Partap Bajwa links with Pak terrorist outfits exposed


Partap Bajwa has links with the Pakistani terrorist outfits and Pak army officials who carried out the attack of Nabja Jail. The fact has been proved by the Indian Intelligence Agencies who have been investigating the links between Partap Singh Bajwa with the Pakistani Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa.

According to the information, Kamar Javed Bajwa assumed the charge of new Pak Army Chief on Saturday and on another day, the Nabja jail break incidence happened. As per the facts, Partap Bajwa congratulated the new Pak Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa who is also the first cousin of Bajwa.

Bajwa told a section of media on Saturday that he has very good relations with the new Pak Army chief and whenever his family goes to Pakistan, they prefer to stay in Kamar’s home. Moreover, Bajwa told that his cousin shows interest in Punjab politics and always update himself with East Punjab issues.

It shows that Partap Bajwa was constantly in touch with his cousin and sharing the information of state security with Kamar Javed Bajwa. Kamar Javed Bajwa assumed the charge of Pak Army Chief on Saturday and the Nabja Jail break incident happened on Sunday.

It is unethical for the citizen of India to talk the internal matter of the security of the state with the Army Chief of Pakistan. Moreover, Bajwa proved his anti-national stand by sharing the information to his cousin.

According to the latest reports, the investigative agencies have been trying to procure the call details of Partap Bajwa with Kamar Javed Bajwa. The agencies are going to reveal the links of Bajwa with the terrorist outfits working against India.

A senior Punjab Congress leader had written a letter to the Congress high command that Partap Bajwa had links with the militant organizations. The Nabha jail attack has proved that Bajwa revealed the secret information to his cousin Kamar.


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