Two different lobbies are trying to convince the leadership to clear the name of the candidate.

The party is confused over the Samana seat where the former minister Lal Singh is seeking ticket for his son. However, Capt Amarinder Singh wants the ticket to be allocated to Harinder Mann, a confidant of PPCC head.

The final decision for the Derabassi and Phillaur seat is also pending. There is also resistance to dropping of some sitting MLAs over poor survey reports. But, the delay in the list will invite more trouble for the party as the number of rebels will increase day by day.

Capt Amarinder is a dummy leader, AICC to decide everything


The PPCC President Capt Amarinder Singh’s hands are tied over the final selection of the candidates for Punjab polls. The AICC has to decide everything in this regard. As per the information, Amarinder Singh himself stated that AICC will take the final call while deciding the candidates.

It means the AICC using the PPCC President as the dummy leader to shield the party’s image. The party high command will finalise the candidates in consultation with the poll strategist Prashant Kishore. Amarinder’s hands are tied up as he won’t allow putting his views during the selection of the candidates.

It is crystal cleared that the AICC can’t trust Amarinder third time. In the headship of Amarinder, Punjab Congress lost the two consecutive assembly polls in 2007 and 2012. However, the party has been using his name as all the programmes are designed around Capt Amarinder’s name. Punjab Da Captain, Har Ghar wich Ik Captain, Coffee with Captain and Halke wich Capt programmes are Amarinder centric.

However, the all decisions of the Punjab Congress affairs will be taken by the party high command. The party doesn’t believe in the caliber of Amarinder Singh but there is no other candidate that can replace with Amarinder.

So, the AICC has been using the name of Amarinder to save the party in Punjab. The party has been relying on the survey of its poll strategist Prashant Kishore who is guiding the party to finalise the candidates having winability profile.

Meet the ‘thug’ of Punjab Congress, the PPCC Chief


Punjab Congress claims to be an honest party but the IT department exposed the ‘thug’ who is PPCC President. Amarinder Singh who pretend himself a well wisher of Punjab looted the wealth of the state from 2002-2007.

The Income Tax Department had found various accounts in foreign banks owned by his son Raninder Singh. The department had called Amarinder for questioning and the PPCC head gave ‘wrong statement’ to defend his son.

As per the latest information, the department filed prosecution complaint against him in a tax evasion case. The PPCC President and his son didn’t disclose the untaxed foreign assets to the department. After the investigation, the department came to know that the both father and son have untaxed foreign assets.

The former CM has been charged under section 277 of the I-T Act (false statement in verification) and IPC sections 176 (omission to give notice or information to public servant by person legally bound to give it), 177 (furnishing false information), 193 (punishment for false evidence) and 199 (false statement made in declaration which is by law receivable as evidence).

In the complaint, the I-T department said during its investigations Amarinder Singh was “found to be the beneficiary” of a trust and other properties owned and created by his son Raninder in abroad. The complaint further mentioned that when questioned about these, Amarinder gave a “false statement on oath” about the ownership of these assets.

The department has sufficient proofs of Amrinder’s involvement in the creation of trusts in abroad. But, he didn’t reveal the information to the department. Raninder Singh has been facing the same complaint registered by the IT department.

The sources in the department disclosed that the complaint is equillent to the charge sheet filed by police. So, the PPCC head may face the trouble for evasion of Income Tax. When Amarinder was the CM of Punjab, he kept the statement money in his foreign accounts. Moreover, he lavishly spent the money on his lavish life style. He had also gifted a costly flat to Aroosa Alam in Dubai and a bungalow in Pakistan in 2007.


Capt Amarinder Singh most non-serious political leader ever seen


The Punjab Pradesh Congress President Capt Amarinder Singh faces the risk of being totally finished in the political circle. The legal heat over the corruption charges slapped on Amarinder Singh is only one of his rapidly escalating woes. The Captain has been cold-shouldered by the Congress high command, which denied him the leadership of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP). Moreover, his detractors are also openly sniping at him.

