Anti-Sikh stance of Congress

For as long as one can remember, congress has tried it’s best to tamper with the growth of Punjab. In light of recent events, the role of Congress has been proved to be present beyond doubt in the incidents of sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib as well as those who were launching vicious attacks on Akal Takht, Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) and tenets of Sikhism.


Dating back to an incident as old as the 1984 sikh riots –   the clear discrimination against the sikh community by congress, was rather distressing. In keeping with the just and stable atmosphere that the ruling government of a country is to create, congress did a rather shoddy job back then. That lead to more than a few incidents which disrupted the harmony of the country back then and the trend continues.

The cynicism and games played by congress against the sikh’s of the nation is very apparent. To the extent that a non-sikh member of the community can see through the discriminal nature of the party, therefore, targeting a specific community.


In a thoroughly secular country like India, the confusion created by anti-national resolutions during the November 10 meeting was the handiwork of the Congress party and its stooges. The resolutions passed at the end of the so called Sarbat Khalsa were a betrayal of the people gathered there. None of them wanted Khalistan. The Congress should tell the people why it had not taken any action against its senior members who took part in the event.

The divisiveness felt by sikh’s of the nation have always felt a sense of unrest ever since the 1984 upheaval. It seems that it is almost impossible to be forgotten. Not only more than 21,000 innocent people lost their lives to this ploy by congress to advantage themselves, but that has left a deep scar in the heart of every Punjabi.

In a generation of learned and well-informed Indians of the country, it is now high time that the ill-doings of the congress party and their discriminating behavior be questioned and in fact, be protested against. Having said that, it is imperative that the youth of the country be made aware with regards to who they pick to lead them now and furthermore in their lives. The past has not been forgotten. The wounds of the sikh’s still continue to fester but that can be prevented for the future for not just the sikh community, but any other community that the congress aims to hamper with. To a successful and bright future; not forgetting the harsh learning of the past.


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