Capt Amarinder is a dummy leader, AICC to decide everything


The PPCC President Capt Amarinder Singh’s hands are tied over the final selection of the candidates for Punjab polls. The AICC has to decide everything in this regard. As per the information, Amarinder Singh himself stated that AICC will take the final call while deciding the candidates.

It means the AICC using the PPCC President as the dummy leader to shield the party’s image. The party high command will finalise the candidates in consultation with the poll strategist Prashant Kishore. Amarinder’s hands are tied up as he won’t allow putting his views during the selection of the candidates.

It is crystal cleared that the AICC can’t trust Amarinder third time. In the headship of Amarinder, Punjab Congress lost the two consecutive assembly polls in 2007 and 2012. However, the party has been using his name as all the programmes are designed around Capt Amarinder’s name. Punjab Da Captain, Har Ghar wich Ik Captain, Coffee with Captain and Halke wich Capt programmes are Amarinder centric.

However, the all decisions of the Punjab Congress affairs will be taken by the party high command. The party doesn’t believe in the caliber of Amarinder Singh but there is no other candidate that can replace with Amarinder.

So, the AICC has been using the name of Amarinder to save the party in Punjab. The party has been relying on the survey of its poll strategist Prashant Kishore who is guiding the party to finalise the candidates having winability profile.

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