No internal democracy within Punjab unit of Congress

“Factionalism led Congress party in Punjab, which has been hit hard by internal feud and rising difference with central leadership seems to be on the verge of collapse. Working in a complete autocratic manner, there seems to be no space left for democracy within party.”


 Out of power for close to a decade, Congress has been going all out to wrest power from ruling SAD-BJP combine. The fact that Punjab congress chief, Captain Amarinder has already declared next elections to be in his last one, has further aggravated the desperation of Congress party. But all is not well with Congress party. Factionalism and rising differences with central leadership has reduced the party to its lowest level ever in its history. Out of desperation, the party is not even shying away from taking the harsh stand and cracking the whip against the rising voice of dissent.

‘Sing our tune’ or leave

Congress has a clearly defined policy – “sing our tune or leave”. The grand old party of the country has been suffering from repressive regime. It is well known that mother –son duo of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, has complete control over Congress party. In Punjab unit on the other hand, entire power has been wrested with state chief, Captain Amarinder Singh and state unit seems to be working as per his whims & fancies.

Popularly known as ‘Maharaja Sahib’, Captain is known for working within a coterie. Anybody who attempts to resist Captain Amarinder, faces the wrath of his tyranny. Captain cannot tolerate any voice rising in his displeasure and goes to any extent to snub the voice of dissent. In such context, Congress in Punjab is working in complete dictatorship style with Captain controlling entire function seated on a highest pedestal.

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