Capt Amarinder Singh changes his colours like chameleon

Capt. Amarinder Singh 2
The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President, Capt Amarinder Singh has been changing his colours on Navjot Singh Sidhu. Currently, he has come out with the statement that Sidhu can join the Congress without the riders.

He also raised questions at Sidhu’s credibility to change the 120-year-old history of Congress party. He said that party is willing to take him if he joins unconditionally.

When the cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu had resigned from the post of Rajya Sabha MP, the PPCC President told that Sidhu could adhere to the party and the doors of the party would always remain open for him.

At that time Amarinder Singh had also stated that Sidhu’s father was his friend and he is from Sidhu clan. He had appreciated the move of Sidhu’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha.

However, Sidhu announced a platform ‘Awaz-e-Punjab’ and Amarinder had changed his stance for Sidhu. He told that Sidhu is a misguided missile and the platform would result in a failure.

Amarinder Singh even remarked that who knew Sidhu in Punjab and Punjab Congress didn’t bother that whether Sidhu formed his political outfit.

Currently, Amarinder changed his colours as he told that Sidhu could join Congress unconditionally. Amarinder Singh has lost his direction as he is altering his statements for Sidhu.

However, the statements of Amarinder proved that he is keen to induct Sidhu he gets a green signal from the former BJP MP.

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