Captain has opened the wounds of Sikhs

“Anti Sikh riots in 1984 was darkest phase in the Sikh history and public memories of horrendous act are still afresh in the minds of people of Punjab. Everyone is aware of the fact how Congress leader Jagdish Tytler was responsible for killing of thousand of Sikh in the state orchestrated move. Captain Amarinder Singh opened the wound of Sikh by terming Tyler as innocent.”


Not just Jagdish Tyler, Captain Amarinder Singh had also given clean chit to then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Captain pointed out that when Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Rajiv was in West Bengal and the first step he took after taking oath, as prime minister was to go around Delhi and restore peace and order. Desperate to defend his old school mate from Doon school, captain even made a very callous statement by saying none of the victims has ever leveled allegations against Rajiv Gandhi.

Captain might have went all out to defend his old time friend but a crucial question arise here that when congress leaders went on killing spree, what Rajiv did to stop that as a prime minister.

Congress leader and former President of India, Giani Jail Singh in his autobiography had confessed that he had plead Rajiv to intervene and send army to stop mayhem but unfortunately Rajiv ignored his pleas.

Captain saved another good old friend


Now it is well known that Congress leader Jagdish Tyler had led to the killing of innocent Sikhs. There are enough evidence to prove that Tyler was instrumental in anti-Sikh riots. It was widely reported in media that Tytler wanted to teach Sikhs a lesson. The mayhem that went on for two days after Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, cost lives of 4000 Sikh in national capital.

In a deplorable act, Captain stated in a TV interview that Tytler was not responsible for anti-Sikh riots and he was falsely implicated in the case.

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