Hope or Illusion for both Congress and Prashant Kishore

Congress Party has been away from the power from the last 9 years in Punjab. Two back to back defeats of this party have affected the strategies and election plans as well. It is a “Do or Die” situation for Punjab congress party for the upcoming 2017 elections. The best example of Punjab Congress’ current situation is the appointment of Prashant Kishore, who is a well known name in the politics. He is the man behind the election campaign of Narendra Modi and victorious Mahagathbandahan of Bihar and these both campaigns were more than successful.


It is also said that Prashant Kishore has guided Capt. to boycott the Khadoor Sahib elections. The same was suggested to give full concentration to the upcoming state elections as the tenure of Khadoor Sahib will last for year only. Many Congress leaders opposed this decision of Kishore and Capt. because they thought that it would put Congress into negative limelight. People also took it as if Congress is afraid and has already accepted its defeat. As per Capt. Amarinder Singh’s statement, the need of the hour is to utilize the time and know the exact demands and problems of people as it would help them in understanding the interest of people. Statements like these are believed to be backed up by Prashant Kishore.

With the record of back to back two major successes, Prashant Kishore is all set to support the Congress for the upcoming Punjab Elections. He is said to be putting all his efforts to make a hat trick but this time even Prashant Kishore seems to be “not so confident” about the chance of Congress. No matter how good poll strategist Prashant Kishore is, the real question is will he be able to change the image of Congress in Punjab?

People of Punjab are not ready to forget the ’84 Anti Sikh Riots, statement of Rajiv Gandhi on the same, City Centre Scam, Amritsar Improvement Trust Scam, Corruption charges against party leaders. These “negative” factors will surely play an important role in the 2017 elections. Also, the royal image of Capt. Amarinder Singh and his unconditional favor towards Asha kumara, Kamal Nath and Tytler has offended the Punjabis.


Times have changed and people now believe in work and development. They know the difference between right and wrong well now so any emotional connections or so called family relation won’t help Congress his time. Educated and well aware of the state’s needs and requirements, Punjabis know very well that which party is beneficial for him. Ill deeds done by Congress won’t get washed away just by hurting Prashant Kishore. It is going to be very difficult for Congress to change its image to positive one as its “past” still seems to haunt this party in the terrible way possible.

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