Captain trying hard to galvanise Congress party

“While senior leaders have locked horns with Punjab state chief, Captain Amarinder Singh for his autocratic style of functioning, captain on other hand is desperately trying to diffuse growing unrest amongst state leaders and party workers.”


 Two of senior congress leaders in Punjab have locked horn with Captain Amarinder Singh for his style of functioning and former deputy speaker and senior leaders, Bir Davinder Singh had slammed Captain publicly by stating that he was fighting a losing battle. He further termed Captain as inaccessible and expressed remorse for denying a meeting with latter for three months. It is noteworthy that Davinder was expelled from party for his open outburst against Captain.

No end to trouble within Congress

Whether it was for state leadership or nomination to Rajya Sabha, there are no end conflicting views and rising differences within congress party. In the run-up to assembly polls, the party high command had found itself in a vulnerable position in Punjab with former chief minister and party leader, Captain Amarinder Singh rising in revolt against then president of the party’s state unit, Partap Singh Bajwa.

Succumbing to pressure, Congress president gave up in front of captain and replaced him with Bajwa. He was also projected as the Chief ministerial candidate in state but this move didn’t go well with a section in Congress party. Murmur against this move started erupting as soon as this announcement was made and as the election time is approaching the resentment within congress party is growing.

Captain’s cover-up act

Adopting the stick and carrot strategy, while on hand Captain is trying to take a harsh step against the leaders indulging in indiscipline on the other side is trying to woo them by offering plum positions. It is a well-known fact that captain made sure that Davinder was expelled from the party but at the same time he promising to accommodate everyone by offering prominent position.


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