Congress Confused Regarding Formal Announcement of Capt. Amarinder Singh

Congress Confused Regarding Formal Announcement of Capt. Amarinder Singh

Following recent developments, it can be seen that AAP seems to be hanging by a thread in Punjab, which has given a better opening for Congress to place Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh as its chief ministerial candidate as a way to attract any and all undecided voters. However, this call has not been made final as of yet, it is still a matter that the party is mulling over.

A number of the senior party leaders feel that by formally announcing Amarinder as CM could give a fillip to the party in the state, given that they feel AAP is spending most of their time in damage-control after the removal of Sucha Singh Chhotepur from the post of state convener.

“Amarinder is a tall leader. He will be declared the CM candidate eventually. The sooner the better,” said Lal Singh, senior vice-president of Punjab Congress.

AICC sources also told The Indian Express, since the Chottepur episode has unraveled, clamour within the party to announce Amarinder at the CM candidate has only gotten louder.

Asha Kumar, who is the general secretary cum state affairs in-charge said, “Our Congress president is unwell. We are waiting for her to get well soon before we can get the issue cleared from her.”

“The party wants to announce him the CM candidate at the right time to ensure we benefit from doing so. Hence, the leaders feel that this was the right time especially when the sting on Chhotepur has opened a can of worms for AAP. Many voters, who had decided to vote for AAP are looking for options. This was the right time to strike,” said a senior Congress leader.

The formal declaration of Amarinder as CM candidate has been looming over Congress party’s heard for quite some time. Previous delays has also put the party on the defensive quite a few time, once during AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Chandigarh and later when Congress had announced former Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit as the CM candidate for Uttar Pradesh.

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