Amarinder’s alleged association with a Pakistani journalist Aroosa became the nail of political and social gossip in Punjab and Delhi. For Amarinder, this upsetting episode came at a worse time and put to suspicion his pro-Pakistan mindset. In a panic, he himself brought up the issue during his meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and held liable his opponents for spreading canards.

Amarinder also has some complaints against the Congress party colleagues in Punjab. He is openly critical of the high command’s point person for Punjab, and considered not the exact man for Punjab. Amarinder doesn’t understand Punjab, but he tries to influence by divide and rule. He has been described as the loose cannon, and a perturbed man who couldn’t even win his own seat.

During Capt. Amarinder’s tenure in Punjab (2002-2007), topping the list of the run-away cohorts was his media adviser, Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, who left for Britain soon after the Assembly results were out. Chahal was facing a string of investigations into the alleged multicrore advertisement allotment scandal.

Furthermore, Congress has a history of infighting which lead to the fall down. Captain Amarinder is usually very isolated from the other party members, and that’s why problems crop up. Amarinder Singh has been focusing so much on Punjab, that despite being the leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha, he’s barely attended its sessions. He declared that his presence in Punjab was more important for the party.

This time again Congress will, in all probability, not win the Punjab elections on its own.

Punjab Congress heading towards its doomsday


The PPCC President Capt Amarinder Singh has been duping the people by promising them lucrative incentives. He has been making false promises to the people.

Amarinder Singh making tall claims to Punjabis as per the directions given by his poll strategist Prashant Kishore. He has promised the youth to give 50 lakh smart phones with one year of free data and calling facility. It’s only an illusion as this is hardly possible to give 50 lakh smart phones if Congress forms the government.

A smart phone costs around Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 and if the party buys 50 lakhs phones, the cost will cross billions. He has just befooled the youth by offering a stupid idea. He has started another program designed by Prashant Kishore ‘Har Ghar Ton Ikk Captain’ with the promise of one job in every family backed by an interim unemployment allowance and weaning the state’s youth away from drugs.

He had promised the people of Punjab in 2002 that if the party forms the government, he would give employment. However, nothing had done so far in this regard during the regime of Amarinder Singh. Prashant Kishore has designed so many programs but all failed to woo the people of Punjab. And now the failed politician tried to bait the people by launching another program ‘Har Ghar to Ikk Captain’.

Captain Amarinder Singh’s new slogan ‘Captain ne saun chukki, har ghar ikk naukri pakki’ will be proved a disaster. He didn’t fulfill his promises when he was the Chief Minister of Punjab. He also promised the farmers to waive off the bad loans. The report card of Amarinder Singh as CM depicted that he didn’t make any pro-people policy. Moreover, he looted the wealth of Punjab and put it in his various bank accounts in Switzerland.

The former MP has used all the formulas to improve his political image but he failed. The party has already witnessed two consecutive defeats in the assembly polls. It seems the Punjab Congress is completely directionless and heading towards its dooms day.


How radicals trying to enter Punjab through soft parties?

The radicals have been targeting Punjab again and trying to enter into the state by baiting the political leaders of Congress and AAP. As per the information, the new Pak Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa is the first cousin of the Congress MP Partap Bajwa.

According to the sources, the new Pakistan’s Army Chief is constantly in touch with Bajwa. They both had a word with each other on last Saturday when Bajwa assumed the charge of Pak Army Chief. Another day the Nabha jail break incident happened.

Hence it is proved that the Partap Bajwa shared the secret information of the state security with his cousin. The intelligence agencies have been investigating the link between Partap Bajwa and Nabha jail break.

The radicals are behind the Nabha jail break incident and Partap Bajwa shared the information of jail to his cousin. Another leader who is a soft target for radicals is Capt Amarinder Singh who is a close friend of Pak journalist Aroosa Alam.

The ISI has planted Aroosa so that the agency could get maximum details of Punjab from Amarinder through Aroosa. Amarinder was an easy target for them because he enjoys the company of beautiful women.

