Voting for Amarinder means jumping into the deep well


Every Punjabi should cast his or her vote in the Punjab assembly polls but be careful if you vote for Punjab Congress. The voters should know the consequences of voting Punjab Congress. If Punjab Congress comes to power, Amarinder Singh will cancel all the decisions taken by the ruling SAD-BJP government.

Amarinder Singh will review every single order and decision of the SAD-BJP government. It seems the PPCC Chief will take revenge from the SAD-BJP alliance if comes to power. He will spoil the career of those permanent employees who recently regularized by the ruling Punjab government.

He had done this during his tenure as Punjab CM when he cancelled the recruitment done by previous government. Thousands of youth were depressed due to the decision of Amarinder at that time. If people will cast their vote to Punjab Congress, the 27000 permanent employees will be affected.

Even the mid day meal workers will be the sufferers as their wages revised by the Punjab government. It means Amarinder will be harmful to the people of Punjab if comes to power. The voters of Punjab elected the ruling Punjab government twice for the development and progress.

However, Amarinder will take revenge as he has personal grudges against the ruling SAD-BJP alliance. But, the public will suffer as Amarinder is a high headed politician. He still lives in the royal lifestyle and considered himself the king of Patiala.

So, the voters should understand the value of their votes. Voting for Amarinder would be disastrous for people of Punjab. He has been planning to cancel the recruitments so that he could recruit again by taking bribe if he forms the government.




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