‘Maharaja Sahib’ wakes up at 11 and does meet anyone after 6

“Captain Amarinder is notorious for leading a princely life and. Living a life king size, he doesn’t wake up before 11 in the morning and relishes his single malt after sundown.”


 A good political leader should have the qualities of taking everyone along, leading from the front. Like the head of the family, a political leader should be concerned about each and every team member and leader’s voice should be echoed by one and all. Punjab congress chief, Captain Amarinder Singh certainly doesn’t qualify to be a good leader, as he is always known for living a royal life and being inaccessible not just to common people by also his party colleagues.

Laid-back Captain


Surrounded only by a coterie, Captain is definitely not a people’s man. He is extremely lazy and he doesn’t have time to think about welfare of people. He had waged a war against Party high command to make him state chief and project as Chief Ministerial candidate. Now since high command has succumbed to pressure and made him the state chief, he is not maintaining a communication flow with the party cadre. Also, there has been no audience to Congress chief other than his coterie.

Congress leaders lock horn with Captain

Not shedding his ‘royal’ tag, Captian Amarinder Singh is known for functioning in an autocratic manner. Although he has been made the state unit chief but the entire communication channel with party workers is cut off due to autocracy. Under captain’s leadership one-way communication is being followed and he is not at all accessible to the party cadre.

This point is further proved by the fact that the former media coordinator of the state and senior Congress leader, Bir Davinder Singh was denied a meeting captain for over three months. Davinder went on record to slam captain and now he faces imminent expulsion from the party for his public outburst against captain.


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