Infight At Nakodar Leads To Cancellation Of Congress Event

Infight At Nakodar Leads To Cancellation Of Congress Event

An embarrassing situation arose for the Congress Party at Nakodar today during the day of its ‘Congress Liyayo Punjab Bachao’. Supporters of the two former MLAs of the constituency began an infight, which ended up cancelling the above mentioned event at its first venue.

As soon as MP of Jalandhar Santokh Singh and former MLA Tej Parkash Singh arrived to the first of the four venues in Congress Express, former minister Amarjit Singh Samra supporters started raising slogans against former Nurmahal MLA Gurbinder Atwal. The supporters alleged that Atwal had taken money to withdraw his candidature and therefore be asked to leave the venue. Both Samra and Atwal have applied for ticket from Nakodar.

Atwal supporters did not stay far behind and began to raise their voice. And as the bickering and voice raising kept increasing, the I-PAC team in charge of organizing the event as well as the Congress leaders chose to pack their stuff and leave the venue, cancelling all other programmes they had lined up that day. Samra has taken it upon him and has filed a fresh complaint against Atwal with new Punjab incharge Asha Kumari. Chaudhary Santokh Singh has also been in support of Samra on the issue and has alleged that Atwal had worked against him too. Atwal, however, has refuted all allegations put down against him. Supporters of Samra led by Truck Association president Happy Sandhu showed black flags and shouted ‘Atwal go back’ slogans.

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