Amit Shah Takes A Hit At Rahul Gandhi

Amit Shah Takes A Hit At Rahul Gandhi

BJP president Amit Shah took a hit at Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, this Friday for insinuating that his party was in fact using the Army’s surgical strikes for political gains before the crucial assembly elections.

Gandhi went as far as to accuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “profiteering” from the bloodshed of the soldiers who had given their lives for the nation. Gandhi took on to Twitter to say that though he was completely in support of the surgical strikes on the military launchpads across the LoC, he however condemned the use of soldiers in political posters across the country.

“I strongly condemn his remarks. They are an insult not only to the brave armed forces and martyrs but the entire country. Is the blood of our soldiers something that you can trade?” the BJP chief asked during a press conference.

“The use of the word “dalali for soldiers” shows the Congress’ mindset. The word is synonymous with the opposition party whose leaders were embroiled in several scams worth thousands of crores,” Shah said.

Shah was pointing at scams under the Congress-led rule surrounding the Bofors gun, the 2G spectrum auction and the Embraer aircraft, for which millions of dollars were allegedly paid as kickbacks.

The BJP chief is pretty confident that just like Gandhi’s earlier comments “maut ka saudagar” and “zeher ki kheti”, his continuing tirade will only consolidate the public’s anger in BJP’s favor.

He continued to say that Gandhi should concentrate more on the “potato factory” for farmers instead as his knowledge and understanding in the agricultural sector in limited.

He also went on to lash out at the Aam Aadmi Party for seeking evidence of the surgical strikes and said the valor of the Army had been put in to questioning.

“Who is being questioned? The soldiers who risked their lives? What did Arvind Kejriwal want when he asked for proof? And after his statements, Kejriwal began trending (on social media) in Pakistan. From this, it is clear his words have helped whom,” he said.

The BJP is in the crosshairs of the opposition parties for trying to draw mileage from the strikes for its electoral gains.

As evidence, the opposition drew attention to the posters portraying Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Lord Rama and Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif as Ravana. These posters cropped up in the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

Shah went on to quickly attributing the posters to the decisions at the “tehsil level” by leaders. He also mentioned that the strikes were an achievement of the armed forces without crediting PM Modi for his leadership.

He added that his party would not hesitate from bringing up the issue, though for no political gains, during the upcoming state assembly elections just to boost the “morale of the forces”.



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