The new party Aam Aadmi Party has become the easy prey for radicals. The party has been receiving the foreign funding from the radicals who are trying to enter in Punjab politics. The radicals have been funding the foreign tours of AAP leaders so that the AAP could work on their directions.

Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann had several clandestine meetings with the radicals in abroad. Even the various NRI units have exposed the fact that AAP leaders are in touch with radicals. Moreover, they are getting huge funding from the radical groups.

According to the intelligence agencies, the radical groups have been targeting such leaders to spoil the environment of Punjab.


Arvind Kejriwal getting support of radicals in Punjab

The Aam Aadmi Party Supremo Arvind Kejriwal has been working on the directions of radicals in Punjab. As per the information, Kejriwal has been enjoying the support of anti-national forces and utilizing the foreign funding in Punjab.

An independent agency of the country had revealed that AAP got the maximum funding from abroad. In Punjab, the radicals sitting abroad are funding the AAP party to spoil the peaceful environment of Punjab.

Arvind Keriwal and his blue eyed boys have been enjoying the political honeymoons abroad funded by the radical groups. When Kejriwal visited abroad, he met the radicals and agreed to work on their directions.

Even the security agencies have evidence that Kejriwal spent time with the radicals and discussed the Punjab politics with them. The radical groups are trying to spoil the atmosphere in Punjab and that’s funding the AAP.

The prominent lawyer Harvinder Singh Phoolka travelled to Canada, Europe and Australia and radicals paid the expenses. Bhagwant Mann, the Sangrur MP had travelled to North America where he met the radicals to get the funding.

The AAP units in North America and Canada opposed the meetings of Mann with the radicals. Even the AAP members in North America and Canada also submitted their resignations from the party after the meetings of Mann with radicals.

The NRI’s were stating that when the AAP is getting huge funding from Punjabi Diaspora then why Mann met the radicals for funding. They alleged that the party had told them that it would not take the support of radicals but the NRI’s accused the party for its illegal activities abroad.

As a result, the AAP unit heads of North America, Canada, Australia and Europe resented and few of them quit the party also. The Intelligence agencies have been secretly probing the AAP links with the radicals and soon it would hit the headlines.


Bajwa, Aroosa, Javed Bajwa together, ISI link of Congress leader exposed

The Congress MP Partap Bajwa’s link with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ‘ISI’ revealed after the Nabja jail incident. Moreover, Bajwa is also a good friend of Aroosa Alam, a close friend of PPCC President Amarinder Singh.

As per the reports, Aroosa is a member of SAFMA and the organization has direct links with ISI. Partap Bajwa’s first cousin Kamar Javed Bajwa has become the new Pak Army Chief on Saturday. Even Bajwa talked to his cousin over the phone and on Sunday, the Nabha jail break incident happened.

Who could be the person behind the mastermind attack on Nabja jail? According to the security agencies, somebody gave a tip off about the security to the Pak officials. Partap Bajwa talked to his cousin over the phone and shared the secret information.

The Congress MP is also in the contact of Aroosa Alam and the security agencies have their call details also. Aroosa is also a close friend to Bajwa’s cousin Kamar Javed Bajwa. The Pakistan’s Army Chief is constantly in touch with Aroosa who shares all the information received from Amarinder Singh and Partap Bajwa to him.

Partap Bajwa, Aroosa Alam and Kamar Javed Bajwa are close friends and shared everything. A source in the security agency has revealed that the  officials has got a tip off that the secret information of jail was leaked from Punjab through the phone.

Interestingly, Partap Bajwa congratulated his cousin on Saturday a day prior to the Nabja jail attack. Hence, it is proved that the Congress leaders Amarinder Singh and Partap Bajwa are playing in the hands of ISI and Pak Army Chief.

Bajwa had claimed that his cousin showed interest in East Punjab affairs and they both discuss the issues. The investigative agencies have been investigating the link of Bajwa with Aroosa and Pak General Kamar Javed Bajwa.