Capt Amarinder Singh most non-serious political leader ever seen


The Punjab Pradesh Congress President Capt Amarinder Singh faces the risk of being totally finished in the political circle. The legal heat over the corruption charges slapped on Amarinder Singh is only one of his rapidly escalating woes. The Captain has been cold-shouldered by the Congress high command, which denied him the leadership of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP). Moreover, his detractors are also openly sniping at him.

Amarinder’s alleged association with a Pakistani journalist Aroosa became the nail of political and social gossip in Punjab and Delhi. For Amarinder, this upsetting episode came at a worse time and put to suspicion his pro-Pakistan mindset. In a panic, he himself brought up the issue during his meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and held liable his opponents for spreading canards.

Amarinder also has some complaints against the Congress party colleagues in Punjab. He is openly critical of the high command’s point person for Punjab, and considered not the exact man for Punjab. Amarinder doesn’t understand Punjab, but he tries to influence by divide and rule. He has been described as the loose cannon, and a perturbed man who couldn’t even win his own seat.

During Capt. Amarinder’s tenure in Punjab (2002-2007), topping the list of the run-away cohorts was his media adviser, Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, who left for Britain soon after the Assembly results were out. Chahal was facing a string of investigations into the alleged multicrore advertisement allotment scandal.

Furthermore, Congress has a history of infighting which lead to the fall down. Captain Amarinder is usually very isolated from the other party members, and that’s why problems crop up. Amarinder Singh has been focusing so much on Punjab, that despite being the leader of the Congress in Lok Sabha, he’s barely attended its sessions. He declared that his presence in Punjab was more important for the party.

This time again Congress will, in all probability, not win the Punjab elections on its own.


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