The Unforgotten biases of the Congress Party

Innocent lives being taken away for the heck of it is a common phenomenon nowadays. But back when human lives were much more valued than they are now, something happened. Something that altered history changed a lot about how much trust a human must and can put, into a government that runs their country.

84 riots--621x414.jpg

Ring a bell? Let’s go back to 1984. One of the most formative years’ in the history of Indian politics which also marks the death of one and only woman leader of our country- Indira Gandhi. It was a sad and sudden demise. But why should a particular community have to suffer the consequences of the mishap not just back then but in years to come post that as well. The 1984 Sikh riots left the incurable scars on the entire nation. The riot is called as massive massacre of Sikhs in Delhi and nearby areas that took a toll of lives and created an environment of threat and terror. Needless to say, it was purposefully initiated against Sikhs.

It is shocking to see, that a party of National standards got involved in the acts of racial extermination as a mark of revenge. Many generations fall fatal to the riots. A fact to ponder upon is : did citizens select a party for maintaining peace and harmony in the nation or a party is driven by a single person? How can one claim the entire Sikh community responsible for the murder of Late Indira Gandhi? Why were the small kids, aged people, women tribe and innocents who were not linked to politics? It forces us to think whether our future is secured in the hands of such people who set precision of autocracy or not.


In an attempt to redeem themselves of their destructive actions, the Congress party later tried to pacify the pain of victims by setting up investigation, but it failed miserably to reach any conclusion and ended in lack of evidence. The situation continued till 2000 when non-Congress Govt. came into action and Nanavati Commission was set up to investigate the case.

In their ardent efforts to expose the crimes of the supposed protectors of the nation and all its communities, the commission successfully exposed the masterminds behind the heinous acts of brutality against the Sikhs which included names of Congress leaders and workers like Sajjan Kumar, Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler. But all the efforts went in vain when offenders gained political heights. Only to have Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi make an insensate statement about the massacre happened in 1984.


The pain of injustice is felt by the Sikh community till date. It is something that cannot be undone for them. It has become difficult to understand whether the party has any sympathy towards people who lost their lives or loved ones, or they are just playing their wicked political tactics to garner votes. Only time will tell!

But as an honest duty towards the country and the community, all the voting members of the society too must keep in touch with their humane side and think about all these wrongdoings by the congress government before casting their vote to them. Yesterday it was the Sikh’s, tomorrow will be another Indian community. It’s your time to choose- Harmony or riots? Empathy or selfishness? It’s time to decide what you want to see in your government.


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