After Maghi Mela, Congress fails to put up a show at Baisakhi

“After losing its face, Congress party in Punjab has once again failed to put up a show during Baisakhi rally at Talwandi Sabo.”


Congress had faced much embarrassment at the Maghi mela this January at Mukatsar when Congress failed to put up a show of strength. Empty stand marked congress rally and people who were ferried by Congress party worker were seen crossing on rally spots of other political parties. Taking a cue from pervious disaster, Congress had kept the venue at a far off place from other political parties but this time again, they failed to put up a show as envisioned.

Divided Congress: another major embarrassment

Over the last three months, the party had to answer uncomfortable questions for its disastrous rally put up at the Maghi Mela and now another major embarrassment face the party as Congress failed to put up a show of strength despite all the efforts made by the party.

Internal feud within the congress party had led to the poor performance at the crucial Baisakhi rally. Elections are scheduled early next year in Punjab and Baisakhi rally was all more important for the congress party as it was the last opportunity to show their strength and connect with masses.

Political ramification of religious function

Congress may project itself as a secular party but it doesn’t away from mixing religion with politics. It leaves no opportunity to gain political mileage from religious functions. It has a long history of putting up a grand shows at religious function to propagate their political ideology and garner sympathy of voters. It s is kind of vote bank politics which they have been plating consistently well over the years. But of late they have failed to strike a chord with voters ahead of polls. With the true political colors coming to fore, Congress fails to connect with voters such attempts and despite spending huge money and ferrying a large number of people from far flung areas, they failed to put up a show at Baisakhi rally.


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